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  1. DaddyDog

    Tube amps: clearing out the shop

    I'd take a Masco, and a Stromberg. PM me some pics? And we can take it from there.
  2. DaddyDog

    Strings jumping off saddles with Richard Fortus White Falcon

    Due to the extra wide Melita style bridge, it is a special Tru Arc made specifically to fit the post spacing. Maybe this is too obvious (or dumb): in your picture, and in another picture above, the strings don't look like they fit the saddles at all. Is the bridge on backwards? Are all of...
  3. DaddyDog

    Replacement bridge for gretsch Brian Setzer Hot rod 1999 ?

    I have a 2003 Hot Rod. If I recall correctly, it's a pinned bridge base, and the neck is 9.5" radius. A Tru Arc 9.5 stainless steel dropped on there perfectly.
  4. DaddyDog

    Strings jumping off saddles with Richard Fortus White Falcon

    Can you post a pic? I had this issue with a Melita style on a White Falcon. Reversing the saddles helped but I eventually installed a Tru Arc.... problem solved.
  5. DaddyDog

    Thanks to the new series of Stranger Things ....

    I heard this news on radio. And it is indeed great news! Kate Bush was a staple on CFNY radio in Toronto. But I've just seen the first two episodes of season 4. No spoilers! lol Apparently the song is significant to the plot. In interviews, Winona Ryder was wearing a Kate Bush pin.
  6. DaddyDog

    Anyone know if this is preFMIC or FMIC?

    Not a takeover. An agreement regarding marketing, distribution, etc. Fender didn't buy Gretsch. It's not like the Terada factory in Japan suddenly had new management, and they changed all the parts on day one. Besides, Gretsch guitars are constantly in transition. Don't sweat it. Buy it...
  7. DaddyDog

    Monkees Guitar Up for Auction

    It's in my basement :) I should play it more.
  8. DaddyDog

    Kids In the Hall Documentary and New Episodes!

    Very excited they did this reboot! Watched the first episode on the weekend, and the callbacks to previous skits are spot on. Even love the black and white cuts between skits, just like the original. On one hand, exciting to see Shadowy Men playing the theme, but perhaps most outside of...
  9. DaddyDog

    Help! Need replacement truss rod adjustment tool for Baldwin-era (1973) Súper Chet

    Here's the thread but it was a '55. Note the contact info for Curt Wilson. He would be a good one to ask.
  10. DaddyDog

    Confused with 6120 switches

    Jump to 5:30 to see Jim go over the selectors:
  11. DaddyDog

    Confused with 6120 switches

    I had an RHH. Yes they are backwards, stock from the factory. Mud is closest to neck, pup selector closest to bridge.
  12. DaddyDog

    Gretsch Player Jet (stoptail) for Rickenbacker 360- bad trade idea?

    In my opinion, not much overlap. I find a 360 sounds best (6 string, not a 12) with some distortion. Think Tom Petty. I find it's clean sound does not rival a Gretsch. It's pretty good though. I'm no Ric expert, but mine had terrible pickups. I had an awful time dialing in a good balance...
  13. DaddyDog

    SOLD 2013 Gretsch G6139 Silver Falcon

    Happy to field questions too. I have one! It's my go-to-for-gigging.
  14. DaddyDog

    2004 Silver Falcon silver sparkle binding and my old eyes..

    In the video below, I have it set it to start at the '62 White Falcon. Mike Campbell just put pieces of tape over the fret markers! I often think it's comical how hard I try as a hobby musician to preserve my factory stock guitars. Yet here is a guitar icon who does what takes to get it done...
  15. DaddyDog

    2004 Silver Falcon silver sparkle binding and my old eyes..

    I also have a DC Falcon but have not noticed the nut being loose. But I know what you mean because I've seen it on other guitars.
  16. DaddyDog

    Which replacement bridge for Baldwin Gretsch

    @sparkletom I've had that same kind of bridge on a Baldwin era Gretsch. If I recall correctly, the distance between the posts is not standard (or modern). I removed bridge and base, and replaced with a perfectly matched Compton and base. It sure removes the guess work.
  17. DaddyDog

    SOLD G 6120-EC

    I said that at work once, and got crickets... because the youngsters had no idea what I was talking about LOL
  18. DaddyDog

    Altoids amps

    Deluxe did a run of Altoids-like units in El Pato cans. I have one. It's fun at a campfire jam. I'd bump up my guitar volume for leads. Beware it distorts pretty fast... which can be fun too.
  19. DaddyDog

    Archtop Case - From A Canadian Store

    I don't think so. But you'd be wise to actually take the guitar into the shop. Fortunately I did once, with a private sale, because the guitar didn't fit! Close, but no. Maybe just call L&M. I bet they get asked all the time.
  20. DaddyDog

    6118 120 anniversary model

    I don't think anyone has ever been disappointed going the extra distance for a proline. You're in Mexico but dealing in CDN $ ?
  21. DaddyDog

    NAD: Quilter Superblock UK

    I have one, and quite like it at home. Wish I had an opportunity to take it out. I find it a little confusing that the DI works while in Standby. I'm not even sure why they have a Standby. Isn't that for tubes?
  22. DaddyDog

    NAD: A Teeny Tiny Quilter

    I have the Superblock UK and it's excellent. The DI direct to a PA or powered speaker sounds terrific. I haven't had it out at band volume yet. I'd kinda like to try the US just because I know I love blackface amps.
  23. DaddyDog

    Arthritis effect on playing different guitars

    Interested to follow this thread. I suspect arthritis coming on in my knees and wrists. But it could also just be from suddenly getting back into sports post-Covid. I haven't asked my doctor yet. I've tried daily supplements of glucosamine and condroitin, and I think it's helping. I'm also...
  24. DaddyDog

    Gretsch DynaSonic PUs

    The single coil buzz from Dynasonics drove me bananas. But I had Fender tele's with the same buzz, and a Heritage with P90's with the same buzz. Being a relative novice, I assumed it was a fact of life. Since then I've acquired guitars with single coils from Arcane, MJS Customs, and Seymour...
  25. DaddyDog

    1967 Gretsch Viking:

    Thffffpt. Believe in just half of what we say ;-) In my opinion, unless it's a museum piece, don't worry about it. Clearly you're very happy with the result. Pics, or it didn't happen. I have a '68 Viking.