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  1. mbkri

    NGD Rat Rod

    Yup. Thats the kind of deal that gets me into trouble. I would have scooped that up too. Congrats
  2. mbkri!!!

    My Stern CS guitar IS better than the other Jets I have, have had, have played. Its that simple. To be clear its Not twice as good. Not better in proportion to the additional cost. But I love it more, it plays and feels as good as anything ive ever played and i cant imagine anything better. Yes...
  3. mbkri!!!

    Congratulations on your upcoming NGD That is beautiful And you are not going to get there and plug it in and be disappointed. I mean it looks amazing. You know its going to sound incredible and play like a dream. Happy 50th sir! Im a big one for buying one and selling two. I got my ES 295 and my...
  4. mbkri


    Love love love those grey CCs. Congrats
  5. mbkri

    Baldwin Gretsch Guitars.. let's see them!

    Thats totally stock. Truss rod access was at the body end…..hence no truss rod cover on the headstock. Just another Baldwin era design change that makes them distinct. Another change that was unchanged as Gretsch entered the modern era and returned to more closely reflect its original designs...
  6. mbkri

    Falcon tuners are biting the dust

    Aaah shes a sexy beast. I wouldnt change a thing up at the headstock end though both Caleb and I have altered our tail ends.
  7. mbkri

    What strings would you put on your Gretsch?

    D’ Addario NYXL 10s and 11s on all my gretschs (and Gibsons). Strings that feel familiar are really important to me….. and of course they have to sound bright and twangy. Seems like Nothing ive tried sounds better on a Gretsch for the way i play.
  8. mbkri

    Falcon tuners are biting the dust

    Why not replace them with another set of similar? Those ones are 18 years old. Bung a new set on and they ought to last a good long while.
  9. mbkri

    1st time ever offered in SMOKE ORANGE... the BS-301 Mysterybrain tape echo pedal

    Wow! Its almost worth buying another one just to have this colour. Daaaang thats sharp
  10. mbkri

    gretsch double cutaway solid body players?

    This is why i want you to sell the 6120JR. Keep these bad boys off the market or at least wait till i win the lottery
  11. mbkri

    Visit to my luthier ends in dilemma

    Sell the 6120jr. There, problem solved. Why? Basically if you have to downsize Im interested in you downsizing without selling anything that i want because you have some KILLER guitars and i havent got any money in the bank right now. Its all about me.
  12. mbkri

    gretsch double cutaway solid body players?

    Me. But im not famous for my guitar playing.
  13. mbkri

    Ever Had Seller's Remorse?

    Do i miss the guitars Ive sold? Yes. Have i reached out and tried to buy a couple of them back? Yes. Would i sell any of my current 8 to be able to have back one that i sold? No. The bottom line is that i have sold some amazing guitars on my journey to the ones that i have now. And with limited...
  14. mbkri

    Onwards, 1978 by YES

    Really nice to hear that. Well done. I like the warmth of your voice. chris Squire was an AMAZING musician. How he played what he played, sang the harmonies that he sang, counted everything (nothing was easy when Yes were writing their best stuff) and managed not to fall off his shoes or get his...
  15. mbkri

    2016 6128T

    I did blindfold tests with these two jets for hours before decidingcwhich to sell. I learned a lot. Mostly that i am a terrible player if i cant glance at the fretboard! The doublecut sounded ever so slightly grittier, dirtier, but not darker. Ever so slightly. Maybe. I had a very hard time...
  16. mbkri

    Guitar storage blues

    I was thinking only this morning that i might sell one. Not saying which one because i cant bear to write it. But its a stunner. I just dont need to keep so many. But then you start talking about letting things go And i start thinking uh oh…. This could be very dangerous
  17. mbkri

    Gretsch: My Secret Weapon

    My band Slunq uses Nothing but Gretsch guitars. I wouldn’t describe us as metal, more post punk industrial. But it all comes out of Gretsch guitars, mostly my double Anniversary
  18. mbkri

    2016 6128T

    I know you love your Johnny A but there’s something so special about a jet. I have been playing mine more than anything else since i got it. And when i put it over my shoulder i find that I want to play hard. I tend to want to thrash it more than my other Gretschs. Here’s yours and mine together:
  19. mbkri

    Melita bridge saddle replacements: do they exist?

    It was sad about Embie going under and it wasnt pretty how they let some of us down with the website operating and processing order payments after they had gone under.. What they offered was such a great niche product. And no, noone seems to have stepped in to fill the gap.
  20. mbkri

    NGD: Richard Fortus White Falcon

    Someones going to have a noisy weekend! Fabulous. Congrats
  21. mbkri

    Jack plate - which one to use and is there any benefits to making it permanent vs. temporary?

    For me the jack plate serves to protect the body from scratching as i fumble around in the dark to plug in on stage. Ive never soared to the heights of having a guitar tech do that for me. So it stops the guitar getting scratched by the jack tip and gives me something bigger to locate with my...
  22. mbkri

    Jack plate - which one to use and is there any benefits to making it permanent vs. temporary?

    I dont screw mine in. The Gibson Les Paul Jack plate has the perfect curvature and the jack plug nut holds it tight. Cant swivel or move. No need to drill holes in the guitar.
  23. mbkri

    2016 6128T

    Glad you are enjoying the guitar John. At first i thought you must be mistaken I so I just checked my photos. You’re right! I kind of feel bad that i hadnt caught that myself. I can only imagine that it would have been a factory error because surely no two consecutive guitars would have gone to...
  24. mbkri

    Any love for the Peavey Classic 20

    Ya know, maybe i will sell the Vox and keep the Peavey!