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  1. speedicut

    GDP Refuge, too!

    Welcome to the forum Beatlebacker!
  2. speedicut

    I am so fed-up from other people carelessly demolishing my gear

    I loaned my Les Paul to my little cousin once for a gig and he took great care of it, thankfully... Only time I've ever loaned and music gear.
  3. speedicut

    Upgraded my 5120. Some thoughts...

    Nice upgrades... My first Gretsch was a 2011 5120 as well. I put in TV Jones classics and a stainless steel Compton. I've always been happy with the stock Bigsby so I left that alone. OH, and a jack plate, thunder58 talked me into it! :)
  4. speedicut

    Think I may have found my guitar pick

    My pick is still somewhere in the acoustic's sound hole. :(
  5. speedicut

    NGD Eman DG/TL 330 Ric Style 12 String

    That's awesome looking, congrats Jim and very nicely done David!
  6. speedicut

    Graduation... two years late!

    Congrats Martine!!
  7. speedicut

    New guy

    Sexy Duo Jet!
  8. speedicut

    New guy

    Welcome and let's see pics of that Duo Jet!
  9. speedicut

    Not a Fan of the New Guild Offset Model

    Love the blue and....... ... sorry, got nuthin' else.
  10. speedicut

    It has been a long while

    Good to see you again Sarah, welcome back!
  11. speedicut

    Just got my dream CS Gretsch. Few questions??

    Gorgeous, congrats! Coming from Wildwood it probably smells like vanilla...
  12. speedicut

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    Too cool Darin, what a fantastic night!
  13. speedicut

    A Gretsch Inspired Build - Learning Curve

    That sounds dirty lol
  14. speedicut

    A Gretsch Inspired Build - Learning Curve

    I love those f holes
  15. speedicut

    Poor craftsmanship on a new G2215-P90. Should I return it or fix/adjust everything?

    Sorry this happened to you... Personally, I would return it and get a different one.
  16. speedicut

    Here At Last

    Welcome Jim!
  17. speedicut

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum!
  18. speedicut

    G6131T-62 VS ‘62 Jet Firebird

    Gorgeous! I think Audept has one IIRC...
  19. speedicut


    Welcome to the forum!
  20. speedicut

    Is There Interest In A Return of The 2022 California Gretsch Gold Rush Roundup?

    Ha! I'm wearing that shirt as I post this.... It's my favorite so far. :)
  21. speedicut

    Is There Interest In A Return of The 2022 California Gretsch Gold Rush Roundup?

    Too far away for me to attend but as always I'll buy the t-shirt
  22. speedicut

    Finish special runs

    JC, I've got that same guitar but with gold hardware. FSR from Wildwood about ten years ago. It's probably my favorite out of my five Gretsches.
  23. speedicut

    New(Used) G(Gretsch)Day

    Congrats on a beauty!