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  1. hcsterg

    New guitar and THANK YOU members for your help!!!

    English is not my 1st language too... So no worry ! 😁;) I simply meant that the effect of the pot is more spreaded all over its rotating travel, so the setting is more progressive to adjust, not acting like an on/off switch, if I can say so. I hope I'm clear ! :confused:😊 I personally built a...
  2. hcsterg

    I am so fed-up from other people carelessly demolishing my gear

    Yes. Or nearly : only very careful and maniac friends. I am helped by the fact that I am Lefty, so... I am in a Music School Association, as an amateur player and repairman member : I always PEST against young musicians - and the director, a long time-friend - about the lack of care there is...
  3. hcsterg

    Fender 64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Hardwired

    Hi @albertgen : I have the 70s SF versions : TR/DR/PR/Champ... - If you want That Great Gretsch Clean Tone on a DR, you will have it, no issue. - If you want a Bluesy or Rock'n'Roll tone, you will have it also on DR, but it will be loud, as @BohemianLikeMe wrote ! A+!
  4. hcsterg

    New guitar and THANK YOU members for your help!!!

    I think that other G5220 G-T owners can answer more usefully than me, because : - I am Lefty and I can't stand that goofy-reverse wiring. - a Bigsby, my kingdom for a Bigsby, sorry Mr Towner. - I love DC SHT pickups. So you see that it is strictly personal, right ? That said, if you are...
  5. hcsterg

    So, what has your Tele told you lately?

    I have a Squier Std Strat and a CV50 Tele : I barely use them... That's what they tell me, in a tone of reproach ! :confused:;) A+!
  6. hcsterg

    GDP Refugee

    Ah, OK ! Now I see :rolleyes:... Thanks @Groutsch ! :) Yes, this forum was a bit awkward about ergonomics and subscription, but they had a very interesting page - among many others, of course : There is also a little French forum about Gretsch : One of these days, I may subscribe there...
  7. hcsterg

    GDP Refugee

    Guys : I apologize for may ignorance... What the heck is GDP ? General Development Perforators ? Grand Désert du Pyla ? 🤪
  8. hcsterg

    Change wiring harness on G2420?

    No, I don't think so... But OK : I never opened a G2420, though ! :confused: A+!
  9. hcsterg

    New guitar and THANK YOU members for your help!!!

    Bristol Fog ? Ha ! I did not know they issued a color with such a name... :D Looking to the nice color of your guitar deters me from living in Bristol, though - if the local fog looks like this ! :eek:;) Congratulations for your choice @alwinvrm :cool: : the G5220 is one of the most...
  10. hcsterg


    I see - Thanks @loudnlousy ! :) A+!
  11. hcsterg

    Gretschbucker Haters...

    I never had nor heard a set of GrteschBuckers to have any opinion... They are usually sold dead cheap here in France, where nobody seems to consider a guitar pickup outside Seymour Duncan and TV Jones ! :rolleyes: Cheap doesn't mean at all bad at all... And they have a look, moreover. A+!
  12. hcsterg

    NGD Eman DG/TL 330 Ric Style 12 String

    Super-Nice ! :D And congratulations to both the Builder and the Owner... :cool::cool::cool: Do you know what ? It makes me think about a 12-string version of some kind of Gibson Trini Lopez 335 : A+!
  13. hcsterg!!!

    You should, indeed ! A+!
  14. hcsterg


    Yes, indeed. I reveived today one pair of Neck DCSHT : It's already better than nothing ! :) I will see if Henry finally opts for his "silly idea"... 😁 A+!
  15. hcsterg


    I see - thanks @General_Lee ! :) I am mainly a Soul/Funk/Rhythm guitar player - think The Meters, Backyard Heavies, Booker-T and the MGs... Those HiLoTrons RI are not so costy here via (think 72E piece) so I should give it a go, then... I fotunately found and bought a pair of DC...
  16. hcsterg

    Most unique sounding pickups

    Danelectro / ARTEC Lipstick pickups are for sure unique sounding ones... Moreover they work well with Gretsch HS FT : Gold Foil pickups (RI or not : same 50s construction) used on Supro and the like should be considered as unique tone as well : A+!
  17. hcsterg!!!

    I want the same in LH but in a mere G5220 model ! :D:cool: No. Never. Don't dream. 😞😒 Nontetheless superb instrument... 🙂 T
  18. hcsterg

    Grandfathers Clock

    Grandfathers Clock ? Sorry, I thought that you were speaking about this : Our home "Grandfathers Clock", in French Pendule or Horloge de Parquet, dated 1880. Ah, OK. It's a Banjo tune... :oops:😕 Congratulations @L Robbins - like all those string acoustic instruments, it's a difficult art...
  19. hcsterg


    Unfortunately, I have no experience about the true HiloTrons, only the DC SHT... :( I read several times that they were weak and noisy pickups, though well appreciated paradoxically... How do they sound ? Like Fender Tele or Strat pickups ? How do they compare to HS FT, BT FT ? No worry...
  20. hcsterg


    Ha ! @Henry... This time, I had to use the Google Transaltor to decipher your crazy idea - I have my limits 😏 : Ou une idée folle. . . J'ai un 5622v1 noir que je ne joue jamais, a 3x DCSHT. On peut peut-être troquer ? Peut-être pourriez-vous me construire un métier à tisser pour une idée pour...
  21. hcsterg


    In fact, the installation of the pickups on a G5220 is the English mount way from factory, so no worry ! ;) I can make DIY English Filtertron adapters, by the way, for HiloTrons or BT FT : Like I did on my now sold Hagstrom Viking RI : But what about the tone of the Gretsch HiloTron RI...
  22. hcsterg


    Thanks @THS3171 ! :) Sorry this is the only picture that I took showing the 2 colors side by side... I'll take others later when modded, for sure ! Other owner G-T members (who ? :oops:) told me that the Jade Grey was as nice as the Dark Cherry Metallic, and they were right. At first, I was...
  23. hcsterg


    Guys ! It's my time to ask for advices, experiences and help... :oops:;) You know that I bought a nice G5220LH in Jade Grey Color : She will be a cool mate and friend with my G5220LH in Dark Cherry Metallic, and will benefit the same modifications : With the exception of the pickups : I...
  24. hcsterg

    The rabbit hole

    Reading this made me wonder if I bought some music gear by Nostalgia... Saying no would be a lie from a Guy who rather like Antiques - think Art Nouveau / Art-Deco, etc... ! 😁 So you may wonder why my 1st owned guitar was an ES-335TD in 1980 ? Well... :confused: Because : 1 - It was LEFTY ...
  25. hcsterg

    At home amps

    Fonky and Compact ! :cool::cool::cool: Congratulations @capnhiho ! 🙂 A+!