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  1. Drifter

    PSA deal

    The model is still active on Gretsch's website, are you saying they no longer build Electromatics in Korea?
  2. Drifter

    PSA deal

    I would pull the trigger but I keep looking at my wife sitting over at her desk. :eek:
  3. Drifter

    PSA deal

    Great deal!
  4. Drifter

    NGD Hot Rod

    Most Marvelous! 👍
  5. Drifter

    My Baby arrived

    Congrats on your new Gretsch. I bet it sounds wonderful through that Blackstar!
  6. Drifter

    Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    The 68 Custom Princeton has a tuber rectifier. The amp is outstanding in all aspects in getting that Princeton Fender tone
  7. Drifter

    Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    This is my favorite amp I own. Super Amp!
  8. Drifter

    NGD: My first Gretsch

    That is Glorious!
  9. Drifter

    NGD - Falcon Midnight Sapphire

    What a spectacular color! Enjoy that looker!
  10. Drifter

    Hi Everyone!!

    Welcome @MicrowaveMan !
  11. Drifter

    Picked up a 5235T this morning.

    Great guitar you got yourself! The pickups are really good but need to be height adjusted (IMHO,) specifically the bridge pickup!
  12. Drifter

    Out for delivery, redux:

    Thank goodness you got a good one!
  13. Drifter

    Out for delivery, redux:

    Waiting with serious anticipation!
  14. Drifter

    2022 first N.G.D for me.

    Wow that is a great looking guitar!
  15. Drifter

    Any Experience with Gretsch Warranty Claims?

    Fender replaced my Gold B3 Bigsby due to a chip in the finish which I found when setting it up (itis kind of hidden). Took forever but this was March of 2020 so Covid was the main delay issue. Bigsby was closed for production. Gretsch/Fender pulled one out of Japanandhad it sent to me. It came...
  16. Drifter

    Looking for a program with good drums sound

    Why don't you get a drum track of a song you want to play. Load it up in audacity and then record your guitar track and merge them. You should get a USB to guitar cable so you can record your guitar right to the PC via audacity one one channel while playing the drum track on another channel...
  17. Drifter

    Looking for a program with good drums sound
  18. Drifter

    Looking for a program with good drums sound

    Try Drumthrash. It is not free but you get a 10 day free demo of it. If you like (I bet you will) then you can buy it and support the developer.
  19. Drifter

    New Gretsch Day - Out for delivery

    That is one sexy guitar!
  20. Drifter

    Out for delivery! NGD pending...

    @tbone I hope the next one is a winner for you. AS far as the strings being loose, that really is the proper way to ship it. Low pressure and super dry and cold conditions in planes cargo hold "can" cause issues if the neck is at playing tension.
  21. Drifter

    NGD: New Falcon + Bridge question

    Awesome new Gretsch and the space control bridge works great. Just give it a try and see if you really need to change it. Good luck with the beauty!
  22. Drifter

    NGD, G5427TG Midnight Sapphire

    The gold just POPS against that awesome color of blue. Congrats on such a wonderful piece!