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  1. Henry

    Most unique sounding pickups

    Piezos . . . a unique and irritating sound. Immediately causes many to think "fake acoustic" like no other.
  2. Henry

    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    No, we chose to go to the moon because we wanted to compare private parts with the USSR. Among real scientists it is accepted as a colossal waste of money with little to no scientific value.
  3. Henry

    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    Let's also talk about the insufferable boomers who basically wasted this world and then retreat into their air conditioning and complain about all the problems which are basically their fault. It will be my gen's turn soon. If anything, I am relieved by how well the new generations turned out...
  4. Henry

    So who saw the “Elvis” movie today?

    There's a difference between taking Elvis seriously and taking yourself too seriously. Seriously.
  5. Henry

    Billy-Bo on the cheap ......

    Yea they shouldn't use the name. I don't know if the shape is protected though. Tk Smith built as well as others we know.
  6. Henry

    Billy-Bo on the cheap ......

    Whoever buys one deserves to be ripped off.
  7. Henry

    NGD Eman DG/TL 330 Ric Style 12 String

    Congrats to the customer and the artist!
  8. Henry

    Strings installed incorrectly?

    I have that gen 5622v1 and actually the B70 works quite well with it. Much better than a B50 on the electro jets imo as there is more room behind the bridge and a good break angle.
  9. Henry

    Any violin players here?

    One of my favorite pop solos ever is the fiddle or violin solo on this track.
  10. Henry


    My buddy got one when I was using a Mesa I nicknamed the black hole because it is a small 12" combo but about 47 lbs. When I first pickup his Rumble, I almost threw it by accident I had so (un)massively underestimated its weight.
  11. Henry

    N"MTR"D (coming Wed from Sweetwater!)

    Congrats, glad it's working out for you. Hate to break the bad news though - if it's digital, it's a computer, just one designed for a specific purpose.
  12. Henry


    This is a great amp and shockingly light. Congrats.
  13. Henry

    Graduation... two years late!

    I would not be surprised if your expertise is even more in demand these days.
  14. Henry

    Fingerpicking drills/tips?

    Get some decent books with good songs or patterns and spend at least 20 minutes a day practicing. Imo fingerpicking requires a LOT of muscle memory, and the only way to develop competency is practice, and lots of it.
  15. Henry

    Graduation... two years late!

    Excellent work, Martine. With knowledge comes power. With diplomas comes bragging rights . . . and hopefully some £.
  16. Henry!!!

    Here is a simple plot. Get it!!!
  17. Henry


    Lucinda with Kenny Vaughan and John Jackson.
  18. Henry

    Singers who can't really sing but are awesome

    The RHCP guy except I don't think he's awesome. I think this applies to a lot of people. What we hear is not necessarily the extent of someone's ability. Somr artists just don't want to sound like a conventional singer.
  19. Henry

    Ear pain, at what seems like low volume

    Stop! Pain serves a function!!
  20. Henry

    Goals: Rabbit Hole Spinoff

    I'm guessing you like to listen some drummers with technical ability, not just anyone who has the most BPM or some other onjective measurement. I totally get that with drums - I like listening to Nate Smith for similar reasons. Just as I believe there is sprititualty in science, I think...
  21. Henry

    Goals: Rabbit Hole Spinoff

    Well done. If a musician doesn't inspire themself, it makes it hard for them to inspire an audience.
  22. Henry

    The rabbit hole

    After being introduced to the lovely rounded cutaway bouts on Gretsch, the horny looking cutaway on 335s, teles, etc. look more and more horny, dongly and ugly to me.
  23. Henry

    Goals: Rabbit Hole Spinoff

    I'll add one thought. Music is not a sport, it is an art. We don't listen to certain musicians because they play faster or know more theory. We listen to them because they touch something in us. Now, someone with more technical ability or knowledge can arguably convey more complex music or...
  24. Henry

    Bt-2s vs Bt65a

    I don't know anything about these pickups but Gretsch has 2 types of filtertrons and it would not surprise me if they had 2 types of broadtrons.
  25. Henry


    Ok I am sick right now. Let me gather some thoughts and get back to you via pm.