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  1. MikeSchindler

    which model says “Gretsch” more than any other?

    You know in a way the Country Gent hasn’t had the same amount of model tweaking Gretsch shows the Duo Jet and 6120 in terms of colors and minor model tweaks. Maybe in the future it would be cool to see some colors added to the 62 model instead of a custom shop line.. I know they had a white...
  2. MikeSchindler

    which model says “Gretsch” more than any other?

    For me is was always the Country Gentleman for my time period growing up.Harrison’s use of the model along with Atkins in the sixties played a big role in how I viewed a Gretsch model. In saying this there is no denying Setzers use of the model in the 80s really connected everyone back to early...
  3. MikeSchindler


    Having owned 5 Rics——(320) 1978 , 360/12v64 1998 , 4003(3 of them) I can honestly only give my opinion of my experience with my guitars. Others may have different experiences.Loved my 320 but the guitar was small as was the neck. I’m average height and hand size and the guitar was tough to play...
  4. MikeSchindler

    Brands You Just Can't Get On With

    I think that every guitar despite brand can be a gem if it’s the right one for you so I can’t say I dislike a guitar due to manufacturer. my 60s roadworn Strat .. I played others that I really like too and some which I hated.. a lot of variations in pickups, necks, materials , origin...
  5. MikeSchindler

    Flight (2012)

    Just watched it today . Great movie!!
  6. MikeSchindler

    What gauge strings do you use on your hollow body?

    11s Daddario on Gretsch 6122-62- 10s Daddario on 6120 sslvo and 5420 10s on Fender Strat Roadworn 60s 9-46 custom set on Les Paul
  7. MikeSchindler

    Any interest in a 'Rolling Dice' knob?

    The idea and concept is very cool especially with a color choice.
  8. MikeSchindler

    Even this superstar in the making, takes time out to polish his Gretsch

    The dial up Gent and looking at the photo the fretboard looks to have a pretty flat radius . I know how photos can be deceiving but it looks to be at least a 16 radius which looks like it matches his bar bridge radius pretty well….lol. The things I think of when I see a guitar photo..also look...
  9. MikeSchindler

    6122SP (2004) Wiring in the Middle Position

    I read the article but I’m mystified why my 2005 sslvo blends both volumes in the middle position perfectly .. same setup without a standby switch . Why would Gretsch have the sslvo be able to blend but not the 6122..? and why even have the neck and bridge volume knobs on the guitar if they...
  10. MikeSchindler

    6122SP (2004) Wiring in the Middle Position

    Just checked my SP. it does the same thing yours does. At master full on and guitar in middle on both switches… the pickup volumes turned up on guitar you get full on sound . As soon as you turn one of those volumes down .. don’t matter which one neck or bridge volume.. the guitar does not make...
  11. MikeSchindler

    6122SP (2004) Wiring in the Middle Position

    The bigsby looks mounted to the body where it should but it looks very askew . Check the mounting screws on the bout to make sure one didn’t come out or wasn’t tightened correctly. Be careful not to disturb the ground wire which is fed through bout and into hinge area of your bigsby
  12. MikeSchindler

    6122SP (2004) Wiring in the Middle Position

    No problem ! Yes …I remember Rick Resource well!
  13. MikeSchindler

    6122SP (2004) Wiring in the Middle Position

    I too have a 2004 SP .. I’ll check it out later today to let you know if mine does the same. I never really noticed as I play it wide open. Yes the bigsby looks off kilter to me.
  14. MikeSchindler

    Question on Neck Adjustment?

    Double action truss rods have a a loose middle ground almost spinning free until it engages. One way adds relief the other way corrects bow. Same experience for me.
  15. MikeSchindler

    Gretsch and Vox

    Been using a Vox ac exclusively with my Gretsch guitars for several years live .. you can’t beat that combo
  16. MikeSchindler

    Streamliner G2420 Intonation Concerns

    Certain guitars play well with different gauges. Example sslvo is happy with 10s and play and stay in tune great but they absolutely will not work with my 2005 Country Gentleman. For some reason the 10 gauge set will not intonate or tune well with this guitar and bar bridge despite the best...
  17. MikeSchindler

    Considering selling my Gretsch....

    Very fair price.. if any of you don’t think so wait till you see the increase in guitars by next year to absorb the inflationary costs of wood , materials , transportation costs , labor etc . Classics alone are about 260.00 plus installation . Figure cost of Sperzels and labor to have someone...
  18. MikeSchindler

    Suggest a Pro Line Gretsch for me to GAS over

    Save yourself cash and buy a used 2005- upward 6120 sslvo or ssu. The prices are ridiculous anymore. A good well taken care of instrument will save you money and you can always upgrade or change pickups . Seltzer models always have TVs in them. If you play more high register I’d suggest a Duo...
  19. MikeSchindler

    I feel ashamed to confess: I`ve been scammed the second time within a year

    Got rid of PayPal and eBay after someone hacked my PayPal and tried to withdraw money. Thankful I caught it in time. I don’t buy from Reverb or any of those sites. If I buy it will be from a brick and mortar well known and trusted music store.
  20. MikeSchindler

    Hot rods 2019 to current?

    Glad that it worked out!
  21. MikeSchindler

    So what does the GT-collective make of the Fidelisonics?

    Don’t like em . I like the color that’s about it
  22. MikeSchindler

    NGD MIM sunburst stratocaster

    I have a sunburst 60s roadworn with rosewood fingerboard . Nitro , beat up and one of the best players. Very Versatile instrument. I’m pretty sure it has the alnico magnets in the Tex Mex which are overwound a bit. I love it!
  23. MikeSchindler

    Bridge post slants back towards Bigsby

    Had the same issue.. no fix other than buying a new base
  24. MikeSchindler

    That Great Gretsch Sound

    I own three Gretsch -two proline and one 5420t and yes the Gretsch sound is awesome. But.. for what it’s worth I can get a very similar sound( not better or worse) with my Carbon Copy through my amp using my Stratocaster and EH power boost. Strats are very versatile instruments. What depends...