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  1. fender62custom

    Show your Limited Editions!

    Limited Ed 6118 Anni
  2. fender62custom

    NCTD: New Cheap Tele Day!

    Congrats!! :)
  3. fender62custom

    Yeap Another Gretsch Player

    Welcome!!! Sweet Jet!! Love that colour!!
  4. fender62custom

    Electromatic duo jet? Done! (almost)

    Sweet lookng Jet!!! Well put together!!! Kudos :)
  5. fender62custom

    Supro Delta King 10 - Damn! I want one!

    Such a COOL Amp!!!!!!!
  6. fender62custom

    Well we finally got married!

    Huge Congrats to you both!!!!!!!! :)
  7. fender62custom

    One of the very first Sparkle Jets!

    Sweet As!!!! :eek::)
  8. fender62custom

    New guitar player with G5222

    Welcome aboard!!! :)
  9. fender62custom

    NGD! G2622 in Single Barrel Finish.

    Sweet Lass!! Congrats :)
  10. fender62custom

    NGD.... Fender USA Original 60's Tele [fiesta Red]

    Rosie Girl has settled in beautifully!! :)
  11. fender62custom


    Congrats!!!!! :)
  12. fender62custom

    Belated NGD

    Such a Sweet Lass!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. fender62custom

    Do you tune your guitar on every session?

    Yes & Yes.... I've become such a Yes man :rolleyes::D
  14. fender62custom

    NGD on the way Godin

    Such a Cool Guitar!!!!! Congrats & enjoy!! :)
  15. fender62custom

    telecaster partscaster build done, with a whoopsy!

    Cool build & great outcome!! Kudos
  16. fender62custom

    What gear influences your playing style?

    Any gear that enables me to be comfortable playing... thats first & foremost... l do love the Fender scale length too... most comfy there... a flat radius board & skinny high frets are beneficial as well.... My Jazz Bass & my Teles get the most play
  17. fender62custom


    Congrats!!! :)
  18. fender62custom

    A complicated vanity project for my Tele

    Sweet!!! looks heaps better!!!
  19. fender62custom


    oh..... l was expecting a Fiesta Red mandolin :D ... sweet Lass.. congrats!!
  20. fender62custom

    Is Bossa Nova dead?

    love the Genre... Like fashion.. it will stick its head out from time to time
  21. fender62custom

    NGD.... Fender USA Original 60's Tele [fiesta Red]

    It is fairly white... l just put my Sunnys on.... lol :cool::p ... l've always loved the Tort guards with Rosewood boards
  22. fender62custom

    NGD.... Fender USA Original 60's Tele [fiesta Red]

    I concur Rich.... this is my 2005 P that i dressed up circa 2006... its got that Palladino vibe :cool::p... Looks like Mr P might be taking Rosie to the dance.:)
  23. fender62custom

    Hello from the Cotswolds

    Welcome to the forum :)

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