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  1. CBHScott

    Which Setzer Hot Rod era is considered the best?

    I am looking into picking up a Setzer Hot Rod, but not quite knowing the history of the differences over the years, and doing some research, I get the same amount of knowledge and confusion :p . Is there a particular era that is considered above and beyond the rest, or are there too many...
  2. CBHScott

    PSA: G5420T Aspen Green $500 at Adorama. Hurry! Wow...
  3. CBHScott

    Does anyone have any experience with the full-sized TV Classic humbuckers? Looking at these as a drop-in replacement for full (Gibby)- sized buckers, instead of going with the Filter-sized with all of the rings, adapters, etc. How do they sound w/r/t the TVJ Filters? Are they more...
  4. CBHScott

    This could be a problem... :eek:
  5. CBHScott

    Another NOOB!

    Hello! I joined last month and lurked, and just got my first Gretsch keeper two weeks ago (in my av). I had been a part of HCEG for a loooooong time until it basically went comatose; also Mark Wein's forum for several years (another great place). Looking forward to hanging around here...

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