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  1. Glaw

    Graduation... two years late!

    Great accomplishment, congrats and you play guitar. Future looks bright gotta wear shades. :cool:
  2. Glaw

    …a year later

    Have you tried a looper? I have a Trio plus, you play some chord or note progression and it fills in a bass and drum loop for you. Then you can do multiple guitar loops on it. It’s amazing how good you can sound with some backing.
  3. Glaw

    Gasoline Prices ( *** Thread Locked *** )

    I got a hybrid so I could doubled my mileage and then gas prices double. That’s life.
  4. Glaw

    Falcon tuners are biting the dust

    I used to be jealous that my 06 didn’t come with the fancy tuners but they still work.
  5. Glaw

    Favorite Songs with Doctor

    of course if your group’s name is Kiss the doctor must be Dr love
  6. Glaw

    Favorite Songs with Doctor

    No doctor but
  7. Glaw

    NGD Gretsch Player’s Edition Falcon

    :oops: Wow, what a beauty! I bet it sounds great, congrats!
  8. Glaw

    Ughhh...Is a Bigsby B7 a dealbreaker for anybody else?

    till death do you part. I hate to say it’s pretty clear language. 🤔
  9. Glaw

    Anyone buying now just to buy?

    price Too good to pass up + buying it because you want it not because you want to sell it. Great price on something you want, all :)
  10. Glaw

    Anyone buying now just to buy?

    I only buy if it’s a deal too good to pass on, that way I can easily get my money back + some extra if I choose. So far I’ve only sold one because I had two of the same and both went way up in value.
  11. Glaw

    NGD: 4Tus White Falcon!

    Doesn’t get any better than a Falcon in my opinion. I’d love to try a thin double cut one. Great purchase, congrats!!!
  12. Glaw

    NGD - My first Gretsch; Setzer Nashville

    I have an 2005, great guitar. To years of enjoyment for you and your guitar. Congrats!!!
  13. Glaw

    For owners of 6XXX rosewood & Ebony fretboard guitars…

    After reading the posts, let me throw this into the discussion. I have 6 Gibson’s, 4 Martins and 3 Gretchs, all proline and pricey. Why are the Gibsons all rosewood and the Martins and Gretchs ebony. It’s not like my J200 and Hummingbird are cheap guitars so I would imagine they could’ve used...
  14. Glaw

    Too much stuff!!!!!

  15. Glaw

    Here’s hoping Norman pulls through

    Always wanted to make it up there. There videos are history lessons of great guitars.
  16. Glaw

    For Sale 2015 G6120-BSHR-HGT

    The holes on my belt could tell that story.
  17. Glaw

    Just got my dream CS Gretsch. Few questions??

    Billy Joel “I love you just the way you are”
  18. Glaw

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    if it were me the story would be “I used to play for The Cars” Probably go on my gravestone too. Great story
  19. Glaw

    Escape from Oz

    I only go in when I see others swimming. I don’t like being the only option.
  20. Glaw

    A most satisfying NGD

    Great job, glad to see that beauty stay in the family.
  21. Glaw

    Escape from Oz

    Looks fantastic, like a dream. How’s things down win Australia? The wife and I have been thinking of heading down at the end of summer, but are still nervous about international travel.
  22. Glaw

    Confused with 6120 switches

    My 6120 and Falcon are opposite, I just try a switch up with both switches and see which one turns my neck pickup up and down.
  23. Glaw

    Todays ride on my new E bike

    What beautiful country up there. Santa Cruz if I’m not mistaken.
  24. Glaw

    NGD - Duesenberg Starplayer TV Phonic

    What a beauty, congrats
  25. Glaw

    Just Got A New Falcon!

    6136T LTV

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