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  1. tmcq65

    Gretsch Bigsby Replacement Part Number

    After I posted the question, I did another search and found this - I am pretty sure this is the part I need: I guess I am better at searching now than I was before. I had found all the Bigsby part lists....but they...
  2. tmcq65

    Gretsch Bigsby Replacement Part Number

    Not meaning to hijack Wdsmith23's thread, but now that the original question was answered... I would like to purchase a replacement part for this Bigsby model (B60) and I wonder if anyone has seen an exploded drawing with component part numbers? I'd like to file off the notch that stops the arm...
  3. tmcq65

    One trip load in/out

    I played bass in a 5 piece blues band in the late 80's. We had a "medium-compact" equipment setup, but we figured out how to perfectly pack it into my full size Dodge van, and after figuring it out (since it was an absolutely firm sequence of pieces) we got our tear-down and load to about 12...
  4. tmcq65

    Reverend Horton Heat's YouTube channel

    I love this channel ...just wish he'd post stuff periodically. He posted lots of great stuff then abandoned the channel. BTW, they're on tour with shows all over the place and ticket prices I have seen are very reasonable.
  5. tmcq65


    Simple, and always in development. I want to add some compression next...then some kind of tremolo, and eventually a Mystery Brain (when my playing makes me worthy).
  6. tmcq65

    Knobs on g2655t glued on?

    Just in case you decide to replace pots sometime in the future...I found these stock ones to be a tiny bit small (presumably metric), and had to drill out the holes a tad to fit the new CTS pots I got. Very happy with the result, and it was easy - just didn't expect that going in.
  7. tmcq65

    Knobs on g2655t glued on?

    Those are the same knobs that I had on my G2420T - I got them off by putting a flat card on the guitar and using a large screwdriver back and forth from one side to the other. I don't think they were glued (at least on mine) but they were really tight. I used new pots for my change as well as...
  8. tmcq65


    My favorite "N......" yet. And that Falcon is breathtaking.
  9. tmcq65

    Something is going on

    This reminds me of a story a colleague and jazz band conductor related years ago....there was some particular recording that he admired for having a degree of "layed back" swing that he was trying to emulate. He eventually put a metronome on, and discovered that the tempo actually did slow...
  10. tmcq65

    NGD - My Second Gretsch

    Went into a favorite guitar shop to sell a 80's Harmony Strat-copy, and saw this. I had been wanting to try one out because my acoustic is a bit really blew me away - so my sale became a trade-in.
  11. tmcq65

    Recently Discovered 1967 Gibson Guitars Factory Tour Documentary

    Great video. Even though I know it's going to be the case, it's still amazing to see no PPE, and so few safety measures. I was cringing watching the guy run that neck shaping router with the large, sharp, spinning bit in the center of the table and no guards. Also fascinating to see how...
  12. tmcq65

    Dolly Parton says "Thanks, but no thanks"

    I hope her excellent example becomes a model for the future nominees that occupied genres other than rock. I personally have a big problem with this...the rappers, the pop-stars, with a long list of important rock musicians still not inducted (Randy Bachman, Link Wray, Ronnie James Dio, etc.)...
  13. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    Update Time: I'm on the first of my trips - and tried to do the computer-based amp emulator thing. I get a fairly good sound, but the inconvenience of carrying the audio interface, cable from the guitar, cable to the headphones, just all made it very clear that what I needed was a plug-in style...
  14. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    The tube bliss is what I'm enjoying now, and will be looking forward to enjoying again when we finally buy a new house and get to use all my stuff again. Perhaps what I'll end up with here is a new pair of headphones (I have good tracking headphones, but not great mixing/monitoring headphones)...
  15. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    This is my 100th post! Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. While I appreciate all, I realize now, that no one else is inside my head as I'm making a request for suggestions, and I realize I didn't clarify my parameters very well. The Fender Mustang Micro that I stated I was leaning...
  16. tmcq65

    Cool Amp Stand/Cabinet

    Just for anyone who doesn't know the story behind this - and I might be oversimplifying from my memory, but Geddy started running direct long ago, and always kidded Alex about the monumental size of his bank of amp stacks - comparing them to major he started actually putting...
  17. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    I do travel with my laptop, I have a DAW installed, and have an audio interface, but I have not been satisfied with the sounds I get through that (unless it's my tube amp and a microphone, which kind of nullifies the silent part). I do not use an iPhone. I would personally like to just play an...
  18. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    That's an intriguing option. It's a little more than the Mustang Micro, but certainly has some functionality that I don't get anywhere else. How does your guitar sound through it? Would I be able to deal with the sound for a couple of months while I'm transitioning?
  19. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    Good suggestions, thanks...I have checked out the Cube Micro and the Spark (and the soon to be Spark Mini). Fortunately I have a very good pair of headphones already. While I do like the idea of a small practice amp with speaker, my Bassbreaker already lets me play fairly quietly at home...
  20. tmcq65

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    Entering a two-phase new-job period where the first part will include hotel stays while I interview, followed by some kind of temporary apartment living between the new job start time and when we get into a new house and my wife joins me in the new town. I'm going to need a way to play my...
  21. tmcq65

    Dream gretsch. What is it?

    I would like to have this Gretsch:
  22. tmcq65

    Discussion Tips for Recording your Gretsch in a Home Studio

    I started with the closed back pair, as I expect to mostly be multi-tracking myself and need the isolation. The information I have read suggests that the open back headphones create a better sense of space. I have very cheap/poor monitors and still prefer to mix through them. I expect to get...
  23. tmcq65

    Stoked at how my Tele build is going

    Basic Tele. Black pickguard. Bootstrap Original Recipe pickups.
  24. tmcq65

    Inappropriate Wedding Songs

    I haven't seen anyone suggest "Hey Joe". Also, Cousin Harley: "Big Fat Gal of Mine". And just about anything from Albert Collins.
  25. tmcq65

    Stoked at how my Tele build is going

    In the middle of my first build....liking my results so far:

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