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  1. garagegods

    I think im addicted to tube amp building

    Built my second point to point tube amp champ/princeton 10W added a tone stack all worked on first try except tone stack rebuilt it 5 times till i got what i wanted. this one mostly from scratch except turret board was a kit. its actually a little too loud but sounds great!
  2. garagegods

    Poisonous Gretsch!

    Gotta Love Poison Ivy Rorschach !
  3. garagegods

    Pickguard or no pickguard that is the question?

    I have a Korean made G2622T and don't mind making alterations since its not expensive or vintage. First thing that began to bother me was the cheap black pickguard. I searched for better quality ones bought a silver one that didn't fit due to humbucker size pickups. I started liking the guitar...
  4. garagegods

    First Amp I built

    Built my first vacuum tube amp fender champ 5F1, worked after i found a cold solder joint, sounds great! I made mine 10W using an upgraded output transformer and 16 ohms. I built to use with a little cabinet i put together from an old record player speaker cabinet. I use it direct into my...
  5. garagegods

    Bigsby B70 mod?

    I have the cheaper import B70 replaced the spring to a shorter one and took out the washer, in my opinion stock was UN usable about 4" from the body. I have noticed there is a tremolo bar stopper lip. have heard of cutting it off and filing them down so the bar can move over strings more, anyone...
  6. garagegods

    New Gretsch Owner

    just found this group just got my first Gretsch G2622T its no classic cheapest one i could find, having fun adding mods, have to admit it played nice right out of box. I have owned several Gibson's guitars and Fender basses over the years but always loved Gretsch but out-priced for vintage ones...

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