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  1. inoshishi

    NGD… just when i thought i was DONE!

    Congratulations! What a fine guitar. I definitely would like to get one in the future.
  2. inoshishi

    NGD: My first Gretsch

    Congratulations! Awesome guitar!
  3. inoshishi

    NGD - Falcon Midnight Sapphire

    The one to the right is a Whitfill. The other one is a Fender.
  4. inoshishi

    NGD - Falcon Midnight Sapphire

    I got it at Fuller's Guitar. They were great to deal with.
  5. inoshishi

    NGD - Falcon Midnight Sapphire

    I got my first Gretsch six months ago. It's a Chet Atkins 6120 with T-Armond pickups. After falling totally in love with it, I wanted to get a Gretsch with Filtertrons. After researching for a couple of months, I decided to get this Midnight Sapphire Falcon. I think the Falcon is an amazing...
  6. inoshishi

    Bigsby made a loud popping sound?

    Happened to me as well. Thought I broke something but it's working fine.
  7. inoshishi

    NGD: G6128T-57 - My Dream Guitar

    Such a beautiful guitar! Congratulations!
  8. inoshishi

    What's In Your Stable Besides Gretsch Guitars?

    The 6120 in my avatar was a great addition to my other guitars.
  9. inoshishi

    More Gretsch Goodness - Mary Osborne

    I just finished listening to A Girl & Her Guitar. What a great tone she gets! I really liked the song selections and Tommy Flanagan's piano along with her fine playing.
  10. inoshishi

    Christmas in July (NGD, NAD and NPD)

    What a fantastic day for you! Congratulations!
  11. inoshishi

    My new Gretsch

    Congratulations on a beautiful guitar! I recently got my first Gretsch and I love it madly!
  12. inoshishi

    NGD 6128-TVP

    Oh, that looks great! Congratulations!
  13. inoshishi

    NGD CS 55 Duo Jet

    That's a real beauty! Congratulations!
  14. inoshishi


    Just a quick update. The guitar has really settled in. I applied Nut Sauce to the nut and bridge and the tuning has become really stable. I can definitely say that I'm in love with this guitar. It's truly amazing. Thanks again for all your help.
  15. inoshishi


    The guitar is sounding fantastic! The neck action is superb. I'm starting to get a stable, smoky, and subtle Bigsby action. A couple more photos for you guys.
  16. inoshishi


    Thanks everybody! I'm going to play the hell out of this guitar and see if it will settle. I'm really grateful for all the advice and I will follow them as needed and will keep you posted. I'm in love with this guitar and bonding big time with it on Day 2!
  17. inoshishi


    I received my very first Gretsch from Sweetwaters today. It's been an exciting day to say the least. I love the tones I'm getting and the neck feels very comfortable for my hand size. However, I'm having serious tuning stability issues with the Bigsby as well as just bending strings. The Bigsby...