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  1. scrimmer

    Howdy from South Cackalacky

    Welcome, from way up North!
  2. scrimmer

    Ellen Plays Bass - Penny Lane

    Oh, forgot to mention… and she can SING! me, not so much
  3. scrimmer

    Ellen Plays Bass - Penny Lane

    I’m 51 years her senior and she can play circles around my bass skills. Awesome!
  4. scrimmer

    Gretsch G6122 Refinished In Gold

    FREAKING love it myself! IMHO, that’s one beautiful sexy beast l do however prefer f-holes, but, WOW
  5. scrimmer

    Arthritis effect on playing different guitars

    I haven't exactly been diagnosed with arthritis in my hands, but I think I may have it coming on myself. Unfortunately I have however been diagnosed with it in my lower back (bad S1, S2) and have sciatica issues also. Fun. Anyway, I can't really offer any good advice on the arthritis. But I do...
  6. scrimmer

    New Streamliner owner

    Welcome aboard!
  7. scrimmer

    New Gretsch Owner

    Welcome! Really good looking guitar there and apparently a very vintage model stand you have it on.
  8. scrimmer


    Congratulations! Nice porch too! So when does all the super cool modding start?
  9. scrimmer

    Rodeo Roundup...

    Dang, that thing is COOL. Love everything about it, especially that top!
  10. scrimmer

    Roller bridge for G2627T Streamliner?

    Thanks so much!!!
  11. scrimmer

    Bit of a scare last night

    Holy Moly! That sure is scary. Glad you're okay Chief. All the best to you
  12. scrimmer

    Roller bridge for G2627T Streamliner?

    Hey, FB, can you share with me exactly which (part #) Tusq nut you got? Did you have much to do to get it to fit? I'd appreciate it as this the last upgrade I need to do to my G2627T. Thanks in advance!
  13. scrimmer

    NGD: One Tele in, one Tele out

    Very nice! Congrats. My main Tele is a '64 AVRI, looking much like the one in my avatar. If I was in the market for another, I think that could be the other one! Enjoy!
  14. scrimmer

    Roller bridge for G2627T Streamliner?

    Here's the one I installed on my 2627. About as inexpensive as you can get. So far, works great. Been on it about a year. Zero issues. I'm very happy with it as I decided early on I didn't want to spend a lot on upgrades for mine. I can honestly recommend it with no hesitation. Direct drop in...
  15. scrimmer

    Future NFT’s in music use

    Yes, my apologies, I DID read a little too much into your statement and I’m sorry for that and yes was way too defensive. Also, I guess I honestly shouldn’t have jumped in when I really had nothing better to add to the conversation regarding cryptos/NFT. Just spoke my mind off the cuff without...
  16. scrimmer

    Future NFT’s in music use

    Naw, I got hands! Make fun all you want guys; but anyone who knows their history and is NOT listening to the BS from the news and the current administration, and is paying attention knows that tough times are ahead, and no, I don’t mean a CW v2.0 either. Time will prove me right, and you will...
  17. scrimmer

    Future NFT’s in music use

    Not to start something that's where we shouldn't go; but all you folks can have your stashed under the mattress money, your silver and gold, your cryptos and NFTs, your Facebooks, Instagrams, TikToks and Metaverses, and whatever the heck else BUT, for me, the ONLY thing I'm betting on in the...
  18. scrimmer

    Who has a "large" collection of guitars?

    Never really had what I considered a big collection, but HQ, (read: Mrs. scrimmer,) always sort of thought otherwise. Over the past couple of years - nothing to do with the pandemic - just downsizing in general as retirement approaches, I've gone from 21 max, then down to 17 for a bit, then down...
  19. scrimmer

    Just Bought my First Gretsch -- Ecstatic

    Welcome and Happy NGD!
  20. scrimmer

    My G5622T came back from the shop

    Congrats! I did the exact same things to my G2627T (Streamliner version of yours) when I got it. It was a total game changer as far as tuning goes. Probably wasn't all that necessary, but also changed my tuners to some fairly inexpensive Wilkinsons, (sort of generic copies of Grovers) they were...
  21. scrimmer

    Got a Spare $750,000?

    Now whoever would spend $750K for a guitar named after a dude has got to be absolutely bonkers! Now if it was a female name like guitars are supposed to be named; well that's a whole 'nother ball of wax and your own business.

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