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    Don't help much for shooting pool either.
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    Dream gretsch. What is it?

    Thunder day....
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    Bah, humbug.. those Beatles will never amount to much..

    Hmmm...I didn't know my father wrote a newspaper column under an assumed name....
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    Old names for items

    A couch/davenport/sofa was called a chesterfield up this way.
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    It is Marshalls take on a Bluetooth speaker....2x8 watt class D amplifiers for the stereo speakers and a 20 watt class D amplifier for the Bass Reflex portion.
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    It is a Woodrow Northender. They make a bigger one as well.
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    Got a late Christmas present today.... This thing sounds killer!
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    Alright spy movie buffs

    I learned to drive in this one... 1973 Mercury Colony Park. With the Lincoln 460 CID engine. Didn't have those fancy wheels though. That thing would pass anything but a gas station. If you can parallel park that, you can park anything.
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    Best Xmas movie

    A Christmas Story and Bad Santa.
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    Almost Xmas, what were some of your favorite toys as a kid? got a 'Vette for Christmas?
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    The stomach bug thread

    Saw this just before typing my reply....guess I won't be replying...
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    Cheese Steaks and Guitars...

    I was fortunate enough to live and work in Philly and the surrounding area for about 14 years, so while not a native, I do have some cheesesteak knowledge. Pat's and Geno's are both good, but I found the best cheesesteak from some of the trucks/trailers around center city....particularly one on...
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    Under rated guitarists

    Saw the same tour, it was a great show....loved the encore where Leslie came out and played with Satriani...that was something!
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    Welcome back to Earth Captain Kirk!

    Not bad for a kid from Montreal.
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    What's In Your Stable Besides Gretsch Guitars?

    A Fender, a Schecter, a Godin and a Squier.
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    George Harrison’s Greatest Guitar Moments

    Don't think his best moments were with the Beatles, they were the second best band he was in.
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    Work Rant.....

    Okay, if God had to work with several layers of Project Managers, Solutions Architects and "Centres of Excellence" (Snort! That one always slays me...), it would have taken way more than 7 days, and the poor elephants would be wandering around with the back of a Chevrolet stuck to their face...
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    Bass amps?

    Depending on what your budget is, I would recommend either the Ampeg Micro-VR or the Micro-CL. The VR is a terrific little unit, easily good enough to play out, and you can add a second 2x10 later if needed (or wanted!). The CL is also great for what it is (I had one for a couple of years, loved...
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    Well we finally got married!

    Congrats! Happy NWD! (New Wife Day)
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    My aunt bought me a Batman car.

    Always likes The Jam's version...
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    What in your opinion is the worst song ever written?

    Barbie Girl has to be up there with Muskrat Love.....
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    What is the most beautiful song to you?

    School by Supertramp. It just does it for me. edit: and Dougie Thomson on that song is the reason I try to play bass!
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    Hmmm… can't reach this page

    Thanks for the information....was not aware of the fire. Hopefully it will be back on-line soon!
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    Hmmm… can't reach this page

    Hi all....I play mostly bass, and spend a bit of time on Talkbass...but the last few days, seems I can't reach that page...I know there are a few others on here who frequent Talkbass, are you seeing the same issue?