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  1. LATS

    I'm Baaaaack!

    Not a newbie at all, but after being away for about 5 years, I think I'd better knock on the front door instead of just strolling into the rehearsal hall. Before I dropped out of sight I was unemployed, depressed, nearly bankrupt, and generally unfit company. Since then, I've moved a few times...
  2. LATS

    Fender Pro Junior modifications

    I usually document what I do to my amps, and for this particular project I decided to do a full work-up so I could share with you guys. I bought this Fender Pro Junior from a fellow G-T member a while ago. They were very unhappy with the sound, and despaired of ever getting it right. The amp...
  3. LATS

    Need clear schematics ASAP! Vox & Ampeg

    A couple of buddies just dragged their amps into my shop for some troubleshooting, and I don't have schematics for them. One is an Ampeg SVT Classic head. Ironic, that I have schematics and manuals for the old SVT, but not this new one. And no, they are not the same. The other is a Vox...
  4. LATS

    Shot first. Asking questions now.

    Way too late to ask, (already pulled the trigger), but will this >G6120 Case< fit my 2005 G5125?
  5. LATS

    RIP - Steve Kirman, Owner os Steve's Music Store

    RIP - Steve Kirman, Owner of Steve's Music Store Every musician in Canada is feeling this loss: >Steve Kirman<
  6. LATS

    Gretsch #4!!!

    My name is Dave, and I'm a Gretschaholic. I like it that way. :D After negotiating shipping with Rocky, I bought this >unfinished G7176 Southern Belle< from Streetsounds: According to >this write-up< on the Gretsch Pages site, there were only about 100 of these made, and the...
  7. LATS

    G5135 Corvette - Compton upgrade

    Usually a Compton upgrade refers to replacing a stock bridge with a new CCC bridge. This is one for the record books. I just recieved a new chambered titanium Compton bridge to install on my Lil' Red Corvette. I'm replacing the bridge that was custom made for the original owner's taste for...
  8. LATS

    CCC Evolution

    I just recieved a new chambered titanium Compton bridge to install on my >Lil' Red Corvette<. I'm replacing the bridge that was custom made for the original owner's taste for largish flatwound strings. It is in fact, the very first Compton Compensated Custom bridge! There have been a few...
  9. LATS

    1956 Fire Bird on eBay

    >This< is seriously drool-inducing!
  10. LATS

    Seven Story Redhead video

    Check out my buddies on YouTube! 9CyTQkqG-RI tiUznJq3tH0
  11. LATS

    Bigsby B60 alignment - G5125

    OK, when I first got my used G5125, a couple of things weren't quite right. The Bigsby was offset enough to drag the bridge off to the side until I applied some rosin to the base. And the neck pickup had been flipped around. I've never been fond of the stock strap locks, either, so those...
  12. LATS

    I've been kinda low-key lately...

    ... cause I've been on the trip of a lifetime! :D >Corfu< >Dubrovnik< >Kusadasi< >Rome<
  13. LATS

    NGD - G5135 (Lill' Red)Corvette

    I wanted to get more familiar with this beauty before I posted about her, so this review is actaully a month late. :o After purr-forming the obligatory cat scan, Tone says OK: I haven't played flatwound strings in a long time, so I was looking forward to this new arrival. After...
  14. LATS

    Help support G-T and help me support my butt!

    See that Announcement about the Gretsch bar stools? I really want a pair of the 24" stools, but Paul can't ship out of the US. I'd like to PayPal G-T for the stools, get them shipped to a G-T member who lives near Alberta, and get them packaged a bit better for shipment here to me. I...
  15. LATS


    Its been too long since I've seen a post from him. Anyone know how he's doing?
  16. LATS

    NGD - G5125 review

    Well, first the good news: I abandoned my search for a G5129 (couldn't find one) and instead worked out a deal on a G5125 being sold by a fellow G-T member. And I think it's a keeper: The tone is lovely. My first impression is that these DeArmond 2000 pickups are very, very, good indeed...
  17. LATS

    StewMac Closeout Sale - TV Jones

    FYI: >TV Jones Classic< >TV Jones PowerTrons< >And other stuff<
  18. LATS

    Blem Sparkle Green Elliot Eastman Jet on eBay for $600

    This is not on my list of guitars I want to acquire, but if anyone is interested in a Factory Blemish EE Jet, you can check it out Edit: Doh! :o
  19. LATS

    Hey, Sarge! Need a backup? (G6114 content)

    Check it out >here<
  20. LATS


    I still prowl eBay, looking for a Roc Jet like the one I just missed getting back in '75. >This one< is not quite the same, but I gotta ask: What kind of pickups are those? :confused:
  21. LATS

    How bad can this be?

    This eBay listing (Item #250605192390) for a 1999 G1627 blue sparkle Synchromatic Jet caught my eye as a potential project guitar. I'd really like some input from the more knowledgeable types here before I make any decisions. Sorry, I can't get a hot link for the eBay listing to work; try...
  22. LATS

    You gotta see this!

    Not to my taste, but uber-cool >Yamaha GX-1< guitar on eBay. 'Headless' like the Steinbergers. #4 of ?
  23. LATS

    'splain me dis??

    I really liked this >eBay listing< until I saw the back. WTF? Why, after lavishing the kind of effort in design and production that results in such a beautiful, toneful guitar, would anyone nail a big, fugly barstool cover on the back? It came from the factory like this, didn't it? I don't...
  24. LATS

    2004 G6120 Nashville Burst Blue?

    The special run of baby blue guitars didn't appeal to me, but this >2004 Blue Burst 6120< catches my eye. But with a starting bid of $2500 and a BIN 0f $3000, I don't think he's going to draw much interest. Or is it just me that can't afford it right now? What say the G-T cognoscenti?
  25. LATS

    Deep in the mists of time....

    I didn't want to hijack Darrin's thread. He's closing in on an old Gretsch that has been hauting his dreams for years. That story needs to be told without a lot of distractions. But part of Sarah's post stirred up some ghosts for me.... See, now this is one of the reasons I enjoy this...

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