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  1. Midlifecrisis71

    help picking Gretsch .

    Go to a guitar shop and see which one stirs your soul.....then buy it.
  2. Midlifecrisis71

    Show me some amps...

  3. Midlifecrisis71

    Harley Benton new releases, specs i like !

    I was just reading that, they look very good value for the money.
  4. Midlifecrisis71

    Amps on reverb

    I'm in the U.K and my local garage has diesel at £2.04 a litre! Everything price wise will go through the roof or already has.
  5. Midlifecrisis71

    Bit of a scare last night

    That's horrendous! Hope you're ok and get an answer to how or why it happened.
  6. Midlifecrisis71

    My G&L has arrived but….

    If you like the guitar and enjoy playing it, stick with what you have. The replacement might not play so well. I love my asat special but didn't like the Dadario strings so switched to my favourite same gauge EB regular 10s.
  7. Midlifecrisis71

    2 Gretsch's in a week !!

    Welcome mate. I too have a 5230t and I swapped out my tuners almost straight away to some locking ones. I also swapped to a roller bridge and so far no more tuning issues.
  8. Midlifecrisis71

    Help me understand; why can a capo cost almost $300?

    🤦 I thought spending £20 on my Shubb capo was extreme!
  9. Midlifecrisis71

    Show us your pedalboard

    That tank girl pedal looks awesome! What is it? 1 switch 4 controls and a poop load of acreage.
  10. Midlifecrisis71

    Surprised by Behringer pedals.

    I have that Chorus pedal, sounds great and not just because it's cheap just a good Pedal. Depth gets a bit too deep for me but just after 12 it's lovely.
  11. Midlifecrisis71

    Multimeter recommendations?

    I use the Socket and See branded stuff, expensive but very robust.
  12. Midlifecrisis71

    Multimeter recommendations?

    They all work mostly the same, buy a cheap one every couple years or an expensive one every ten. Mine was expensive as I need it to do a lot for work. A quality resistance, capacitive and voltage multimeter around £20-£30 will be ok.
  13. Midlifecrisis71

    Hello from SC

    Welcome friend🍺
  14. Midlifecrisis71

    Surprised by Behringer pedals.

    Maybe I used the wrong word in "copyright" but most people on here knew what I meant.
  15. Midlifecrisis71

    Inappropriate Wedding Songs

    Please don't listen to this if you're easily offended.
  16. Midlifecrisis71

    Woo hoo new pedal day!

    Wanted a slightly more driven overdrive pedal than my Chevtone Honeyburst. After much searching found these fairly locally from a company called Vein-Tap. It does a clean boost very well all the way to fairly heavy metal sounds. So far love it although the led is too bright😎 Attached a...
  17. Midlifecrisis71

    Inappropriate Wedding Songs

    Not pc these days or any day but a good tune still.
  18. Midlifecrisis71

    NPD - Not so vintage fuzz...

    I nearly bought one of them. Getting a bargain always makes me happy, enjoy yours.
  19. Midlifecrisis71

    Surprised by Behringer pedals.

    This Donner Island looper and delay pedal is apparently brilliant. The guy who owns JHS was taken aback by it.
  20. Midlifecrisis71

    Surprised by Behringer pedals.

    I suspect all built in China where their copyright laws are shall we say slack.
  21. Midlifecrisis71

    Surprised by Behringer pedals.

    Some of these new cheaper pedals are amazing for the money.
  22. Midlifecrisis71

    Surprised by Behringer pedals.

    A lot of their pedals they have just completely copied the Boss pedals internals so they sound exactly the same. Plastic cases which doesn't bother me as only play at home and at less than £20 a pedal I can buy one and just give it away if it's rubbish.

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