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    NGD - it has DeArmonds.

    Nice one!
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    Anyone know Malcolm Barclay from the other forum? His guitar setup guide is awesome.

    On the other forum there was this amazing step by step instructions on how to setup a guitar (Gretsch, Fender and Gibson at least). It was written by Malcolm Barclay and named "Mal’s big guide to guitar setup and troubleshooting". I did copy it once and saved it 'cause I thought it was well...
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    String spacing vintage Melita bridge, too wide?

    They seem to be on top of the PU poles, though. If you go for a bar bridge you might be able to choose the spacing and have a killer tone. At least I could choose on a Compton bridge. Nice guitar by the way!
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    6120 reduction which still needs to cure then a good sand and buff.

    Nice work! At first it did give me the creeps to watch those pictures LOL I really enjoy the way you showcase your work @Curt, it's simple and to the point, while still making for great stories. Keep 'em coming! :D
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    Bigsby arm question.

    I removed mine. I figured it made no sense (to me, YMMV) to buy a fully rotating one and keep the original. If I ever need the original again for any reason I'll buy a new one then, instead of keeping one I might never need stashed away. But then again I gig my guitar and I don't intend to sell...
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    Hi all !

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    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    I remember seeing a picture of George Harrison doing the setup on his guitar somewhere on this forum. Learn from the masters, they say... I actually enjoy doing the setup on my guitar. I believe it's one of those things that helps us to achieve "that" tone we are always chasing after. As a...
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    No, No, No, Not Shark, Snark

    I use a clip on tuner regularly. However, when playing at the studio my guitar resonates with the rest of the band, so if I wanto to tune I have to do it outside, which is kind of a pain. Yep, I see a pedal tuner coming my way...
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    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    Congratulations! That is really awesome!!
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    Yet another new member...

    Welcome! Loved the story...
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    Hello world

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    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    It's a beauty, and you've got the wall and the cushions to match! ;) Congratulations!
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    SOLD G6122T-59 Country Gentleman on reverb

    Congratulations on the new guitar, it's a beaty! A professional setup makes a world of difference.
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    Blasphemy? Can't tell much difference between BTBTs, and Strat

    Welcome @Sanchito! As others have said, it's probably the amp. Try a valve amp, you'll be surprised. Good luck!
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    Been a minute… NGD

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    NGD....took me long enough.

    I've had a crush on the Billy Bo for ages, congratulations!!!
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    A most satisfying NGD

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    New here and new guitarr

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    I don’t understand the theory behind this guitar

    Hey, on the the first video I actually heard a difference on the clean tone from the different tonewoods. Nice videos by the way!
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    Hi all!