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  1. audept

    Ugly guitars - another photo thread

    Something fishy about these ones:
  2. audept

    Sunburst Gretsch Guitars

    My friend loved the big belt buckles. At least there were no cigarette burns.
  3. audept

    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    My old large headstock Strat made by my luthier friend in Japan. Wish I still had it now but money was very tight and it had to go :(
  4. audept

    Sunburst Gretsch Guitars

    My friends sunburst Strat has had a tough life:
  5. audept

    What year is my Gretsch White Falcon?

    Welcome to the forum, @Hzrd0us !
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to the forum, @toastkid !
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    Hello! + Dimensions question

    Welcome to the forum, @Toro Toro !
  8. audept

    Two jack plates.

    While you're on about missing jack plates, what about decent and properly cut nuts. Surely it can't be that difficult?
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum, @RancherBenny !
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    Escape from Oz

    Went to a temple just before we left Ubud. Sarongs were mandatory there. There was a pool totally teeming with Koi fish.
  11. audept

    Escape from Oz

    We have moved down to Seminyak for the last few days of our visit. Another town, another hotel, and especially for me another pool!
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    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    Nothing else sounds exactly like a Strat. You need to spend some time to find out whether you love them or dislike them. For me, there has always been something about Mary:
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    Harness question

    Welcome to the forum, @RoverMan ! I have had a few wiring harnesses/pots/jack outputs replaced by a luthier in Sydney at the same time the guitars were having pickup changes and being set-up and checked out. Not cheap, but I prefer to let the professionals do it. As @thunder58 says above...
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    Best case options for Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet

    Welcome to the forum, @Jaik !
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    My little electric stable

    Great collection!
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    Limited edition falcons

    Welcome to the forum, @Lyndon Jones !
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    Beautiful, congrats!
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    Hi all !

    Welcome to the forum, @RogerSurreck !
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    Hello, from the Netherlands

    Welcome to the forum, @phrance !
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    Thanks so much for that info, @pmac11
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    NBBDAD (w/ a side of Brain :) ): It's a Mesa :D

    Great score and happy belated birthday!
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    Greetings Gretchies

    Welcome to the forum, @Muinarc !
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    NGD - this time no neck cracks

  24. audept

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    This is absolutely awesome! You look over the moon, what a fantastic experience and a great memory for you!
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    Hello world

    Welcome to the forum, @Zakken !