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  1. SAguitar

    Anyone see the new galvanized steel Falcon's?

    Wow! That is too cool for school.
  2. SAguitar

    Monkees Guitar Up for Auction

  3. SAguitar

    Removing pick gaurd?

    "I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in And stops my mind from wandering Where it will go."
  4. SAguitar

    Even Famous People Can Have Doubts

    I doubt it.
  5. SAguitar


    Super classy, congratulations!
  6. SAguitar

    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    I have about 4 Strats (or Strat-like contraptions), and 2 Teles. I play them when they fill the bill. Some songs just call for those tone flavors. I try to pick the guitars that fit best with the songs we will be playing that week.
  7. SAguitar

    Everest (2015)

    It's not my cup of meat!
  8. SAguitar

    Where's Waldo ?

    The guy with the snarky grin, tats and ear-piercing.
  9. SAguitar

    New Fender Day With Problems

    Sorry about the medical problems you are experiencing, but I am glad that your transaction finally worked out as expected. Fret sprout is really no biggie and can be expected with the climate changes that guitars are exposed to.
  10. SAguitar

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    Wow and Congratulations! Elliot has long been one of my favorites, he is the epitome of tasty and concise.
  11. SAguitar

    Hello, from the Netherlands

    Congratulations! And welcome to Gretsch-Talk. Please make yourself at home!
  12. SAguitar

    A most satisfying NGD

    I'm glad you got here, Feynman! I almost pulled the trigger on that transaction.
  13. SAguitar

    Been a minute… NGD

    Wow. I didn't wanna like it, but I do. Although I still don't go for the pointy PRS headstocks, that one looks very nice. Congratulations, and enjoy!
  14. SAguitar

    Does action affect intonation?

    Yes. Everything affects everything! It is a delicate balancing act.
  15. SAguitar

    Blasphemy? Can't tell much difference between BTBTs, and Strat

    Sanchito, welcome to G-T! I think the team has pretty much explained it to you, the consensus is that your little amp is lacking in what it takes to make the tones you desire. Good luck on the quest!
  16. SAguitar

    Escape from Oz

    I'm very glad that you're having a wonderful time! The pool looks very inviting.
  17. SAguitar

    5420 Jack Plate - Square or Oval?

    I usually go for the Oval Jack Plate just to be different. I have the square one on all my Les Pauls.
  18. SAguitar

    Hello world

    Welcome to the madness, Zakken!
  19. SAguitar

    A most satisfying NGD

    One stunning instrument! Congratulations, play it in good health.
  20. SAguitar

    Reverend Horton Heat's YouTube channel

    Powerful stuff!
  21. SAguitar

    I just bought a solar watch

    I don't! But I'll see if I can get one.
  22. SAguitar

    I just bought a solar watch

    Awesome! That's a beauty! I have a Seiko that I love, I just have to wear it fairly often for it to charge up.
  23. SAguitar

    Noob with a Gretsch.

    Wow! Those two beauties make a nice pair. May you play them in good health.
  24. SAguitar

    WoodIdentifierExpertPersons Needed: Ebony or Dark Rosewood?

    The grain looks like rosewood. I have a few ebony fretboards and none of them look like that. It would be simple to add a little dye to rosewood to achieve that color. You could send it down to Forensics for a test.