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  1. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    Some of those shows came out AFTER I got out of the service. Beyond Our Control and Ray Bradbury Theater were favorites. Ed Sullivan was another my folks watched. They couldn't figure out the Beatles craze, tho. I grew up with stories about the B-17, B-24, P-51, and my favorite, the P-38...
  2. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    We watched stuff like "The Big Picture" and "Victory At Sea" in the '50s. Thankfully, Dad also liked "Twilight Zone" and the Marx Bros.
  3. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    Haven't seen it. I'll look into it. Hee Haw must've struck some folks funny---it stayed on the air for years. Corny, obviously, but they had some great musical talent on it. SAA---lute!
  4. wabash slim

    Instrumental Guitarists With Something to Say

    Massively talented. too.
  5. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    You were the remote, too, right?
  6. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    Of course, I'm right. I'm always right and never wrong! Just ask my wife.
  7. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    My Dad was in the Mighty 8th USAF in WWII. I got a healthy dose of Glenn Miller as a kid. Both were Big Band fans. Folks were of the "Waste not, want not" school. They watched Lawrence Welk every Saturday, and the Polka Hour every Sunday after Mass. When we were building our house, I...
  8. wabash slim

    Anyone see the new galvanized steel Falcon's?

    Perfect for playing Heavy Metal!
  9. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    Yeah, I'm a boomer. We boomers may be old but we had the best music.
  10. wabash slim

    Gretsch Pages down?

    Many generations? How old d'ya think I am, kid? We're all in this together.
  11. wabash slim

    Hello! + Dimensions question

    Hi. How's it goin'? I'm with Randy99CL. I can't see paying $80-$100 for a spray painted logo on a case. A case is meant to be a tool, not a status symbol. I've found that Epi and MF/GC generic cases work fine.
  12. wabash slim

    Instrumental Guitarists With Something to Say

    I think I know who you mean but I can't come up with the name either. Roy did a lot of silly stuff, true. But, just watch his face when he plays. He's giving it his most, his best, playing at the top of his ability. I'll have to add in Glen Campbell, who was every bit Roy's equal. EDIT...
  13. wabash slim

    Jokes thread

    Once, when I had my eyes dilated, the Doc asked if I had someone to drive me home. "Not a problem, Doc---I've been to thirty Grateful Dead concerts."
  14. wabash slim

    Instrumental Guitarists With Something to Say

    I thought that was just me.
  15. wabash slim

    Even Famous People Can Have Doubts

    I do wonder why some "famous" people have a need to expound on anything and everything, as if their fame makes them experts on any subject, like politics or medicine. Hasn't stopped me, though.
  16. wabash slim

    Let's see your straps on your London Grey Gretsches!

    When I was stationed in England decades ago, they were steam cleaning the Houses of Parliament to get the decades of coal smoke and pigeon crap off of the building facades. There were ongoing coal miners' strikes as well. The skies had to be much clearer than they were back in the '50s and...
  17. wabash slim

    Removing pick gaurd?

    No one in the first row will see the holes. If they bother you that much just put the screws back into them. No way removing the pick guard will change the sound. It's visual esthetics only.
  18. wabash slim

    Hello from the UK

    Hi. How's it goin'? Bridge rattles are due to too many loose parts. Roller bridges have more little pieces than rattle-o-matics. Bar bridges, like a Tru-Arc or Compton, are the way to go. One piece, no rattles, and better vibrational transference.
  19. wabash slim

    Jr Barnyard brings the Brown Note ..Bass-ically

    1 extra useless internet point just for the "El Kabong" name on the bass!
  20. wabash slim

    Instrumental Guitarists With Something to Say

    Chet Atkins. Roy Clark. Leo Kottke.
  21. wabash slim

    Cool Cover Art

    First album cover I really paid attention to was Herb Alpert's "Whipped Cream & Other Delights".
  22. wabash slim

    New to the forum

    Hi. How's it goin'? At least you have Gretsches. Might not be top of the line, but they're still Gretsches.
  23. wabash slim

    Where's Waldo ?

    The one in blue, first row 2nd from the left? Ms. Lydon was a cutie!
  24. wabash slim

    Two jack plates.

    A name stenciled on a case often means "Steal Me First!" Don't forget the gold piping on your cases, either.
  25. wabash slim

    Where's Waldo ?

    I was always in trouble for asking "those" kinds of questions, like, who did Cain and Abel marry? We didn't have shop classes, or music (aside from hymn singing), or art, but I realized by the time I got to public high school that I was a couple years ahead of the kids that didn't go to...