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  1. pmac11


    That looks oddly familiar...
  2. pmac11

    Jr Barnyard brings the Brown Note ..Bass-ically

    I swear the tape warble effect on the Mystery Brain could be made into a whole separate pedal. But Tavo's doin ok without my business advice, lol.
  3. pmac11

    Jr Barnyard brings the Brown Note ..Bass-ically

    Even run an electric piano through it?
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    Just got my dream CS Gretsch. Few questions??

    What an entrance! She's a beauty...if you want a bigsby, go for it!
  5. pmac11

    NAD! 1966 Pro Reverb

    Beautiful! Nice score.
  6. pmac11

    The Cheeky Monkey

    Yep, that looks like it! A full rack covered lunch and dinner.
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    Blasphemy? Can't tell much difference between BTBTs, and Strat

    Another voice in the chorus... it's the amp. Just to reinforce :-)
  8. pmac11

    Kids In the Hall Documentary and New Episodes!

    I saw that one last night, and loved the way they kept coming back to it. The bust of Shakespeare coming to life was freaking hilarious too.
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    Aclam Dr Robert

    Ah, found it. Great backstory here: That's a pretty rare nugget. How would anyone know if the pedal replicated this amp or not?
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    Kids In the Hall Documentary and New Episodes!

    I've watched it the last two nights. These guys are even funnier than they were in the 90s.
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    Aclam Dr Robert

    Sorry man. Never heard of this pedal. I've never heard of the amp it aims to replicate either :-)
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    The Cheeky Monkey

    Last month I had the good fortune of being in Branson Missouri for a few days of meetings. During a lunch break one of our party asked if I liked ribs, and suggested a nearby establishment. The Cheeky Monkey is a great little roadhouse with the smoker set up right in the parking lot. Friendly...
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    NBBDAD (w/ a side of Brain :) ): It's a Mesa :D

    Happy Birthday and congratulations! The 5:25 Express was built between Jan 2007 and May 2012. Huge score!
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    It's a seriously good amp, and worth the price tag imo. I've found that the 'high gain' Mark IIC+ and Mark IV voicings can be dialed down to a thick, gritty edge of breakup. Not sure how these voicings compare to a real Mark II or Mark IV, but man this little box has a lot of useful tone in it...
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    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    That's AWESOME @Crooner! Congratulations!
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    Obligatory NGD 6120EC filling the gap

    That's a beautiful new-to-you guitar! Congratulations and enjoy it!
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    @audept ... He's still on TGP under the same name if you want to continue listening to his clips, and watching him hold forth on the merits of all things Mesa Boogie.
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    Agreed, I have progressives and I hate them. My wife is dead set against me wearing bifocals though... maybe I'll just get a pair to keep at work.
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    Deluxe Amplification - Vintage Fender-style Amps

    That's sweet. What are the specs on it?
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    Badlands this week

    Haven't been out that way since I was 15. Remember staying in a motel in Kadoka. Beautiful part of the world, though a bit dangerous for the inexperienced.
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    Badlands this week

    Going out for a walk? ;-)
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    For Sale Mesa Boogie F50 combo

    Local sale in the Greater Toronto Area. $100 discount for G-T members. Use your G-T moniker if responding to Kijiji ad, or msg me on G-T! Thanks!
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    For Sale Vertex Effects Steel String MK II

    10% discount for G-T members. Local pickup for those in the Toronto area Will ship at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
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    NAD x 3.....seventies glory

    They don't sound exactly like a valve amp, but that doesn't mean they don't sound amazing. They definitely have their own thing going on, and it's righteous. That's a really great perspective. Excellent finds...those three look like absolute beasts. Enjoy them!