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  1. DougWheeler74

    Control knob size/type

    Also - typically the knobs on the Streamliners can be a challenge to remove. If you haven’t done it before, search the forum on ‘how to’, there are a couple of helpful threads on the subject of knob pulling.
  2. DougWheeler74

    Control knob size/type

    Welcome! This is a forum of friendly and helpful folks. I put the chrome ones on my G2622. Here is the Gold part number: 6mm Metric, Item #GGGK from
  3. DougWheeler74

    The One Pedal Gig

    I usually live in the spring reverb area but I'll give this a try. I like surf music but don't play much of it other than some run noodling. As for the gig, glad you got through it OK. When things fall apart, it is a challenge to keep your head and figure out a plan B. or C or D.
  4. DougWheeler74

    Pickguard spacer?

    I bought a small nylon spacer from a local hardware store to use as a spacer. Works fine.
  5. DougWheeler74

    Pics taken from the forum!?

    The company that I worked for was adamant that images from the internet were not to be used for presentations, advertising or other company use. Copyright/owner issues were to be avoided. As such, there were licensed stock photos to be used for those things. It was hard for many of my clients to...
  6. DougWheeler74

    Poor craftsmanship on a new G2215-P90. Should I return it or fix/adjust everything?

    I would consider returning it. I have a 2215-P90 that was near flawless. It needed a setup but that was no surprise. I think that at it's price point, the 2215-P90 is a great deal and if theses issues bother you, you can find one without them.
  7. DougWheeler74

    G2215-P90 drop in locking tuners and issues removing/adjusting P-90

    I will be swapping out the P90 in my G2215-P90 in the near future so am interested in this as well. Anyone do it?
  8. DougWheeler74

    Tempting, but still...

  9. DougWheeler74

    GC and MF points

    If the site/store gives Veteran discounts and you qualify, that's nice 'cause that never expires!
  10. DougWheeler74

    Seeking Flux Type/Brand Recommendations

    Thanks. See the thread further up, I errored in using the DVM.
  11. DougWheeler74

    Seeking Flux Type/Brand Recommendations

    So embarrassing but a relief at the same time!
  12. DougWheeler74

    Seeking Flux Type/Brand Recommendations

    For those that have seen/follow this thread I have found the answer. I am both elated and embarrassed. I wound yet another pickup last night and hit the same problem. It appeared that the windings were open. After years of successful soldering I still found it hard to believe that I had failed...
  13. DougWheeler74

    Help, my tone is horrible. Not really a Gretsch question, But I am using a Gretsch.

    One thing you might try is to start a new recording project and just record a simple OD part. Keep doing it, changing one thing at a time (mic placement, recording levels, EQ etc). Listen carefully to what it sounds like. Be careful not to focus what a great riff it is or how you like what you...
  14. DougWheeler74

    Help, my tone is horrible. Not really a Gretsch question, But I am using a Gretsch.

    Recording is a beast for sure but don't give up, you will get there. Capturing 'real world events' is not simple. I had half of of career in it for things like temperature and pressure and relative humidity. You have asked a lot of good questions here. Here is some basics that you mentioned...
  15. DougWheeler74

    Food poisoning

    Worst for me was 3 1/2 days of being seasick. I got to stay in my rack for about 6 hours and then up to stand my watch. Most of the crew was sick (a big storm); on the bridge and in CIC they just wore plastic bags around their necks. I sat down at breakfast on my third day to attempt oatmeal...
  16. DougWheeler74

    Food poisoning

    Well that makes some sense (I've known a few Marines :)) I read 'off to the doc' and I am thinking, hmmm... Hope it turns out to be a minor disruption.
  17. DougWheeler74

    Food poisoning

  18. DougWheeler74

    Food poisoning

    Yikes! Please keep us informed. Good thoughts for you.
  19. DougWheeler74

    Chance Novak/New Member

    Welcome! And you have a Revstar! I have a RS820 Steel Rust. Nice guitars bt I don't see them much. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places?
  20. DougWheeler74

    Why Right to Left?

    Huh. Right in front of my eyes. Right to Left makes sense when thinking of guitar to pedal placement for right hand players.
  21. DougWheeler74

    Why Right to Left?

    With a good portion of my career in electronics it drives me nuts that guitar pedals are right to left. In my experience most schematics are left to right. Any insight was to why pedals are right to left? I am curious; there must be reason.
  22. DougWheeler74

    New pedalboard day, but I need advice!

    started a new thread rather than highjack this one with a question.
  23. DougWheeler74

    Spending Easter in the ER…..

    Sorry you had to go through this. I never had one nor do I want to. My coworker had them frequently. He brought one in to see what it looked like under the electron microscope. No wonder they hurt!
  24. DougWheeler74

    Seeking Flux Type/Brand Recommendations

    I have no issues when soldering pickup leads, pots, etc. However, my pickup winding project has hit a snag. I am winding my own pickups (never ending project it seems) and the solder connections are not good. 1. Using 42 AWG Poly coated wire 2. Using 60/40 Rosin core solder 3. I...
  25. DougWheeler74

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome! This is a fun place to be.