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    NGD - it has DeArmonds.

    Nice find!
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    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    Stefan - you need a Strat. Will you play it every day? Maybe, maybe not. But you still need one;)
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    New to the forum

    Welcome, Benny!
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    Harness question

    Welcome, Anthony!
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    Cool Cover Art

    I have always liked this one
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    Where's Waldo ?

    Second row down, extreme left.
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    Limited edition falcons

  8. new6659

    Hi all !

    Welcome, Roger!
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    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    Clearly, "Glacier" means "blue";)
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    A Gretsch Inspired Build - Learning Curve

    Can't wait for the next installment!
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    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    Great story - congratulations!
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    Hello, from the Netherlands

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    My little electric stable

    How wide are the sides on the Axe - 1 1/4"?
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    That's exactly what I was thinking about, too.
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    Thanks, Stefan!
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    A Gretsch Inspired Build - Learning Curve

    Great stuff!
  18. new6659

    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    To answer the question - blue.
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    Greetings Gretchies

    Welcome, @Muinarc - pics are required!
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    I've become wary of foam-type cushions - I had some foam covered tool hangers from Home Depot I used for guitars which did a good job of messing up lacquer finishes after very brief contact.
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    6120 reduction which still needs to cure then a good sand and buff.

    I'm wondering how it feels to have that saw in your hand;). Beautiful work!
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    Yet another new member...

    Welcome back!
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    Obligatory NGD 6120EC filling the gap

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    Replacement suggestions for ElectroJet?

    My G6131T-TVP has Power'Trons. I call it the "Gas-Buster". It's a great guitar - beautiful and sounds fantastic.
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    No rubber pads, yet. I'm thinking of using adhesive felt strips instead. The type which are used to prevent table legs from marring wooden floors. The wood used for the stand is spruce and quite soft so I doubt it will damage the guitars.