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  1. stiv

    Need pedal to PA advice....

    I have the American and it always served me well when I needed it. I'm not PA-direct guy but sometimes it's a plain PITA to always bring amps with you, especially if you have multiple bands and multiple rehearsals. When it's rehearsal time, I always end up using the American if the room doesn't...
  2. stiv

    Tell me about 5129's with the big F holes...

    Veery nice. I’m being honest here. It’s not that I don’t like my 5220 with Filtertrons, but I’m aiming for a Dyna-equipped guitar and these DeArmonds really speak to me. I also have a pair of real Dynas sitting in my drawer that I could use instead of the 2000… the only thing that I’m not sure...
  3. stiv

    Tell me about 5129's with the big F holes...

    One guitar that's really missing on the Electromatic line it's a Jet with Dynasonics, something similar to a DeArmond M77 for Guild. But I guess we'll never see it, as Electro Jets there's have a construction issue that simply doesn't allow stock Dynas (even the 2000) to be placed under the...
  4. stiv

    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    Not really a Fender fan, but the Jazzmaster... man, I have a soft spot for it. And yours it's really good looking. Congrats! P.s. I know they don't sound nowhere near this beauty, but I'd really love to have a '50s reissue Squier. I've seen footage of old Carl Perkins playing it and I fell in...
  5. stiv

    Gretsch Player Jet (stoptail) for Rickenbacker 360- bad trade idea?

    Same here. Janglebox+HiLoTrons+thin hollow body= REM sound in spades. :)
  6. stiv

    Gretsch Player Jet (stoptail) for Rickenbacker 360- bad trade idea?

    First thing I made my guitar man do when I bought my '89 330 (in Jet Black as well... they're beautiful guitars...): disconnect the blender darn knob. :) The Toasters worked much, much better.
  7. stiv

    Gretsch Player Jet (stoptail) for Rickenbacker 360- bad trade idea?

    Like Tony said, Rics are very unique guitars with very unique specs (the neck and the fretboard are not for everyone... think a lacquered Tele maple neck but very flat and very thin) and a very unique sound. I've had a 330 (1989) with vintage Toasters pickup. I loved the guitar from an aestethic...
  8. stiv

    The One Pedal Gig

    Interviewer: “So, Wilko, what defines your sound? What kind of pedals do you use?” Wilko Johnson: “Pedals? Do I look like a effing cyclist?” True story. My friend Gerry was the interviewer. :D
  9. stiv

    "Premium" Price for Perfect (near mint) Vintage

    I guess it depends on who's buying, if it's a player I don't think you'll get that much more, usually people that use guitars it's more interested in tone/playability than cosmetics so it tend to reach a fair price. Totally different situation if a collector is interested. Can't say how much...
  10. stiv

    Anyone tried the new 5260 baritones?

    I have a question: what's the difference between a Baritone Jet and an Electromatic Jet, size-wise? It's only the lenght (and the size, I suppose) of the neck or do the body shape/thickness changes as well?
  11. stiv

    Corroded Gold Hardware?

    If you're not confortable with it, I'd replace the hardware with the money made by selling the old parts. I believe there will be a lot of people paying top dollars for naturally relic'd parts like these... ;) Just joking. It looks perfectly legit to me, my '89 6120 has more or less the same...
  12. stiv

    NAD x 3.....seventies glory

    I've been looking for one for ages here in Italy, as I'm a massive Buzzcocks/Dr.Feelgood fan.... it happened I scored one in Tuscany for cheap but it was so beat up that I had to pass. I don't even know if I know someone able to put his hands on these babies. UK is the place to be... envious...
  13. stiv

    Nocturne DYNOBRAIN in Lemon??

    Green, all the way! "Mean" Dyno Green! :D
  14. stiv

    renewed guitar day

    Wow, that's flashy!!!! Love the V.
  15. stiv

    Anyone converted a 5230T from blacktops to dynas?

    Pro Jets have a carved top where the old humbuckers were positioned, if I'm not wrong. Also, those humbuckers had almost the same dimensions of a Dynasonic. That's the only exception to the golden rule ;)
  16. stiv

    Modding Electromatic

    That's a superb relic work. Well done!
  17. stiv

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    Yeah, that's another thing that sent me in the wrong direction as my Kays and Harmonys have the same short scale neck... Btw, having a long scaled Jet neck on a Rambler body may be a very good idea, only it's really expensive to find a Rambler body... :) A while ago there was one on Reverb...
  18. stiv

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    And bloody expensive for a guitar with those features… single pickup, no Bigsby, no binding on the neck. But very attractive, I have to say. Like I wrote in another thread, if I’d have the money for a Custom model it would be a “ramblerized” Duo Jet :)
  19. stiv

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    I always thought that the Rambler was one of them, and also the reason of its unpopularity among Gretsch guitars. Maybe because it doesn’t have much in common with all the other models of the time. My bad.
  20. stiv

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    How about the ‘50s Rambler? I’ve always aimed for one, although they were some kind of black sheep of the Gretsch family (for the fact they were made in the Harmony factory, if I’m not wrong)
  21. stiv

    Custom Shop Build?

    I’ll have a full hollow body with sound post, no trestle bracing (just like an old Rambler) Duo Jet, ‘53 specs but with the 60s logo on the headstock instead of the Script one. Long G Tailpiece (like a Country Club) instead of the Bigsby, and Sorkin Bowtie instead of the Melita. Light stained...
  22. stiv

    Frank Garland's '53 Duo Jet

    Really... like a '50s Les Paul, like he tried to get rid of the Melita. The wraparound looks like is someway anchored to the G Tailpiece. Weird.
  23. stiv

    If There Were No Gretsch; What Would You Play

    I'd go Guild if the money would be enough, otherwise De Armond. Man I love those M75s with Dyna, and also the Goldtones are great stuff.
  24. stiv

    Something is going on

    “To be in a band it’s not about the hour an a half you’re on stage, it’s about the other 22 hours and a half you spend together before and after the gig”. That’s what my old guitar teacher (and mentor) told me when I was 19. I still live music to his words.:)
  25. stiv


    They’re quite popular over here. I drove it on a rental a couple of years ago for a week, looked good to me. Easy and smooth driving. Congrats!