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  1. Highroller

    My new guitar is... a Bigsby!

    Beautiful guitar, Svenslim! And congrats on hitting the Big 6-0 !!!
  2. Highroller

    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    Ha! Another little "trick" is to tune everything in the shop down a step to D, so they all play just that tiny bit easier. Most people don't carry a tuner and won't catch it. It works, too! I like that! A lot! You can apply it to a wide range of things these days ... unfortunately. 🤔
  3. Highroller

    My little electric stable

    No offense taken, we're cool. The Baldwin era in general is a black hole when it comes to details about various models, and for the Axe series in particular as they were only made a short while. I've seen them described as Seymour-Duncans too, but not by any kind of authority on the topic...
  4. Highroller

    My little electric stable

    re the Axe pups and for whatever it's worth, my source for citing the Dimarzios is Jay Scott's 1992 book "The Guitars of the Fred Gretsch Company", page scanned and printed below. Along with Ed Ball (who posts here as Wayne Gretschzky) Jay’s one of the better known authorities on Gretsch. I...
  5. Highroller

    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    Agreed. 100%. Not only will it save you time and money, but it'll give you a better understanding of the subtleties of how your guitars work and what makes them tick. You wanna become "one with your guitar"? Learn these basic setup and maintenance procedures. Which leads me slightly off...
  6. Highroller


    Ahhh, a '63 - sounds sweet! Mine's a 2013, it's got a long way to before it'll be "vintage". 🤷‍♂️ Well, enjoy both your Falcons!
  7. Highroller

    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    OK, I see your edit ... Well, when "soon" gets here, post some pics! Ha!
  8. Highroller

    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    So you brought it home? If so, Welcome to the Club! Post some pics, we like those! ;)
  9. Highroller


    Major congrats in order for that one! Beautiful guitar - enjoy! I made an impulse buy on a double-cut Falcon about a month ago. I've been falling deeper in love with it ever since I brought it home. So glad I took the leap! You won't regret it!
  10. Highroller

    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    Yeah, fine tuning a guitar's set up is typically the retailer's responsibility, even on higher end guitars. The big chain stores are notoriously bad at doing this, either due to a lack of skilled employees or just a general indifference to customer service. If you're specifically asking them...
  11. Highroller

    Greetings Gretchies

    Anybody that's a fan of the Atkins Axe/Super Axe is A-OK in my book. Welcome to the forum!
  12. Highroller

    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    I got a teal Chevy Malibu that sometimes looks green, sometimes looks blue. Depends on the light and time of day. That guitar however, is Blue.
  13. Highroller

    My little electric stable

    Nice collection Muinarc! And I'm with you regarding the Baldwin years. Yeah, there was some weird stuff during that era, but it's totally unfair to just completely dismiss it. Both Axe models are proof Gretsch could produce a fine instrument when they wanted to. My Atkins SuperAxe just...
  14. Highroller

    Bad Guitar Day

    That's sad. Maybe the guy that gave it to your friend didn't know either. Just saying ... it ain't likely, but maybe. Did this just happen? Or is it something he's already had for years? If the dude's honest they should try to work something out. The guitar's not what he claimed it was -...
  15. Highroller

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    Way cool - must have been a ton of fun! The Cars ruled the world back in my college days. My wife was huge fan, got to see them live, front of stage experience for her. Rick Ocasek sweated on her! (She likes to tell that story) - LoL! I didn't get to see them until many years later, when...
  16. Highroller

    Stupid Question Time - Chet Arm, Is this right?

    You know, maybe you are gonna need that longer spring. There's a big difference between the angle yours sits at and the angle mine sits at. I'm no expert, don't pretend to be, but I think what you're looking to achieve should be something like this ... And yeah, I've got the plastic washer...
  17. Highroller

    Stupid Question Time - Chet Arm, Is this right?

    I just put a Chet arm on a Falcon I recently bought and have it positioned a lot higher, the tip of the arm about 1.75" inches off the strings. This is roughly the same height of the standard Bigsby flat arms on my other guitars. You'll also notice that at this height, the arm can actually...
  18. Highroller

    A most satisfying NGD

    Very nice - congrats!
  19. Highroller

    WoodIdentifierExpertPersons Needed: Ebony or Dark Rosewood?

    Yep, I'm leaning towards dyed Rosewood too. Looks great, they did a nice job! I have three guitars with ebony fretboards, all produced years apart from each other - one in '78, one in '99, and one in 2013. Seems to me that'd make for a fairly representative sample. All of them have a much...
  20. Highroller

    Blasphemy? Can't tell much difference between BTBTs, and Strat

    Hard to really say, could be a combination of any or all of the above factors. That said however, I doubt your amp is helping much. Nothing wrong with having an inexpensive little amp around for practice, but I wouldn't rely on it as a source for audiophile level sound comparisons. I'm...
  21. Highroller

    NGD....took me long enough.

    Congrats! Now you can hear just what you seen!
  22. Highroller

    Gretsch Player Jet (stoptail) for Rickenbacker 360- bad trade idea?

    Seems you already made the decision - Congrats on the Ric! Yeah, they're a bit different, but you'll get used to it. They're wonderful guitars. Enjoy!
  23. Highroller

    Golden Retriever Helps Friends Escape

    ... and just a little mischievous! LoL! Great clip!
  24. Highroller

    What’s pink and has P90s?

    I would have guessed a Daisy Rock, but I checked - none of them have P90s!
  25. Highroller

    I don’t understand the theory behind this guitar

    Well, certainly some of Gretsch's own "innovations" they made back in the old days could be seen as having questionable value - tuning fork bridges, backpads, mufflers and telescoping Bigsby arms. Many dismissed these as mere gimmicks, and in a hindsight, that's exactly what some of them were...