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  1. nickurso

    Can I un-oil a bridge base? How?

    Leave it and it will dry on its own but it will need to be oiled periodically or it will dry out and crack. I personally love the darker look but that’s me
  2. nickurso

    Help, my tone is horrible. Not really a Gretsch question, But I am using a Gretsch.

    Mic placement makes a big difference. Take your time to make several test recordings first. Different input levels for your overdrive sound and really work with the mic placement
  3. nickurso

    For Sale Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50’s - Sweetwater Limited Lemon Burst w/ Upgrades - PRICE DROP!

    Good luck with the sale. These are great guitars and I almost picked one up a while ago but Sweetwater couldn’t keep one in stock
  4. nickurso

    WAR - "All Day Music"

    I saw war in person here in Nola. It was a double bill of war and Cheech and Chong. At the end they say why can’t we be friends and everyone took a verse including Cheech and Chong
  5. nickurso

    Nocturne Mystery Brain users?

    Best pedal on the market
  6. nickurso


    I’ve been looking at these
  7. nickurso

    Wanted Remove the finish on my orange Jr.

    Why do you want to sand the front of the guitar?
  8. nickurso

    Nocturne DC Fluid Drive

    Tavo is a gretsch guy and a great builder. He has helped me realize the tone I’ve been wanting for years
  9. nickurso

    This showed up today

    Congratulations great looking amp
  10. nickurso

    Over view and thoughts of the mesa

    Btw you should try hitting it with the nocturne el Pescadoro. It’s beautiful
  11. nickurso

    Over view and thoughts of the mesa

    I recently picked up a Mesa subway rocket and this thing is a killer little amp
  12. nickurso

    Monoprice Stageright 1w/15w - suggestions on getting more Chuck Berry crunch?

    Definitely check out a brain preamp. What kind of amp and guitar do you have?
  13. nickurso

    Came across a great memory today

    I’ve always been a big zeppelin fan. Jimmy definitely helped shape my playing
  14. nickurso

    My G&L has arrived but….

    I can see why. It’s a really decent tele
  15. nickurso

    My G&L has arrived but….

    That would be more than the cost of the guitar in less than one year. Yeah I really like the look of this one too so I’m not complaining
  16. nickurso

    My G&L has arrived but….

    I should have included you in this response. I’m happy, I saved $140 on an Indonesian made guitar that plays and looks good. I knew getting this guitar what it was. I don’t expect it to be a pro line gretsch quality guitar, I’m really surprised at the quality of this guitar for this price.
  17. nickurso

    My G&L has arrived but….

    I want the guitar, even if the shipping is free it’s still a hassle to have bring it back and wait, plus I really like the guitar. I’m actually happy but hoping to use the switch up on the guitar to get something free.
  18. nickurso

    My G&L has arrived but….

    So my G&L asat classic arrived today and I noticed immediately that it’s not the guitar I ordered at all. It’s clearly not the same wood pattern. And this guitar has a few blemishes in the wood so I’m pretty sure it’s B stock. The positive is I lowered the action and it plays and sounds great...
  19. nickurso

    Pretty pictures

    Every time I see that one I want one.
  20. nickurso

    Pretty pictures

    That’s gorgeous
  21. nickurso

    Pretty pictures

  22. nickurso

    NGD on its way. Take a guess

    I may keep it. I’m definitely just gonna play it as is after I check the set up. If I decide to keep it then the pick ups will go in. The fishman Greg Koch pick ups are silent. I have a set of the P-90’s in my gold top now. I feel like the TV Jones T-90 is a better sounding pick up, but using...
  23. nickurso

    NGD on its way. Take a guess

    Not planning on doing anything right away but if it’s a keeper I’m considering the fishman Greg Koch pick ups for this one and possibly a rutters bridge