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  1. Hammerhands

    Pedalboard Visitor

    Leave the knobs alone!
  2. Hammerhands

    My name is Talking Pedal…

    There is something like a boot for it to keep it from sliding around or put it on a pedalboard. Maybe you can get a door-stop to keep it cocked.
  3. Hammerhands

    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    Have you played the other recent Jazzmasters? How would you say this compares? I like everything about this one except the rosewood fingerboard.
  4. Hammerhands

    Does action affect intonation?

    When you raise the strings, you have to push more to fret the note, that raises the pitch of the fretted note compared to the open string. That's universal for any bridge, or I can't think why it wouldn't be. In addition to the screws to adjust the intonation for each string, are there also...
  5. Hammerhands

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    See how they try to tempt me! There was one at Carter's last month with the gold hardware changed to silver for pretty cheap. Now they're saying they kept one in a box just for me for 17 years...
  6. Hammerhands

    Best case options for Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet

    That arched G6238 case is really, really good and the price is great. You can get a case cover if you want. You can also get an ATA case or a light ATA case. There are case makers in most cities. You're in Chicago, so a trip to CME would be worth doing.
  7. Hammerhands

    OMG !!!!

    I just heard a podcast about the lady and the cat meme. It's not nice.
  8. Hammerhands

    Anderton's Gretsch Custom Shop demo video

    They do specific spec for individual customers and they also make guitars for NAMM that they allow dealers to enter a raffle to purchase. They may do limited edition runs as well. Some shops like Wildwood order limited edition Custom Shop models, where Chicago Music Exchange and sometimes L&M...
  9. Hammerhands

    What's the Deal With Phasers?

    The best phaser I've heard is the one that was on my Peavey Heritage amps. I have aspirations to build that phaser circuit. Peavey could sell a few if they put the phaser, chorus and saturation circuits into pedals. Even if they aren't all their own original circuits.
  10. Hammerhands

    Anderton's Gretsch Custom Shop demo video

    One would think 4 switches means stereo?
  11. Hammerhands

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    How was the 6121-1959 ever discontinued? That is a lack of appreciation. And the CC with a zero-fret.
  12. Hammerhands

    Sitting on your 2x12

    A 4x10 is more comfortable.
  13. Hammerhands

    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    I was listening to Jerry Doucette's Mama Let Him Play. That guy just passed. It's a song every Canadian will have heard a million times. It reminds me of the rollerskating rink, dance parties and socials. Not my favourite song, people rave about the solo.
  14. Hammerhands

    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    I think there's some Joanna Newsom song that borrows from that Eric Satie composition.
  15. Hammerhands

    Why Right to Left?

    I recall reading something about the amp being left-to-right and the pedals being in-front of the amp, but getting the chord out of the way makes more sense.
  16. Hammerhands

    New pedalboard day, but I need advice!

    Put that OD on the board. Sort the pedals in the order they should be, put the ones you're not going to toggle as much in the back row. The Boss pedals might be easier to hit in the back row. The other pedals may be more prone to have their knobs knocked. Maybe you could keep all the buttons...
  17. Hammerhands

    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    I was listening to hi-res music the other night, including Sandinsta!
  18. Hammerhands

    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    I'm not sure if this means there's a new Pixies album coming. Frank Black's Twitter says he's happy to be touring, playing Cardiff tomorrow, France next month. ...Second listen, it's pretty and a bit angular. Lyrics are simple but good, verses are better than the chorus. "Now even the...
  19. Hammerhands

    Maybe I've asked before, but.... Amp or Guitar for volume control

    Often when you turn the guitar volume down you darken the sound. That may or may not be desirable. On my Gretsch I use the volume controls to balance the pickups, like a subtle tone control. I was taught to roll the master volume control back to about 7 or 8 for a reserve. I like to use a...
  20. Hammerhands

    Ampless modeler into headphones

    What features is the Spark lacking? Other than a line-out.
  21. Hammerhands

    Unhappy Oregon stolen guitar news

    The linked story has changed, not good news yet, those autographed stolen gutars are not the HOF's guitars.
  22. Hammerhands


    How often do you use the highest string?
  23. Hammerhands

    NGD: One Tele in, one Tele out

    What can you tell me about how I might like a Pro II Jazzmaster?