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  1. MarkLo

    Any Pickguardian Customers?

    I placed an order for a pickguard for my 5220 with Quick Guards back on October 21st, and still haven't heard anything from Mike on its status. I contacted him on January 5th, but he still hasn't gotten back to me yet (Which I've heard is standard operating procedure for him). I'm probably...
  2. MarkLo

    Lovepedal Zendrive Thoughts?

    Greetings to all, I'm considering purchasing the Lovepedal Zendrive. Lovepedal is building them for $239. I've watched a few videos and really dig the sound you can get with these! I just wanted to see if any others on this forum are using, or have in the past used this pedal, and what your...
  3. MarkLo


    Greetings to all! I received my new G5220 (Dark Cherry Metallic) last Sunday from Sweetwater! I love the fact that SW lets you choose the specific guitar you want, with very nice photos of the actual guitar! Although SW provides good pics, they really didn't do my new Gretsch justice! My...
  4. MarkLo

    G5220 and G5222 Fretboard Wood?

    Hello, I'm brand new to this forum and Gretsch guitars! I'll be placing an order next week with Sweetwater for either a G5220 or G5222. Here's my question: What are the fingerboard woods on these two models? The Gretsch website says Laurel, but Sweetwater (and other music stores) say Black...

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