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  1. mrfixitmi

    A question to guitar manufactures inc. Gretsch

    @GretschDav Welcome to the forum, not all store operate the same way. The big box stores can operate from high volume "rush the product out the door" to the more meticulous ones. I have experienced both. I typically perform my own set ups to my preference anyway, but the last three from big...
  2. mrfixitmi

    NGD - this time no neck cracks

    Congratulations and thanks for the great history lesson. That is a wonderful guitar. And +1 for the Wilshire line, they were cool, great sounding guitars with the P90's. This is a great find at a great price. I had a Coronet and my best friend had a Wilshire, and I thought that his guitar...
  3. mrfixitmi

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    @Crooner Congratulations, what a tremendous experience, IMHO, Elliot Easton is so talented and gave the Cars their sound. I met the band at a meet and great before a concert. He was very approachable, and actually made you feel that he wanted to be there with the fans. Thanks for sharing...
  4. mrfixitmi

    NGD - is it blue or is green - or is it somewhere in-between?

    Congratulations on finding a great deal and on a superb color. Very cool and IMHO, this will never go out of style.
  5. mrfixitmi

    My Gretsch G3400!

    I can understand the concern, however, if there is any question about reselling for profit, address the recipient as to "XXXXX". This has been a long working project, and would think that being asked and seeing that you are among the greats would be a compliment....but I have been wrong on...
  6. mrfixitmi

    Any love for the Peavey Classic 20

    I would consider it, these are lighter weight than the Peavey Classic 50's, and are ideal for home. Yes they do sound great with filter trons, and can get quite loud if you crank it up. We still have our Classic 20 from 1993, and it has never let us down.
  7. mrfixitmi

    Gretsch Player Jet (stoptail) for Rickenbacker 360- bad trade idea?

    @Alathea Life is too short to not consider any chances, it you really want a Ric, you should try it due to the opportunity you have to play it first. The reason I sold my Ric 330, I thought that the neck was too skinny, and would deflect more than I would like...but this is a personal choice...
  8. mrfixitmi

    What's this Gretsch Model?

    +1 I believe that it is a BST 1000, I had a 1979 BST 1000 that looked identical, it was during the Baldwin era. It had a bolt on maple neck. They were made between 1979 - 1981. If the third serial number (next to the "-") begins with #9, it is from 1979, if the 3rd serial number begins with...
  9. mrfixitmi

    "Premium" Price for Perfect (near mint) Vintage

    @Wayne Gretschzky. IMHO, you couldn't have said it better. I have seen customers go crazy over closet/under the bed queens only to find out that they were not playable without a fight, had dead spots, and hidden rattles. I have also seen vintage guitars come in with several bumps and bruises...
  10. mrfixitmi


    I am sorry, but after seeing this, I will never be able to look at buckle scratches the same way again...ouch
  11. mrfixitmi

    Corroded Gold Hardware?

    Since the gold finish is micro thin, it is best to wipe down with a damp cloth, anything abrasive will remove any of the gold that remains. Someone here suggested using furniture polish on a cotton cloth. I did not believe it, but tried it, and I was amazed at the results. I had a guitar that...
  12. mrfixitmi

    Drop-in replacement locking tuners for G5655T

    Locking tuners do make sense on a 12 string, since string changes can be a handful. I think that the variable ratio is a wonderful idea, but since we are dealing with different gauges with the Low E through the "G" string, that could present a significant learning curve for me, or make the...
  13. mrfixitmi

    RIP Naomi Judd

    @desertfox4, I am so sorry to hear that. Our family has experienced this too often, even once is too often. My Uncle was a psychologist and his son had taken his life, it is easy to blame ourselves with the I should've, could've, but there is no easy answer. My children have experienced a...
  14. mrfixitmi

    Here At Last

    @Jim Krause , Welcome to this forum, we are glad you are here.
  15. mrfixitmi

    Mismatching bridge / neck radius

    I ordered a Compton compensated bridge for a Baldwin era Super Chet that had a 16" radius. The customer wanted to use 12s and they accommodated that as well. That said, you can get away a 14" radius on a 12" radius guitar, and the "G" will have a slightly lower action. I am sure that a 12"...
  16. mrfixitmi

    That great (Vintage) Gretsch Sound!!!

    @MrWoody Thanks for sharing, that tone is amazing, this takes me back to being a small child listening to my uncles practicing in the basement. It's kind of like your first love, that gives you a soft spot in your heart. That Princeton Reverb sound wonderful, the amp I remember is the Ampeg...
  17. mrfixitmi

    RIP Naomi Judd

    This saddens me greatly, Naomi was really kind to her fans. We saw them in concert, and bought the meet and greet package. Naomi was so professional and treated the fans like they were the celebrities. The concert was the same day that my wife lost her Grandfather about 10 years earlier...
  18. mrfixitmi

    Silver Falcon 2004. Pick up height adjustment question. Is this normal ?

    @Falconetti You are correct, I use the 6mm (1/4") OD latex tubing, rubber tubing, or the silicone tubing. It cuts easily with scissors, so you can try a section about 15/16" for the long spring and 3/4" long for short one to start. If you cannot tighten the pickup down enough, or you feel...
  19. mrfixitmi

    Hi all

    @Tycho Welcome to the forum, we will have to induct you into the "Good Taste Club", you have a sharp eye for beauty. Nice choices that will cover the spectrum of music, both guitars are very versatile.
  20. mrfixitmi

    Silver Falcon 2004. Pick up height adjustment question. Is this normal ?

    The springs do work well, and do have great life expectancy. You can buy them in bulk if you feel that you need to experiment. Humbuckers typically use springs that are 32 mm long (1 1/16"), the shorter ones are about 20mm (13/16") long. The typically cost is about $0.50 each if you buy a...
  21. mrfixitmi

    G6228 Jet in Azure Metallic?

    The script on the head stock is the same as I have seen on other Limited models. I have a players edition from 2019 with the straight GreTsch head stock, so maybe the Limited Editions got the script head stock, I am not sure. You are correct, there is not a lot of information on the Azure...
  22. mrfixitmi

    Gretsch G5237 Duo-Jet??

    Randy, I agree with you. I can't understand the difference in how they treat customers. Maybe it was the sales rep that handled the transaction, the timing, or some other issue, I am not sure, but I am very satisfied with MF. The reason I say this is when I pre-ordered the G6229TG from MF...
  23. mrfixitmi

    Gretsch license plate US$8.83 shipped

    Thanks for the Heads up! I ordered one too!
  24. mrfixitmi

    1956 Duo Jet train wreck

    @Curt, This is more than amazing, I have heard people say, I can heal the sick but can't raise the dead...Curt you have crossed the line in fixing dead guitars. Thanks for sharing.
  25. mrfixitmi

    Ugly guitars - another photo thread

    Does that one come with a free tetanus shot?

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