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  1. Big Ron

    BLue Caps, Howard Reed, Reminiscing

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  2. Big Ron

    BLue Caps, Howard Reed, Reminiscing

    CYNTHIA, HOLY SMOKES. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME. RON VERMILLION 423 505-5948 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  3. Big Ron

    Bigsby help needed - trying to install Chet arm

    Uniblob is on the right track. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  4. Big Ron

    Rewire Your Guitar How to Make a Jig Pattern

    More than just a great idea! I have a new 6120 AM prom queen that I'm disappointed in the sound of, and an old 6120-1959 that I love the sound of. I might just get the courage to build a 1959 like harness and put it in the AM. Big Ron
  5. Big Ron

    Another nasty copy

    I think the white Epiphone Swingster is a pretty good White Falcon copy as copy's go. Big Ron
  6. Big Ron

    multi vs stomp box?

    I think all of us have been in and out of this same boat a few times. I had a ME-50, sold it got an ME-70, sold it, got a NOVA System - talk about getting lost in the menu's. There is even a place in the manual where the writer says "people ask if there is an easier way to go from this mode to...
  7. Big Ron

    Is a 40watt hot rod deluxe loud enough to gig?

    No problems mate. Big Ron
  8. Big Ron

    I'll Never Say Never Again About Guitar Brands

    Nice guitar, I bet you would enjoy it. I have an Epi EJ-200C acoustic electric that hasn't been getting much attention lately. Some months ago I started a dedicated program to learn how to fingerpick and begain to really enjoy playing on guitars with a 1 3/4" (or so) nut width. (i.e. the...
  9. Big Ron

    i`ll see you in my dreams

    This might be way too easy but why not go to his YouTube home page at: and send him a message telling him you like the video and were wondering how he does that lick? Big Ron
  10. Big Ron

    Thumb (finger) Pickers

    I forgot about this thread and started explaining it again in another thread. Oh Well - old age has it's benefits but memory isn't one of them. Q&A: I use a Herco thumb pick that has a thumb loop and a flat pick made together. I use an extra heavy. Why? - for the last 50 years I have played...
  11. Big Ron

    Crap at pickin'

    I'm sure not a good fingerpicker but I started taking lessons from Wesley Crider a few months ago. His advise was to set aside a period of time that you would be willing to dedicate to just fingerpicking. OK, lets say one month (that's too short but OK) Start by holding a chord, we started...
  12. Big Ron

    Anyone Else @ The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Conventio

    I went to CAAS 2011 for my first time a few weeks ago. Had a blast. It was really a great few days. Very depressing about how poorly I play guitar. OK< OK, I know no pictures etc. I did meet some guy that works for a guitar company there. Big Ron
  13. Big Ron

    Check this girl out:

    I saw her live at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention in Nashville a few weeks ago. She is a really clean player. Does a nice job. Big Ron
  14. Big Ron

    White Falcon Gold-Plated Hardware Issues & Possible Solution

    One of the mysteries of life, right up there with how they built the pyramids. Why a $7 gold electroplated no-name watch from the kiosk in the mall can last 20 years with a guy wearing it to work in construction, and the gold electroplating on very high dollar guitars isn't worth a crapola. Sad...
  15. Big Ron

    Broken Hand, Broken Rib and one Dead Horse

    Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery pardner. Big Ron
  16. Big Ron

    Check this girl out:

    She did a great performance at the CAAS 2011 in Nashville last week. Big Ron
  17. Big Ron

    Meandering around Sam Ash the other day

    CharlieG, have you swapped your SC into one of the 12" speaker cabinets? If so I'd like to hear about that. Big Ron
  18. Big Ron

    Thumb (finger) Pickers

    It really is all about time on the instrument, but I am reminded about the old saying "Practice makes perfect" to which someone will often correct to "Perfect Practice makes Perfect". Anyway - here is installment two. - And by the way, I'm just sharing this hoping it will help someone else...
  19. Big Ron

    Thumb (finger) Pickers

    I have been fascinated for all my life about how in the world people could learn to finger-pick. Where better than the Gretsch forum to learn about that issue. I'm not sure about my terminology but many guitar players play with their fingers and thumb without necessarily carrying a bassline...
  20. Big Ron

    where do you play?

    I am available for chord solos at Morris Hill Baptist during offertory I might do this once a month or so. Also play for our Mutual Hearts fellowship and Joy Class parties every so often. Big Ron
  21. Big Ron

    Blonde Viking

    Michiel, To add insult to injury, I don't suppose you know about . And I'm not sure that it works on outside USA eBay services but you can set up an account on and put your bid on an eBay item. The eSnipe computer waits until 6 seconds (or whatever you choose) before the...
  22. Big Ron

    So... What's next?

    I would like to have a Fender Classic Player Jaguar (white) with the Humbucker Humbucker setup. I don't know why, it must be the glitter off the chrome stuff. Big Ron
  23. Big Ron

    Jeff Beck Rock and roll party

    I got it yesterday and watched it last night. The added attraction of Beck showing his guitar collection from his home is worth the price of the DVD. Funny how he let Seymour trade him out of his Esquire for a couple of pickups and a modded Tele. I agree with the poster, why isn't Imelda all...
  24. Big Ron

    Red Sparkle Rickenbacker

    Nice Guitar - Have fun with that one. I bet it explodes into a rainbow when a spotlight hits it. My buddy Rick (Rick's Guitar Room) has a Rick in natural that really looks nice. It's used but you couldn't tell it. I've been GASsing over that, but I'm running out of politically correct places...
  25. Big Ron

    I could use some Bigsby assistance.

    Ditto what Rockabilly-Rebel says. A roll pin is made to drive into an opening that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the roll pin and stay there. It isn't made to be inserted and removed and re-used. The issue is that when you drive the pin into the opening it press fits, and makes the...

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