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  1. LongJohn

    Can I un-oil a bridge base? How?

    Best advise Frank Zappa gave us.............. "Shut up and play your guitar" 😁
  2. LongJohn

    Say it ain't so,DigiTech%E2%80%99s%20website%20is%20currently%20listed%20as%20%E2%80%9Cnot%20available.%E2%80%9D I didn't know Samsung was involved.
  3. LongJohn

    Who is that on drums?

    The song is Tijuana Taxi by Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass. Plenty of youtube videos to study. The drummer looks like Tommy Emmanuel, or so I thought. Good luck with your song search. 👍
  4. LongJohn

    Who is that on drums?

  5. LongJohn

    Pickup suggestions for Peerless Gigmaster.

    Lot of love for the T.V. Jones Classic 1 neck Classic 2 bridge combo. And welcome to the funhouse.
  6. LongJohn

    This Should Be Illegal On A Gretsch

    Nice sounding bridge pick up🥸
  7. LongJohn


    A beauty for sure, have your fingers healed yet? Welcome to the club.
  8. LongJohn

    Baritone Guitar

    Then there is the octave pedal, gets a passable baritone and a bonus 12 string effect . All of which will fit in your bag 'o' tricks.
  9. LongJohn

    How many orange guitars do you have?

    6120de in my avatar.
  10. LongJohn

    Gibson Introduces New Model

    Looks like the offspring of a Les Paul and a Firebird.
  11. LongJohn

    NGD The Jet has landed, but not the one that I was looking for

    The bratty sibling with tuuude !! Sticking up for the big kids.
  12. LongJohn

    You can only have one.

    6120 in my avatar. Plugged in or not it's just right.
  13. LongJohn

    Middle position, neck rolled a bit

    Shhhh! Everyone will be know the secret. 🤭
  14. LongJohn

    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    Going through the vinyl collection lately, Carol King Tapestry. The Kinks up next.
  15. LongJohn

    Why flats again?

    I've been bouncing between flats and half rounds on my 6120, mellow and much less squeak . Then for the grins a set of Ernie Ball M Steels every now and then.
  16. LongJohn

    Which would YOU keep?

    Sell both of them and get THE ONE. 🤔
  17. LongJohn

    I shouldnt be allowed access to eBay

    Now you're cookin'. :eek:
  18. LongJohn

    New electromatic model at GC?

    Is it a pedal steel guitar?
  19. LongJohn

    NGD G5422G-12

    Paging @thunder58 . Beautiful guitar, now go play for an hour before dinner. 😉
  20. LongJohn


    And so it begins. 🤔 Enjoy the ride, and welcome to the fun house.
  21. LongJohn

    Whhhat the heck is this???

    And you thought bending 11s is rough. :p
  22. LongJohn

    Please don't talk about me when I'm gone

    Paging Les Paul.............. well played sir!
  23. LongJohn

    Don Wilson of the Ventures

    1959, dad's Harmony acoustic, learning bar chords and Walk Don't Run. The start of it all. R.I.P. Don Wilson. Bob, Nokie and Mel are there for you.
  24. LongJohn

    Finally did it...bought my first Gretsch!!

    Welcome to the club, you can't have just one Gretsch guitar you know. ;)

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