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  1. Scamp

    Should they make this 12-string model?

    I love 12 string guitars. I recently bought a new Danelectro 66 12 string. Like the sound. Got that old jingle sound to it. I also have a Fender Strat 12 string, Gretsch 5422-12, an Ovation Deacon 12 string, an Ovation 2078 TX 12 string and a Seagull 12 string concert size which I really love.
  2. Scamp

    Foo Fighters

    Just heard that Foo Fighters drummer Taylor died last night They haven't said the reason yet. He worked so hard for drug recovery. So young. RIP Taylor
  3. Scamp

    Strumming style

    I've read and heard people talking about Joe Walsh doing a "butterfly strum" What is it? They talk about him ripping his fingernail off sometimes doing it.
  4. Scamp

    Dolly Parton says "Thanks, but no thanks"

    When I think of any "Hall of Fame" I think of long time in an industry or those one would think of as paid their dues so to speak. When I see an artist who has been around for years, in the top of their field and always promoting their trade not even being nominated but other who just started...
  5. Scamp

    MF Still Won't Take My Money

    I've had the same problem, not just with MF but sometimes GC too. I found sometimes if I just delete an app and and reinstall it, it will work fine. Sometimes on my phone I just use it in Safari instead of the app. Works in MF when they have deal of the hour and you want to see past hours...
  6. Scamp

    Anyone remove their pickguards?

    I like the look of the guitars without a pick guard but I don't usually scratch my guitars while playing. I guess I don't play that hard, LOL Years ago one could get clear stick on type pick guards for acoustic guitars especially classical guitars. They were like a static cling type that...
  7. Scamp

    Jokes thread

    My dog got into the garage and drank licked some spilled gas from the floor. He ran outside into the yard and ran around and around in circles till he collapsed on the lawn. He ran out of gas My Grandmother used to say an Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hang onto a blade of grass...
  8. Scamp

    Tiny tip for removing scratches

    Used toothpaste for years on fine scratches especially on the plastic on my bike. Also there is a real fine scratch remover that works great on fine scratches. I get it at the bike shop. There is a polish, which is what you want, and a wax. Used to go over my bike once a year with the polish...
  9. Scamp

    NGD!!! Not.

    The same with me..Fed ex said expected delivery 2/11 then rescheduled it early, 2/10, then 2/9 Now pending. It hasn't gotten out of Ohio yet. usually it takes three days to get to CA then maybe another three to six days too get to me and I'm only about two hour drive from where it comes...
  10. Scamp

    Just ordered a G2215-P90… what case should I get?

    Sweetwater $179.99 0r Demo $161.99 Gretsch G6238FT Electromatic Solid Body Flat Case Hardshell Case for Gretsch G6128 Series Models They have other cases but this is the only one that says guaranteed to fit. If you look up your guitar the scroll down to "Most popular accessories and related...
  11. Scamp

    House Of The Rising Sun

    Great Loved it. It was always one of my favorite songs and I enjoy hearing all the different interpretations of it. An oldie but a goodie
  12. Scamp

    Do you still have “the one”?

    I still have my Yamaha classical guitar I got in 1968. It was my first guitar that I bought myself. My cousin was in the AF and sent us a catalog where everything in it was half price. I bought the guitar for $25 it was selling for $55 in the local music store. Came with a cardboard case too...
  13. Scamp

    Generator for outdoor gigs?

    We had a group take a lot hammers, small sledge hammers, pry bars and tool bags from my local Home Depot. They needed them to do their smash and grabs that is happening all over SoCal. They actually got caught in Beverley Hills with all the new tool in their car.
  14. Scamp

    Generator for outdoor gigs?

    The Honda is quiet and pricey. The i models are the best, no static on the line. Make sure you have good extension chords too. If you think you'll use it for more than the one day or at home go for it. What ever you get, make sure it's secure. My Buddy was playing a gig and suddenly the band...
  15. Scamp

    Gretsch Rancher Falcon 12 String - G5022CWFE-12

    You can see Joe Walsh playing one in Ringo's birthday show. I like the looks and sound but it's the size that bothered me. I prefer a concert size guitar they are easier on my poor old shoulders. Love my Seagull. It's has the 12 string jangle but a concert size. Always like the Ovation 12...
  16. Scamp

    weird character in serial #. What is the actual number?

    One thing I use when trying to read numbers and letters on old documents or censes is get some yellow see through sheets of plastic, Staples carries it. Yellow really brings out anything written in ink or pencil. Also great if you have someone who has a hard time reading books because of vision...
  17. Scamp

    Odd crack forming on pickguard

    Sweetwater has always given me good service. I'd also check the other mount too. Make sure the added pressure on the pick guard isn't pulling on the other mount bracket. I had similar thing happen to me. When I took it to the shop I use the guy said he's seen it before and people get so...
  18. Scamp

    RICKENBACKER 360/12C63 (Fireglo) - To 12 String or Not

    I love the sound of a 12 string. Always had one. Never had a Rickenbacker. I currently have a Gretsch 5422G 12, Ovation acoustic 12 string, an Ovation Deacon solid body 12 string, a Fender Strat 12 string and even an Epiphone double neck 6/12. At one time I had a Danelectro 12 and it had a...
  19. Scamp

    R.I.P Michael Nesmith

    RIP Michael You were so much more than a "Monkee" He played a Gretsch 12 string through out his solo career.Won the first Grammy awarded for a music video. Wrote the song "Different Drum" which was a hit for Linda Ronstadt.
  20. Scamp

    New falcon ?’s

    While a lot of guitars have strings that aren't centered over the poles, they should be to get the best sound from you guitar.
  21. Scamp

    The stomach bug thread

    It was on the news this morning, called it a "URV", Upper Respiratory Virus. Basically a flu. Spreading around town. Of course they say wash your hands, wear a mask and get a flu shot if you can. It's flu season.
  22. Scamp

    The stomach bug thread

    Ginger helps with an upset tummy. Make a smoothie or even try ginger ale, which I like. Also if you want to try something to eat, eat crackers, any type. They're flakey, light and digest easily, don't eat bread. Sometimes it helps if you can try to keep something down. Start with small...
  23. Scamp

    Anyone still use a full-length strap?

    I bought my first Ovation in 1975..Deep bowl and slick. That's why I started putting my strap around my back. It really kept the guitar on my lap. The new ones aren't as slick and they have different bowl depth. Ovation's Breadwinner solid body guitar is the best for resting on the knee.
  24. Scamp

    G5622T Strap Knob Screw is loosening itself

    I put my strap on the headstock so I haven't had a problem.
  25. Scamp

    Anyone still use a full-length strap?

    When I started playing that was the only way to put a strap on an acoustic guitar. Classical guitars used one that hooked on the sound hole and wrapped under the guitar and around your neck. Lots of straps still come with a string to tie it on the headstock and some strap manufactures make...