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  1. juks

    Need Your Gretsch Expertise Please

    5655 is a small body and 5420 full body. Also I believe the 140 anniversary versions have a new version of the pickup.
  2. juks

    What Electromatic Model is This???

    There's one on GC but it's been messed with.
  3. juks

    What Electromatic Model is This???

    Special Jet G5259. Nice guitar with my favorite pickups. Welcome.
  4. juks

    Waiting for the rain

    I think we have to wait til about October. Hopefully not longer.
  5. juks

    Great Covers

  6. juks

    Great Covers

  7. juks

    Hello from Manchester , England

  8. juks

    Song Title Game

  9. juks

    Song Title Game

  10. juks

    Song Title Game

  11. juks

    Wanted Gretsch G5810 Bo

    It kinda looks a bit like one of the planned super sonic transport plane of that time.
  12. juks

    Song Title Game

  13. juks

    What are you playing today?

    5422 today.
  14. juks

    NGD! 1973 Country Gentleman

  15. juks

    Jokes thread

  16. juks

    Jokes thread

  17. juks

    Jokes thread

  18. juks

    Song Lyric Game

    I cheated but won't reveal it 😁
  19. juks

    Song Lyric Game

    So it's a current 'song' cos that's all they play 😆. No wonder I have no clue!
  20. juks

    Song Lyric Game

    Lol. If I can't use Google I have no clue what that song is 😁
  21. juks

    What are you playing today?

    Yes thanks. I'm glad I came across that one. Enjoying it a lot!
  22. juks

    1968 Blackhawk at GC

    The video I linked above is the only explanation I could find about how it actually works. He takes the thing out and it is an actual tuning fork at 440 Hz. You can use it as one. He claims it only resonates when A is played, which makes sense I guess. Unless you use non standard tuning, then...
  23. juks

    Enjoyment of a clean guitar 🙂

    I posted a NGD about a week ago for G3166 that I could not resist. The guitar was very dirty. And one pod was lose. Today I finally had time to fix it. I just don't understand how some do not care to do any maintenance. I get strange enjoyment out of it. 😁 Remove knob and tighten the washer...
  24. juks

    Return to Gretschdom, and NGD

    Congrats! And welcome.
  25. juks

    Calling All Tri Five Owners

    No issues here.

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