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  1. OpenMike1963

    MIK Jet Pro pickguard help! (G2504)

    From what I can see, the 5245T pickguard is cut for those black-top FilterTron pickups, which have a completely different profile than the Gibson-stile pickups on your 2504. Since it would require modification, the risk of re-cutting the pickup notches would be all yours My 2 cents -OpenMike
  2. OpenMike1963

    6114's vintage or not ?

    Read here about the 6114-R New Jet. Read here about what classifies as "vintage". Then: You Decide!
  3. OpenMike1963

    Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine! Wow!

    Kool-ness in a box!:cool:
  4. OpenMike1963

    Johnny burnette

    Johnny Burnette - Little Boy Sad Chords by Misc Unsigned Bands
  5. OpenMike1963

    Fave Song to Play Live?

    Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman". -my 2 cents
  6. OpenMike1963

    Are you a psychopath?

    I am not a psychopath. But I am.
  7. OpenMike1963

    Wrap Around Bridge.

    Here are a couple:
  8. OpenMike1963

    Need Help Placing a Value

    Link to Skips pics:
  9. OpenMike1963

    Used G5120 thoughts?

    Thing with the 5120 has always been that players always modify it in a few ways, almost universally: a) The electronics are completely sub-par, compared to the build and finish. You'll want to change out not just the pickups, but the entire wiring harness, pots and caps. Maybe the switch and...
  10. OpenMike1963

    Help with Compton measurement for Tennessee Rose

    I think ideally it should be from center of E string to center of E string where each rests in its saddle. My 2 cents -OpenMike
  11. OpenMike1963

    Ouch!! Your personal "Bad guitar day" story

    After thinking about this, I realize that the purchase day of my very first guitar was my very worst guitar day, ever. Back in 1974, my family was stationed in Mexico City by Uncle Sam (foreign service father) and I attended the American School, there. They offered a beginner guitar course...
  12. OpenMike1963

    Flat wound strings?

    I have tried 3 variations in the flatwound spectrum: The Pyramid Gold 11-48 (pure nickel); Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing, 11-47 (steel/nickel); and the GHS Brite Flats, 11-50 (ground-wound steel) and I always go back to the TI Jazz Swing. The Pryamids just seemed to thud too much for my style and...
  13. OpenMike1963

    Trestle Bracing and Tru-Arc Bridge, A Couple Questions?

    Electromatic Hollowbodies are still made in Korea: Solid bodies in China.
  14. OpenMike1963

    Bar Bridges Intonation

    I've got one of your Titanium bars on my 5120, Pop's! Had an aluminum one on it, before that. As long as I use the method recommended in the Gretsch Guitars - Tech Tips video and keep violin resin on the bottom of the bridge-base, I have no problems with intonation - stays in tune real nice, up...
  15. OpenMike1963

    Ouch!! Your personal "Bad guitar day" story

    All my guitars are "Bad".:cool:
  16. OpenMike1963

    Excitement.....on hold

    My tips for you: 1: Get your nut AND bridge slotted saddles correctly for the strings you intend to use, long-term. Heavier-gauge strings need wider slots. Slot bottoms should be square, not rounded, for Bigsby equipped guitars. 2: Learn to adjust your floating bridge for proper intonation...
  17. OpenMike1963

    Anyone refinish an Electromatic?

    Here's a link:
  18. OpenMike1963

    Gretsch g5620t center block

    Very interesting! Looks like pre-FMIC awesome-ness.
  19. OpenMike1963

    something extraordinary up for sale on ebay

    Joe Carducci and Tom Doyle explain the whole pickup situation in the videos on the page, below the main article. This guitar was one of 2 prototypes (the other painted in orange) used in developing the g6120. Chet Atkins did the pickup swapping, along with the the Gretsch designers/engineers...
  20. OpenMike1963

    ''Which singer would you like to be for a day''

    Heck! I'll be Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga's singing love-child for a day, if it'll put my checking account back in the black. But Seriously, Folks! Here's my list, chopped down from 3 dozen I was originally considering: (no particular order) Roy Orbison Ann Wilson Freddy Mercury Ray...
  21. OpenMike1963

    Gretsch Neck issues?? (6122JR content)

    How old is this guitar?
  22. OpenMike1963

    Is it me?

    Actually, I like that 18th fret neck joint on the double-cut, hollowbody electromatics (5122DC, 5422TDC, 5422TDC-12 ... ). Talk about fret access!
  23. OpenMike1963

    Guitar Building school!

    One "yes" vote from OpenMike!

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