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  1. Shadowy_Man

    Are T90's noiseless?

    They're not noiseless. I found they had pretty much typical single coil noise. Less noisy than some P90s I've played
  2. Shadowy_Man

    Daydream Believer - Monkees cover posted

    Wow, great cover, you nailed it! You voice sounds very similar to Davy Jones'. My sister was obsessed with this song as a teenager.
  3. Shadowy_Man

    Wound 3rd

    For round wounds, I have good luck with either wound or unwound Gs. Both seem to intonate fine. For whatever reason on one of my guitars, it will not intonate a wound G with flatwounds. I thought it was a bad set of strings, but I bought a different brand and it was the same issue.
  4. Shadowy_Man

    Quilter Superblock UK 25W

    I've been eyeing that Superblock UK for a while now. I'm finding that even though I like cleans, I also like mids, and the UK voicing is probably better for that.
  5. Shadowy_Man

    For Sale Biyang Baby Boom Compressor - Dyna Comp clone

    Biyang Baby Boom Compressor - in good shape. $25 plus shipping.
  6. Shadowy_Man

    No more pickup experimenting for me(!)

    Pickup swapping can be a very expensive hobby!
  7. Shadowy_Man

    G5210T-P90 Electromatic Dynasonic upgrade?

    I believe he converted the hard tail model
  8. Shadowy_Man


    I tried one of those out in a shop, just unplugged. Very nice little guitar, it seemed really solid. Congrats!
  9. Shadowy_Man

    For Sale G5420T gold pickguard, misc P90s

    For sale is the following: Gold G5420T pickguard and silver bracket, no wood screws included. Tiny scratch on underside as shown. $10 Four unbranded P90s. All sound nice! One of the black dog ears has a damaged cover on one ear as shown. Specs: Dogear neck: 7.7k A2 alnico Dogear bridge: 9.3k...
  10. Shadowy_Man

    Fender Bass VI, Now With Tremolo!

    Those are really fun instruments. I find that to make chords work you have to go up higher on the neck and/or focus on the treble strings.
  11. Shadowy_Man

    How Soon Is Now? Marr signature pickups

    I've been a fan of his guitar playing for years. I haven't really attempted to learn any of it, I just like to admire it from afar.
  12. Shadowy_Man

    Of Mud Switches and Jack Plates.

    Yeah, that's my experience too. Or not that they're mid scooped exactly, but the resonant peak is very high compared to most pickups, which makes them seem mid-scooped because of the treble peak that they have. I think Filtertrons pair very well with midrangey amps for that reason. Blackface...
  13. Shadowy_Man

    6120 RHH

    Such a cool model. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts after you get some time with it on your gear
  14. Shadowy_Man

    Has anyone directly compared stainless steel and titanium bridges?

    It can be hard to accurately compare tones unless they are heard back to back. I don't know if the Compton site still has this up, but they had tonal comparisons of all their bridges. The difference between brass and copper (on the darker end) and steel and aluminum (on the brighter end) was...
  15. Shadowy_Man

    My Duo Jet is a bit too dark (tone-wise) for me. What would you suggest I change?

    I've found that changing bridge materials is a low hassle way of changing the tonal spectrum of a guitar. If it were me I'd try a steel or even a titanium bridge.
  16. Shadowy_Man

    Youtube videos and being in tune

    Some recorded music is slightly slowed down or sped up, which can make it fall outside of standard A440 tuning. I imagine you'd have to be slightly flat or slightly sharp to match the recording.
  17. Shadowy_Man

    NGD - G5210T P90

    Wow, that is sexy! You've turned it from a wannabe Epiphone to a real classic-looking Gretsch!
  18. Shadowy_Man

    Has anyone done anything unique with the mud switch?

    I've found that 1.5nF and 3nF caps on a mud switch work very well with filtertrons. That's the equivalent of using a 50 foot cable or a 100 foot cable, respectively, which is what Setzer uses live. It emphasizes the midrange without making it sound muddy.
  19. Shadowy_Man

    Vinyl back on Gretschs

    Seems like a good idea just to make work on the electronics easier, but they should have had some kind of proper panel like the back of an LP
  20. Shadowy_Man

    Incoming NGD TK Smith Custom

    Congrats! That TK Smith stuff sure looks cool. Really unique sounding pickups too.
  21. Shadowy_Man

    I've decided to begin Machine Learning and go Guitar AI.. Tonex Pedal like

    Back when I did a lot of recording I used to use Amplitube modeling all the time, which I thought was very good.
  22. Shadowy_Man

    restrung one of my Gretsches

    I just pre-bend the ball end, it seems to stay in place while tuning just fine. I don't use a capo even.
  23. Shadowy_Man

    Gretsch tone/volume control -puzzled !

    I must have gotten lucky because the tone control on my 5420 has a nice gradual range
  24. Shadowy_Man

    Gretsch tone/volume control -puzzled !

    I've never had much of a use for the individual volume controls. Yes you can blend between pickups but it's not a sound that I have much use for. I'd rather have two tone controls to be honest.
  25. Shadowy_Man

    NGD - G5210T P90

    Congrats! Thanks for measuring the pickups. That confirms they're a bit different than the P90s in my G5627T P-90. Both pickups in that guitar measure in the low 8k range

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