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  1. lukez8513

    2015 Gibsons: Some Thoughts

    The brass nut is adjustable via some Allen head bolts. I played one and loved the p90 but didn't know what to think about the tuners. The wide neck was actually kinda cool. There weren't any cosmetic flaws in the one I played. It was a les Paul jr
  2. lukez8513


    Road worn player tele on the left, squier affinity on the right I painted smoke green, added black binding, wilkinson bridge, tv classic neck and classic plus pickups, and a push pull control for s-1 switch capability
  3. lukez8513


    What is the difference between these and the tv jones ones?
  4. lukez8513

    Gretsch Census

    Wizard_23 where did u find a Chris Cheney model? That's gotta be one of the coolest falcons along with the david lee model
  5. lukez8513

    Writing music with garageband

    Thanks for the positive feedback
  6. lukez8513

    Writing music with garageband

    The drum loop is the only artificial part actually. The rest was recorded with a mic and amps blah blah blah
  7. lukez8513

    Writing music with garageband

    I use drum loops (yuck) and I recorded an upright bass. But it does have bass simulators in the app which don't sound half bad.
  8. lukez8513

    Writing music with garageband

    It doesn't come with many tools, but perfect for quick recording for demos
  9. lukez8513

    Writing music with garageband

    I've been using GarageBand to write music and give demos to the guys for listening before practice. It's been working great, thought I'd share this one, tell me what u think. It's called mercy brown
  10. lukez8513

    TV Jones PowerTron or Classic?

    If you looking for versatility- classics. I have both and love them each for different reasons. But classics do well for everything you're looking for
  11. lukez8513

    Who's your favourite frontman!!! either singer or player!!

    J.D. Wilkes of th' legendary shack shakers
  12. lukez8513

    Does the White Falcon I want exist?

    The david lee falcon looks awesome! I have a 5120 with powertrons and it rocks, so this would have to be a kick ass guitar
  13. lukez8513

    Supersonic 22 vs 60 volume

    First off the 22 is based off a deluxe reverb and the 60 is based off a vibrolux and bassman. So the two amps are very different for their clean sounds. I have a 60 and its very loud. I played a 22 at a store but didn't get to crank it to hear breakup. I'm very happy with my 60, but I wanted...
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    It's the 60
  15. lukez8513


    Finally arrived today!
  16. lukez8513

    Filtertron tele Not the new amp yet, just messing around
  17. lukez8513

    What is everyone getting them selves for Christmas season?

    Used supersonic 60 on the way for me
  18. lukez8513

    Filtertron tele

    I've got a new amp coming, so maybe some sound clips after that. But I can tell you it sounds great, dirty/meaty on the bridge and warm and clear on the neck. Especially with the atomic brain!
  19. image 1083530741

    image 1083530741

  20. lukez8513

    Filtertron tele

    Took my old squier affinity and put a tv jones powertron plus in the bridge and classic in the neck. Also added binding and painted it smoke green.
  21. lukez8513

    Who's your favourite vocalist!!! all genres!!

    Dwight yoakam Wanda Jackson Bill Alton Nick curran Imelda may
  22. lukez8513

    Pedal board recommendations

    I love my coffin case board, came with a soft case. New ones come in hard cases
  23. lukez8513

    Anyone using nocturne brains?

    Atomic brain, love it, enough said
  24. lukez8513

    How good are your eyes?

    I think it's still there

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