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  1. bandstuff8385

    Meet Nathan

    Hey Juke! Congratulations! Nathan looks like an awesome dude! You're gonna have lots of fun spoiling him!
  2. bandstuff8385

    Godin - the FMIC of Canada

    I've got two multiacs (nylon and steel string) and an A12 12 string. They sound good, play like electrics and save a lot of feed-back grief on stage.
  3. bandstuff8385


    Hey S Macp! I just saw a cool movie called "Stone of Destiny" that you'd like!!! Rob in Canada
  4. bandstuff8385

    Welcome to my build...

    Kewl project! Great looking dogs!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. bandstuff8385


    My son is 23. He used to play bass in a punk band. Now he fronts a hip-hop band as a rapper!!!! They are getting gigs in Toronto clubs, so what do I know????
  6. bandstuff8385

    Greetings from Ontario, Canada!

    Hey Gertsch!!!! Welcome to G-T! BTW, I think the correct term is Ontari-ari-arians, maudits anglaises or Whigs. One or the other.
  7. bandstuff8385

    Any interest?

    Hey Guitarmaker! Sounds like a great idea for a niche market like all of us!!!
  8. bandstuff8385

    ......Hey! Thanks for hitting me up! I am a part-time gigger. Not playing out much these days as...

    ......Hey! Thanks for hitting me up! I am a part-time gigger. Not playing out much these days as I've gotten bored with the old rock tunes and nobody wants to play jazz!!! Hang in there! Music is a great tonic.
  9. bandstuff8385

    Going out tonight...

  10. bandstuff8385


    Hey Boxcar!!! Welcome to G-T!! I lived in Toronto for 35 years! You look familiar! :D
  11. bandstuff8385

    Another Canadian On Board

    Hey Mark! Welcome! Cult films, huh?? Lots of Jarmusch fans around here.
  12. bandstuff8385

    Old Fogey's speak up!!

    I used to enjoy the Roughriders vs Roughriders games best.
  13. bandstuff8385

    Old Fogey's speak up!!

    Nooooooooo! Don't tell me pot prices have gone up!!! :D I'm almost finished the 3 tons I grew in college.
  14. bandstuff8385

    '59 6120 tribute build

    Yep! Scarf joints are stronger than the one-piece neck/headstock.
  15. bandstuff8385

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

    Hi Sarah! Hope you had a great day! Rob
  16. bandstuff8385

    '59 6120 tribute build

    Dang! Do I hafta buy some of them besides all the other tools???? :D I'm never gonna get started on this build ...
  17. bandstuff8385

    '59 6120 tribute build

    Yep, got the English book, too. Nice looking axes. He has a strange board running from the heel-block to the end-block, though. I think trestle bracing or just regular tone-bars might be better.
  18. bandstuff8385

    '59 6120 tribute build

    Wow! Genuine Gretsch tops! That is amazing! I've only made a "parts-caster" so far, but I've read Benedetto's book etc. and bought about a grand worth of tools, including a side-bending iron. The dream is alive, just having trouble getting started. Your generousity in sharing...
  19. bandstuff8385

    '59 6120 tribute build

    Hey Guitarmaker! Thanks for posting! This is a very cool thread! Did you happen to get the back and top from Stew-Mac?? I'm hoping to try something similar (one of these years) and find your info to be excellent.
  20. bandstuff8385

    PRRI arrived!

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiice! I almost bought one of those instead of my DRRI! Having heard you play, live, I know that amp will serve you well. Glad it's rejuvenated your enthusiasm.
  21. bandstuff8385

    Strange Antipathy

    Hey Gig! I recognize the good-lookin' dude on the right ...
  22. bandstuff8385

    Strange Antipathy

    Hey Synch!! You just need some groupies! :) Seriously, I laid off for 17 years from age 25 to 42 'cause I was so fed up with bands. Right now, I've only done one gig in the past year and am a little bored. I can leave the guitar alone for a couple of weeks at a time. When I get...
  23. bandstuff8385

    Pinned bridge is slightly off...

    Hi Michael! That's fair enough! I finger-pick, so there's no trouble, but I 'spose you dynamic players are the main reason Gretsch is popular!
  24. bandstuff8385

    Pinned bridge is slightly off...

    Hi HonkyTonkMichael! Just curious ... why pin the bridge?? A floating bridge is meant to float so you can place it perfectly ...
  25. bandstuff8385

    Old new Gretsch owner

    Hey db62! You are doing well! My son figured I was cool right until he started kindergarten ... BTW, nice to see another Canucklehead! Have you checked out the Canadian player's social group here?? My hope is to someday get the Canadians together for something similar to the...

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