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  1. Alex

    Trying to get forum access

    Account was manually approved and Jim was emailed about it. Thanks.
  2. Alex


    To have your email address removed from any of the newsletters listed under "Sister Sites" below, send me an email to alex(at) and include the following: Newsletter Site Name: Username: Email address: Thank you.
  3. Alex

    ( UPDATED ) Anybody figures out how to delete pics in the new software?

    Members should now be able to delete photos in the members gallery. Thanks for your patience. Alex
  4. Alex

    Can we PLEASE increase the font size in the new G-T?

    Hi guys, I've contacted the site tech regarding this. We should have an increase in font size for posts coming soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  5. Alex

    Gretsch-Talk Software Upgrade

    Hey everyone! Just heads up that the Gretsch-Talk forum software will be upgraded with new features and other enhancements starting this evening (Wednesday) at 8 PM EST. During the upgrade, the forum may experience some downtime (we estimate around 45 minutes). We will keep you posted in this...
  6. Alex

    I'm getting this notice..

    If you guys keep getting those error messages, please send me a DM/PM, or email to [email protected] Thanks.
  7. Alex

    Hello, please send me an email to [email protected]

    Hello, please send me an email to [email protected]
  8. Alex

    Post not visible

    Perhaps it's visible to other members other than the thread creator.
  9. Alex

    New Posts

    This has been fixed and now newest -> oldest posts are shown on the sidebar.
  10. Alex

    Sideways photos since the server change

    Please make sure you open the picture on your desktop first before uploading on the site. There were times when the pictures looked good elsewhere (e.g. iPhone), but after transferring them to my desktop, they appeared sideways. That would explain why some pictures show sideways when uploading...
  11. Alex

    Forum Server Migration

    We are currently in the process of moving our site to a new server, and we expect to have some temporary downtime related to this migration. While we do apologize for hiccups during the site migration, we are sure that you will be happy with the end result. If you have any questions or...
  12. Alex

    What are all the different levels given members on Gretsch-Talk?

    0 Posts = Newbie 4 Posts = Electromatic 100 Posts = Gretschie 500 Posts = Synchromatic 1000 Posts = Country Gent 5000 Posts = Friend of Fred 10000 Posts = Gretschified 15000 Posts = I Bleed Orange 20000 Posts = Senior Gretsch-Talker

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