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  1. LesB3

    6120 CGP

    There's two on reverb now, both are around $2k...
  2. LesB3

    Gretsch g2627 3 pickup combos ???

    I got a 2627 as a MF "Stupid Deal of the Day" and did exactly what you said. Settled on a Seymour Duncan Psyclone in the bridge, TVJ T-Armond in the middle, and a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90 at the neck. ...I also dropped the $$$ for chrome knobs and swith tips to make it more "Gretschy."...
  3. LesB3

    Getting Shocked B/C Strings Not Grounded

    I've had the "zapped through the strings experience" but it was more of a mild shock vs one that would put you on the floor. We played some bar outside of Baltimore that had their "stage" in their basement. Dirt floor, ungrounded 3-prong outlets, low ceiling. I have an outlet tester in my bag...
  4. LesB3

    Recommendations for restoration work on my Tennessean

    I asked him about restoring my '65 Tenny (binding, new frets, few other minor bits) and it was a 2 year wait. So I never did anything with it. This was a bit ago though so it might not be too long for something less intensive.
  5. LesB3

    Rot spot - leave it alone, or do something?

    ...provided you can find someone willing to do the work! Honestly, I have a Tennessean that I purchased with a moderate level of rot and keeping it mostly out of the case has pretty much stopped the progress of the cancer. It's been almost 20 years and I can't say that it is any worse than the...
  6. LesB3

    NGD: Gretsch G6114B New Jet

    There's *two* of these red New Jets on Reverb right not, both for around a grand! Probably a good deal for someone looking for an affordable...
  7. LesB3

    G6196GC for cheap at GC?

    Sure does. The only negatives I can see are that it appears to be pre-FMIC (by a hair), but otherwise a great price for an awesome guitar.
  8. LesB3

    Humbucker sized TV Jones Classics?

    Can't speak to the Classics (never liked the look of them), but I did put Seymour Duncan Psyclones in a 90's Guild Bluesbird and a 90's Epi LP Special II. The Psyclones are a hotter Filter-Tron style pickup, so they probably sit between a standard FT and a PAF, tone-wise. The Guild is...
  9. LesB3

    So I asked an AI...

    Do we get to wear robes and sit on tall thrones?
  10. LesB3

    So I asked an AI...

    I think I like "Resistance, Futile" as a closer to that one. LOL Hopefully your Haiku experiment did not get that AI thinking...
  11. LesB3

    A Couple Double Annies Added to the Collection

    Congrats! The "G" swoop logo sometimes wears off so they are probably the correct pups. On more than one vintage Hilo-equipped guitar I have found extra covers underneath the one you see, and at least one that was flipped ("G" facing inside) so you might get lucky!
  12. LesB3

    New HVAC system with Aprilaire humidifier!

    I have a (much) older Aprillaire system in my house, it has been great for keeping the guitars humidifed through the year. Just don't forget to move the SUMMER / WINTER lever accordingly!
  13. LesB3

    New Home Audio Speakers

    I'm lucky enough to still have one in the next town over, though it is almost exclusively mid to high end at this point. They have a listening room where you can bring your own tunes and switch between the myriad of speaker types they sell. Bought a pair of Focal Chora 806's there over the...
  14. LesB3

    ONNPD- Nocturne Brain

    I prefer the big box ones too, dunno why, I just do. I snag them whenever they come up (and I have the cash)
  15. LesB3

    Gibson CEO JC Curleigh out Cesar in

    You're still talking about past history. We're talking about present day. No argument that Gibson shared in some innovations in their hey-day, but certainly no more (and possibly less) than pre-Gibson Epiphones, early Gretsch, pre-CBS Fender, or post-Epiphone Guild. Exactly. Of the major...
  16. LesB3

    Gibson CEO JC Curleigh out Cesar in

    How is any of that innovative? Other guitar companies have been doing the same thing for decades. If your argument is that Gibson's recent "innovations" merely have caught them up to the rest of the field, I can't say that I can call them particularly innovative. I have a 2021 Classic...
  17. LesB3

    Gibson CEO JC Curleigh out Cesar in

    For sure, quality is up. But they've fallen into the same trappings that Harley did, and can't really innovate. I think they're more concerned with signing up Cesar's metal heroes at this point... I see more interesting things coming from Epiphone these days.
  18. LesB3

    Gibson CEO JC Curleigh out Cesar in

  19. LesB3

    Slick '56 Town & Country

    Here's a '57 that popped up on CL recently... $1400 - No financial interest... The Seller says that the pickguards are modern replacements so don't know if it came this way or if the second was added when the single was replaced. It's pretty, and certainly unique, but I don;t have the room for...
  20. LesB3

    Gibson CEO JC Curleigh out Cesar in

    Nah, its worse. He's more like an annoying fan-boy. I might actually prefer someone in a suit that doesn't need to be on IG every 5 minutes. Doesn't matter, Gibson hasn't made anything interesting in years.
  21. LesB3

    Questions for a new Gretsch

    I have a black '03 6120 and mine has the tone post as well. Also, not sure if the tops are 3-ply or 5-ply at this point, I have heard that it could be either in '03. I have no idea what mine is, nor how to tell. I don't think any of them were Nitro at this point -maybe the Setzer SSL models...
  22. LesB3

    Guitar teacher stories

    I came to the guitar later in my life (in the 90's), already an adult. Prior to that, my only musical experience was playing Clarinet in Elementary and Middle School. I dropped out of band after they told me that the 1st Clarinet can't just switch to Saxophone (which is what I really wanted to...
  23. LesB3


    I'm trying to not succumb to "snobbery" but gave the Gravity another chance yesterday. There's definitely a "je ne sais quoi" aspect to this that I can't put my finger on. Like playing with a chip of ice, or a creek pebble smoothed by centuries of water flow. I'd think about buying one of...
  24. LesB3


    Tried a couple more Jazz III-sized picks... A Gravity Classic Mini 2 (a little smaller than a red Jazz III) and a Petrucci Signature Jazz III (a bit bigger). The Petrucci was recommended by my guitar teacher after I told him that the Dunlop FLOW 1.5's (far right) he originally recommended...
  25. LesB3

    Gretsch + Mesa Boogie?

    I'm with you. I've got an Express 5:50+ in the basement, but don't have the patience to fiddle with knobs and switches all day. Maybe I'll revisit when I retire...

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