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  1. Mr Swisher

    What are you playing today?

    Playing my Novo today.
  2. Mr Swisher

    What is your #2 make/model?

    My number 1 changes for exactly the reasons people have mentioned about the genre I'm playing. But number two is always the famous Tele' seen many times before here.
  3. Mr Swisher

    Cool Rock Star Photos

    David Bowie in my hometown in '83. Still remember it vividly.
  4. Mr Swisher

    RIP Andy Rourke

    The bass lines of my youth. To put up with what his bandmates put him through after The Smiths, and to find a way to forgive them and move on and be happy. That's true class.
  5. Mr Swisher

    Incoming...G6128T-TVP Power Jet

    I want to have a "like x100" button. Powerjets are freakin' awesome. Enjoy that beauty, I am seriously jealous.
  6. Mr Swisher

    Masterbuilt Penguin-

    Thats a stunner and i'm thrilled you love it. Hows the neck feel? The neck was the deciding factor on me selling mine. The light relic everywhere was amazing but the neck felt brand new, sticky and very slow. I didn't want to work it myself and alter it (it was £5500 and felt it should stay in...
  7. Mr Swisher

    Jet fans - School me on Sparkle.

    Great info. It is marked on the front. But hopefully this will be reflected in the deal I can do. I dont mind genuine wear n tear.
  8. Mr Swisher

    Jet fans - School me on Sparkle.

    So I have something to trade - and I am Jetless, having fallen out with my master built and the wiring on my 2000 Duo. I miss my Powerjet badly, I don't regret selling it.. but I do miss it. So i've seen this, i love sparkle and I want a Jet keeper. What can I expect from the 2008 era?
  9. Mr Swisher

    Thank you…My video received over 1k views!!

    Whooooah that Jag looks fantastic!!! And congrats on the 1k.
  10. Mr Swisher

    NAMM....Any News of New Models?

    Good point, i've not seen anything from them. Fender have stopped going so maybe it really is just Youtube Sales Reps now?? "Content content content content...must film 6 months of new content at NAMM".
  11. Mr Swisher

    Let's talk about Martin Gore

    Martin has been playing a Novo on this tour too, so he must have heard i have one!
  12. Mr Swisher

    Warning NGD day

    Amazing!!! What a great day!!!
  13. Mr Swisher

    Who Are Your Guitar Heroes?

    Well in the UK Diesel and Dust in '87ish was my first hearing. I saw them twice live in 1990 on the Blue Sky Mining tour and have been a huge fan since, seeing them a number of times. After Earth and Sun and Moon i felt things went a bit patchy (Capricornia was great though) but i went and saw...
  14. Mr Swisher

    Do I feel like playing my Tele Today?

    Ok... I think i've worked something out. My Tele' is back. It plays better than ever, like a custom shop should. But its no longer the sound i'm looking for. I don't really enjoy the bridge twang these days and although the neck humbucker is great...I have other guitars with great humbuckers in...
  15. Mr Swisher

    Who Are Your Guitar Heroes?

    Jim and Martin were my absolute heroes when I was learning to play electric in my teens. I can honestly say i learnt to play by trying to play along to their records, get their songbooks. I pretty much played nothing else in those first 5 years, can still play much of it now.
  16. Mr Swisher

    Who Are Your Guitar Heroes?

    Prince Richard Lloyd/Tom Verlaine Nels Cline Johnny Marr Peter Buck Jake E Lee Rich Tea Sombrero (Bon Jovi) Daryl Stuermer Mick Mars Dave Gilmour Steve Rothery Marty Willson-Piper Jim Moginie/Martin Rotsey George Harrison Neil Finn
  17. Mr Swisher

    Do I feel like playing my Tele Today?

    Oh me and my Tele' have been jarring lately. To the point where I just stopped enjoying playing it at all. I put it on revrb 6 weeks ago and got an offer of $4500 for it. I could use the money too, but at the point of accepting the offer I just couldnt let it go. I know this one's special. It's...
  18. Mr Swisher

    School me on Multi-effects

    Yeah i have tried a helix and didn't mind it. It has to be intuitive and easy/fun to use. But ultimately it needs to be functional and reliable.
  19. Mr Swisher

    School me on Multi-effects

    Sadly not.
  20. Mr Swisher

    School me on Multi-effects

    So my days of playing for a living are long gone, and for 10 years i've mainly been a bedroom player. I play every day and still love it. I'm looking to join a local covers band who play regular gigs at local bars and pubs. They play rock/pop/ and classics from the 70s to now. I want to sell my...
  21. Mr Swisher

    Is it worth it having a 'Holy Grail'??

    Hmmm. Interesting, having bought what I thought were 3 "holy grails" (for me at least) only one of them lived up to the expectations in my head. All were great guitars but only one really worked for me, in reality, and even then i've thought (and still do) about selling it for the very reason...
  22. Mr Swisher

    NGD something different

    Congrats, love it. MORE guitars in 2023.
  23. Mr Swisher

    Gretsch Jet or a Jazzmaster?

    This looks awesome! Love it.

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