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  1. Philtertronic

    Lou Monte ,Loves Pizza

    Thin crust pizza and a Chianti Ruffino! Mmmm......
  2. Philtertronic

    Settle the ultimate Space geek question once and for all

    William Shatner .....'sings'???
  3. Philtertronic

    Got Denied at the Fender facility.

    If any of you visit Ireland, book a factory tour with Lowden.
  4. Philtertronic

    Got Denied at the Fender facility.

    10M board dive result.
  5. Philtertronic

    Gretsch Streamliner Junior

    Just seen that TV Jones makes a Filly that drops right in!
  6. Philtertronic

    Gretsch Streamliner Junior

    A second-hand one of these has popped up and I quite fancy it: brown stain, P90.......but not that Broadtron. Anyone got a recommendation for a replacement?
  7. Philtertronic

    Brian May Hacked

    A couple of years a go I noticed a ransom email in my spam of one email account. Basically, the guy had gotten ahold of a password I used for several online accounts, He wanted £5K off me. The mail was a few days old and he thankfully hadn't done anything, but I successfully changed the password...
  8. Philtertronic

    Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

    Did anyone see The Lost World, the one with Bob Hoskins?
  9. Philtertronic

    I've been Damned!

    Captain Sensible!!
  10. Philtertronic


    ' Scotch whiskey tastes like arse....' - I've never tasted arse, so I can't comment, other than on the peaty Malts, like Laphroaig, Lagavuilin, Ardbeg, which are my preferred whiskies as a Scotsman. But these are definitely an acquired taste. As to bridges, I actually like the roller but might...
  11. Philtertronic


    Late to the party but I have a roller on my 6122. What am I missing?
  12. Philtertronic


    That's a photo of a Japanese Whiskey. Shame you don't like Scotch. Or Irish.
  13. Philtertronic

    What Is The Holy Grail Guitar?

    For me, a Maton Wedgtail Series 1.
  14. Philtertronic

    Best Songs Featuring a Chorus Pedal

    Wood Beez, by Scritti Politti
  15. Philtertronic

    Seasick Steve’s Gretsch

    Now, that's what I call 'Ski-jump'!!
  16. Philtertronic

    Amps, how many is too many?

    Originally a bassist, I only ever had one rig. Now, I'm on Bassman number two, a Wharfdale (Albion) TCT50 head and cab, a Fender Champion 600 (Currently in bits!!) and a Klemt M40 with Echolette NG51 delay. I think that's enough for me!
  17. Philtertronic

    Exposed: Secret Time Travel Ability of FedEx

    Driving at lightspeed so they can finish their shift early. Figures. ;-)
  18. Philtertronic

    Exposed: Secret Time Travel Ability of FedEx

    I need to know their secret.
  19. Philtertronic

    Just heard Howard Dumble has passed...

    Jeez, that was cringeworthy. I stopped around ten seconds into his playing on that 'worst guitarist' video. Almost as bad as the Fred Durst one.
  20. Philtertronic

    Pinned or unpinned?

    This is new to me. What does it do? Act as a light adhesive?
  21. Philtertronic

    I bought a defective guitar... what should I do with it?

    Well, if it's a LP copy, it needs that neck angle. $200 gets you that. If it plays ok, I wouldn't sweat over it.
  22. Philtertronic

    Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

    Star Wars lost me with Jar-Jar Binks. The Ewoks were a WTF moment but JJB and his pals were a real damp squib.
  23. Philtertronic

    Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

    Shower scene? Nope. I, too remember being seriously disappointed in the absence of the suits.
  24. Philtertronic

    What's going on with the switches on this beast Chet has here?

    It would be good to see some clear pix of this guitar.