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  1. guitarfarm

    Power outages

    I have a 20 kW Generac that powers everything but my #1 barn. A 500 gallon propane tank buried in the yard is enough to keep me running two weeks.
  2. guitarfarm

    Anyone sporting a woodie?

    I do speakers as well, but just used furniture grade plywood for them. Scan Speak Revelator mid-woofers with Hiquphon OW1 tweeters. 1-1/2" thick cabinets all around. A 2" dia. port 7" long tunes the enclosure to 42 Hz with an F3 of 39 Hz. Not bad for two-ways.
  3. guitarfarm

    Anyone sporting a woodie?

    Have a few. A 35 watt Kendrick Lion 7 in black walnut V-front with half blind dovetails. A '57 Twin in Bloodwood with half blind dovetails. A '52 5C3 Deluxe in mahogany with through dovetails. I love this little screamer.
  4. guitarfarm

    Yamaha buys Guild

    I have always liked Guild guitars. All of mine are fairly old, however. The F50R will be 50 next year.
  5. guitarfarm

    Show me your motorcycles

    We do pool parties for occasions like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. Couple of Boston butts for BBQ sandwiches, a pile of ribs, a brisket or two. I handle the meat and the beer and let the others bring the sides. Always a good time. You can't see it real well because of...
  6. guitarfarm

    Uh oh...

    I concur. From the 5C3 to the 5E3, all the diagrams I have are 25 volts.
  7. guitarfarm

    PTO, aka vacation

    Before I retired, I was always the guy who would volunteer to work around the Christmas and New Years holidays. Nowhere to travel to, no kids coming home for the holidays, and I liked how quiet it was in the office. Plus, with 90% of government taking off around that time, there was very...
  8. guitarfarm

    Guitar Collecting

    I thoroughly agree. I go through a rotation with mine, although there is no rhyme or reason for it. I'll pick one up that hasn't been played for a while and say to it, "Well, where have you been?"
  9. guitarfarm

    Guitar Collecting

    As someone with a pile of guitars and a pile of tools, I would argue that point. Ridiculously nice tools are a sheer joy every single time you pick one up. Very much like quality guitars. Here is a titanium fret saw I got a few years ago. I still smile every time I use it - which...
  10. guitarfarm

    Grim gig situation

    1982. I hear a great deal has changed.
  11. guitarfarm

    Grim gig situation

    BSME - Purdue 1982 👍
  12. guitarfarm

    Best friends

    My last dog was a Kuvasz. Very much like a Pyrenees, only much larger. He went 190 and stood 7 feet tall on his hind legs. Interesting breed. Vlad the Impaler had a pair of them. Current dog is a Caucasian Ovcharka. Thinking of getting another one for her to raise.
  13. guitarfarm

    Show us your picks (plectrums)

    Here's another just like it with a blonde interior that I made for a friend.
  14. guitarfarm

    Show us your picks (plectrums)

    Black walnut box that I made. Hand cut dovetails, hinges are machined from solid brass stock, gaboon ebony lift. Finish is oil and wax. I keep strings, winder, cutters, celluloid picks, and a small tuner in it.
  15. guitarfarm

    Show us your picks (plectrums)

    It's also my ball marker when I play golf.
  16. guitarfarm

    Dogs and little children (so cute!)

    I'm with you. My dogs do not come inside the house. But they do like children.
  17. guitarfarm

    circuit question

    No idea - that was too long ago and too much water under the bridge. I do recall replacing the entire tube socket because too much solder had run and I was afraid that it was shorting things out. What's funny about this thread surfacing again after 12 years is that I happen to have...
  18. guitarfarm

    That is one big bass guitar!

    I count 17 strings, 3 pickups, and 4 truss rods.
  19. guitarfarm

    New car?

    Only new vehicle I ever bought new was a 1994 Dodge Ram when the first of that new body style came out. I had been pickup truck shopping in Virginia (where I live) and my sister was dating the service manager for a large Dodge dealership in Maryland. He asked me to come over there and...
  20. guitarfarm

    That is one big bass guitar!

    Just how many strings does one need?
  21. guitarfarm

    Tested: Where Does The Tone Come From In A Guitar Amplifier?

    Well, based on my experience, so take this with a grain of salt, I have never found good tone out of a Chinese circuit board amp. Not once. The first amp I ever found magic tone in was a 1964 Blonde Bassman (6G6B) that I still own to this day. Since then, all my amps have been point...
  22. guitarfarm

    Full back tattoo show your ink

    I don't have any tattoos for the same reason that my Corvette doesn't have any bumper stickers. Well, that and my employer for 32 years really, really discouraged them. But, even if they had been fine with them, I would have been hard pressed to think of something that I would want on me...
  23. guitarfarm

    Let's See Those P 90 Guitars

    Guild X-500T.