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  1. Squeaker

    Least favorite song to play live.

    Message in a bottle - those add9 stretches hurt by the third verse.
  2. Squeaker

    "The Distance" on a SilverJet

    Love it! 2 different melody lines at once? Good work!
  3. Squeaker

    This never happens to me! Lucky NGD

    No haggling? You paid the ASKING price? I'm kidding. Great find!
  4. Squeaker

    Amplifying a WFR12

    I've been enjoying taking my Rancher Falcon 12 to open mics and even some paying gigs lately. Fortunately, the open mic events all have PA systems supplied, and the gigs, well I've been lucky enough to beg or borrow an amp. I've tried using my valve amps, but even with pedals, the sound is...
  5. Squeaker


    Take the box to a gig?!? Tried to get a case or bag at every large music store in the city on Saturday. No joy - this beastie clocks in at 111cm (43 & 11/16th inches in old money) from tip to tail. For reference, that's bigger than the external length of the only jumbo flattop case I could...
  6. Squeaker


    Thanks for your encouraging words, folks. Playing at a get together last night put a big smile on everyone's faces. And that's what music is about isn't it? Sharing the good times and the bad, and feeling better? :)
  7. Jangle


  8. Big guitar

    Big guitar

  9. Control panel

    Control panel

  10. Spot the birdie

    Spot the birdie

  11. Plenty tuners

    Plenty tuners

  12. Squeaker


    NGD Rancher Falcon 12 At just over 7 months from placing the order (saw the YT vid from NAMM) and countless calls - usually with a deadline that kept going back and back ("November, at the earliest..." was the last comment related from Fender to the store). It's here. G5022CWFE12 Rancher...
  13. Squeaker


    Congratulations! P90s and a Bigsby - magic!
  14. Squeaker

    I just don't get it!!

    What JC said. Plus I don't get widdley metal or any pointy guitars with a locking vibrato. or relic-ing (emperor's new clothes) or Starcasters (looked and sounded crap in the 70s, why would they be any different now?) or cats (they don't have owners, they have staff) I do get Ricks and...
  15. Squeaker

    locking tuners with your Bigsby... yay or nay?

    The only A/B test worth talking about would on the same guitar through exactly the same settings on the same amp. With some bloke in a lab coat nodding sagely and taking notes with a clipboard. Or would it? Locking tuners are convenient and efficient. Much like the PRS CE24 I had...
  16. Squeaker

    6120 EC Question

    Aargh - awesome but won't stay in tune drives me nuts as well! My tech recommended to check all the points that the strings "touch down" Tailpiece - does it return to the same place? Check it, lube it, check it again. Bridge - is it aligned correctly? (North to South) Check it, lube it...
  17. Squeaker

    NGD! Caddy Green Duo Jet.

    That's lovely. Spotted it on eBay a couple weeks ago and thought someone would get a bargain. Congratulations!
  18. Squeaker

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes.......!!

    That's great news, Mr G! I ordered a 12 after playing a G5022CE in-store locally. Good amplified performance and ok (if a little quiet for a jumbo) acoustically. My thought was "over-built to fight feedback". Great playing on the YT vids btw :)
  19. Squeaker

    One sexy Ice Blue Metallic 5420!

    Sho fine lookin man, that's somethin else" To paraphrase another famous Gretsch wrangler. Congratulations, now go play the frets off that beauty! :D
  20. Squeaker

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes.......!!

    :) You could look at it like ordering from the custom shop - without the bother of deciding on options or finishes Plus you won't have to sell any vital organs to pay for it. The long wait? Oh yeah, that's the same...
  21. Squeaker

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes.......!!

    Would you call yourself a patient person?
  22. Squeaker

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes.......!!

    You mean the orange Bigsby machine, right? Not a Rancher Falcon?
  23. Squeaker

    Mod of the Day !

    Now you're talking!
  24. Squeaker

    Have you heard these guys?

    The Thunderstruck vid with the period costume and powdered wigs had me rolling about. Clever marriage of classical technique, rock tunes and technology (loops) My son shot off to practice his guitar straight after watching, so that's another +1

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