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  1. cvr31

    6120 CGP

    Saw one in Nashville at Gruhn’s in 2015-2016. That’s the only one I’ve seen in person. Looked interesting, but not for me.
  2. cvr31

    Almost made a mistake

    I don’t play my 6120SSLVO nearly as much as my Country Club because the narrower neck flares up my arthritis after about 15 minutes. But it used to be my number one a few years ago before I got the CC. For about two weeks, I seriously thought about selling it to get the money to buy a Les...
  3. cvr31

    What are you playing today?

    My Country Club. The ol’ number one.
  4. cvr31

    NGD - 6120SSL

    I've got a 2013 SSLVO. All the Setzer guitars are great!
  5. cvr31

    Any love for the G6136T-RR

    My Country Club is metallic Cadillac green. I love it. You can't really tell it's metallic until you get kind of close, but it's a stunner. Gretsch does a really fine job on their metallic finishes. I still have a yearning for one of those copper metallic Falcons. Maybe someday.
  6. cvr31

    Any love for the G6136T-RR

    Love that metallic finish.
  7. cvr31

    Songs about Mother

    Double post
  8. cvr31

    Songs about Mother

    I’ve just seen the rock of ages by Ralph Stanley. I’m a sucker for a good lonesome mountain music song.
  9. cvr31

    Questions for a new Gretsch

    Every Japanese Proline Gretsch that I’ve owned or played was an excellent guitar. There’s no risk to buying one except to your wallet. But you’ll still be impressed with the Proline Gretsch a long time after you forget about the money.
  10. cvr31

    De-waxing TV Jones Classics

    It’s not that I can’t, it’s just that i decided that I don’t want to. Pickup swaps are no problem for me, but I just love this guitar too much to worry about it.
  11. cvr31

    De-waxing TV Jones Classics

    Eh, after thinking it over, I’m just gonna leave the pickups be. Asked the question sort of on a whim. I just don’t think I can mess with my country club.
  12. cvr31

    De-waxing TV Jones Classics

    I have read on here about de-waxing TV Jones Classics in order to "open up" the tone. A post search about the topic didn't help me all that much. Anybody have any experience doing this? What did you notice about the tone change? What is the easiest way to do this? I was thinking about trying it...
  13. cvr31

    Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity Pickup Disappointment

    I put Ray Butts pickups in my SSLVO. Definitely cleaner, sweeter and more open sounding that TV Jones Classics. To me, the RBs sound identical to vintage Gretsch sounds that I have heard. I'm definitely no expert on the subject, but that's what I hear. I'm actually thinking about putting RBs in...
  14. cvr31

    I wish I hadn't seen this!

    I’ve got that exact model, the VS. Mine is a 2016. It is by far my favorite Gretsch. My 2013 6120 SSLVO is great too, but the Country Club is the king to me. The metallic Cadillac green is simply beautiful. I also prefer it to a Falcon because of its understated and classy look. The wider neck...
  15. cvr31

    Show and tell your Gretsch or Gretsch’s

    My 2016 VS Country Club w/ TV Classics, and my 2013 SSLVO with TVJ Ray Butts. Both guitars have Compton bridges. I don't ever plan on getting rid of either one of them. I'm not really a Jet player, I prefer big hollow bodies. These two already fill the bill for me. They're different enough...
  16. cvr31

    Ray Butts Filtertrons

    I put a set in my 6120. They really sound great clean. Lower gain than Classics, but sweeter sounding. They definitely have that 60's sound. I haven't tried them with a huge amount of gain, but I have run them through my Fluid Drive at lower gain settings, and they sound great. They make a...
  17. cvr31

    You can choose ONE and only one.

    Yes, metallic Cadillac Green.
  18. cvr31

    You can choose ONE and only one.

    If only one, then my VS Country Club. But I have to admit that I would really miss my 6120 SSLVO. Oh, the humanity.
  19. cvr31

    Can anyone help me decide between the G6120T-55 Vintage Select and G6120TG-DS Players Edition, please!

    Choose the VS. I think it is the best example of a 1955 6120 out there. And absolutely beautiful.
  20. cvr31

    Gretsch G6136-55 Falcon replacement bridge suggestions

    I've put Comptons on 3 Gretsches, replacing 2 tune-o-matics and 1 space control bridge. I much prefer the Compton, and bar bridges in general. One reason is that their smoothness precludes any protruding annoying edges or screws from digging into your hands, such as the OP mentioned.
  21. cvr31

    SOLD The Nocturne Brain Fluid Drive 2022 White

    Good luck with the sale. I've got the same pedal and I love it. Massive tweakability.
  22. cvr31

    For me .... a Gretsch through a Fender

    Deluxe Reverb for me.
  23. cvr31

    Wanted TV Jones Ray Butts Neck Pickup

    Good luck with finding one. I'll bet you really like it. I have the set in my 6120 and it sounds great. Tighter bass and a rich clean sound. I still like the TV Classics, but those Ray Butts pickups are seriously good.
  24. cvr31

    NGD! '04 6120 Orange Setzer

    Love my 2013 SSLVO.
  25. cvr31


    I've got brass and SS Comptons. I think I prefer the brass.

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