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  1. RockingMatt

    BWJ "House of Freaks" Video is LIVE!!!

    nice video johnny i had not visit GT since two years or so .......first thing i found is your new video grüße aus good old germany ;)
  2. RockingMatt

    I wont stand in your way Chords...

    hey nick, it looks like you make a lot people happy with the video (me too). nice job!
  3. RockingMatt

    TV Jones pick up help

    That's a good choice! i have a classic and a classic+ in my silver Jet too! I love that combo.
  4. RockingMatt


    Oh man, that humbucker matches perfect into the Jet. Crazy people out there!!!!!!!!!
  5. RockingMatt

    Hi Everyone, Posting for my 76 Year Old Dad.

    welcome to the forum. great playing dad!!!
  6. RockingMatt

    Telly Pickups

    I love my jonesyblues pickups, check this out
  7. RockingMatt

    Paul Pigat gigged my amp last night

    Michiel, sounds so awsome!
  8. RockingMatt

    My Pink Fender Stratocaster

    congrats, very nice guitar! if you look on the hangtag, it says ''masterbuild'' and ''dale wilson promoted to master builder''. so, it looks to me you made a very cool deal on that strat. i got a b16 tele, build from dale, it sounds so amazing! i'm shure if you contact him through fender custom...
  9. RockingMatt

    History of Rockabilly

    damn.....does not show up the video in germany :(
  10. RockingMatt

    Greetings from Germany

    Servus Joe! Welcome to GT.
  11. RockingMatt

    What amp do you use with your Gretsch?

    #1: Reussenzehn Power Station with Reussenzehn Blackface Preamp, Nocturne Dyno and Nailhead #2: Marshall JCM 800 Head, 50W, #1 and #2: through a 2 x 12 Cab with Jensen Neodym speakers
  12. RockingMatt

    Your Favourite 70's music?

    late 70s: Exile and for course KISS and ZZ Top
  13. RockingMatt

    Anyone put a Lollar Charlie Christian in their Gretsch?

    Ha, me too! He offers the coolest Custom Pickguards on www
  14. RockingMatt

    a Tele neck pickup comparison on 4 of my rutters guitars.

    My personal #1: TK Smith CC I found the TK Smith site two weeks ago, while searching a B16 for my Tele, he has great Stuff.
  15. RockingMatt


    Oh yeah! Welcome to the Forum.
  16. RockingMatt

    Adding a touch of class to a Fender

    A friend of mine did that Bigsby mod with a notched "ashtray" bridge plate, there was no need to shim the neck. .....if someone is looking for B16 mod, i found this side:
  17. RockingMatt


    welcome aboard paul. very nice guitar!
  18. RockingMatt

    In case y'all are in Richmond. . .

    sorry, i can not come! but, hey, is it a new guitar on the pic? viele grüsse aus deutschland :) matt
  19. RockingMatt

    drstrange says Hello from Germany

    haha cool, darko. 'drstrange' sounds more like from a james bond movie:D anyway, drstrange: willkommen im freundlichsten forum im gesamten www! viele grüße aus der pfalz
  20. RockingMatt

    has the world ended yet?

    No end of the world yesterday in germany! ........but about 8am, Scotty was so kind and beamed me up;) I had a wounderful day on the Enterprise with Captain Kirk and his Crew!!!!!!!! Sorry, it was not allowed to take any pics :D
  21. RockingMatt

    The Marlin......horrible news

    Ouch, sorry to hear that! Get well soon.
  22. RockingMatt

    Do you show Spouse/Significant other things on this forum?

    Hey, come on, you don't told her, we are crazy:o
  23. RockingMatt

    '68 Morales Zen-On ZES-300

    Hey Darko, looks and sounds cool. Of course, '68 was a good year ;)
  24. RockingMatt

    CR's PRS NOS Modern Eagle "Quickie" Demo

    Oh man, i love this faded blue, i love this axe, i love PRS.......and i miss my SC, sold it for my 6120! Nice Demo.
  25. RockingMatt

    Got a Facebook page?? Wanna help a fellow "Gretschie" out??

    Gerne! Es war mir ein Vergnügen. :D Ha, i did not know, you speak german!

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