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  1. Desirsar

    Show us your pedalboard

    Drifting away from the pedal theme of the post a bit, there was also this test done, but I don't see anyone else talking about what these two videos mean for each other. If changing tubes doesn't change tone, only power, the difference people hear when changing tubes is likely the amp...
  2. Desirsar

    Phaser... what do you have, what do you like?

    I rarely use it since it doesn't play well with most of my synth pedals, but if I want a cranked Marshall sound and play some hair metal stuff, I have a $20 pedal from Amazon that you can find a dozen brands that are identical other than the paint. Good enough unless it's the center of your sound.
  3. Desirsar

    Custom Pickguard for G5655TG?

    I don't know which model would have the correct cuts, but if they exist, probably sells them.
  4. Desirsar

    Attacked By Arizona Venomous Wildlife

    Old but relevant...
  5. Desirsar


    Dunlop medium... not quite gel? ...whatever it is that's close, medium heavy when the store is sold out (which is often) on guitar, but anything in that range is good. Dunlop Max-Grip 1.14 for bass, no exceptions.
  6. Desirsar

    Pedal for a newbie?

    I started with a Crayon, but you can get versatile, if not as soft, in that price range with something like the Pigtronix Disnortion, or go pricey for a Dirty Little Secret or Golden Boy. But if we're being silly... Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter.
  7. Desirsar

    My oldest, best pedals got the boot

    Atomic Brain, Topanga, and Belle Epoch make a good board just by themselves. Time for a second "compact" or "travel" board?
  8. Desirsar

    Who Are Your Guitar Heroes?

    Wanting to play like Slash gave me the idea, but then I somehow never have wanted a Les Paul. Good thing Richard Fortus came along...
  9. Desirsar

    Saddest Song Ever

    Just saw this post title and immediately opened it to post this album. I've listened to it once, and I don't think I can do it again. Nothing will ever top the emotion in this album if you're going for something truly sad.
  10. Desirsar

    I want a new Tube amp

    Looking for a new amp myself, and unless something else convinces me I need it, it'll end up being a Bugera V22 or V55. Decent overdrive sound but also takes pedals well.
  11. Desirsar

    Marking AC adapters and pedals?

    Searched a bit and didn't spot anyone asking this, what all do you use for marking which adapters belong to which pedals? (Or any electronics, really.) I have two 18V negative tip, one 12V positive tip, and even the EHX pedals want 9.6 rather than 9. I figured a wrap of colored electrical...
  12. Desirsar

    Your First Pedal

    Seeing other people posting multi effects pedals, maybe that wasn't my first. I got this about a year after my first guitar, but I didn't think of it as a "pedal" pedal. Pretty much just lives in a closet now, although it is the only octave pedal I own currently.
  13. Desirsar

    Your First Pedal

    Electroharmonix Battalion. I usually plug directly into the PA at open mics, but someday it might get used as a DI instead of just a distortion while practicing.
  14. Desirsar

    Here we go! New Electromatics 2023

    Very sad, all these great colors and no double cut semi hollow Electromatics with P90s. The 2655s in the line are nice, but there are no upgrades short of pro models and only a handful of finish options. (And Greasy Grooves will have my business forever if Gretsch keeps thinking tortoise-shell...
  15. Desirsar

    If you are this good at the age of 10... 🤯

    A million times better than the kids posted on social media that have clearly been trained to make faces when playing to make their playing seem more intense, definitely prefer the ones who have a look of concentration or like they're just enjoying what they're doing. Yoyoka is a great example...
  16. Desirsar

    Brand new Electromatics

    Aww, still no semihollow Electromatic with P90s. I still need ONE more guitar, I'd go for a slightly more expensive model if only they offered it...
  17. Desirsar

    First memory of a gretsch- what's yours?

    When I actually knew what I was looking at? When I bought my first. Now that I own one (or a few), when I watch anything I've seen before, I spot them immediately.
  18. Desirsar

    Why are Guitar Players So Conservative?

    I'm doing it wrong, I hear a pedal or sound that I don't recognize and it goes on the list of things I need to own. "I can do something even better with this with all the stuff I have already!" Conservative might be cheaper as long as it's not the type where you only buy the custom shop stuff.
  19. Desirsar

    Why are Guitar Players So Conservative?

    Gretsches aren't super mainstream yet, aren't we all still rebels here?
  20. Desirsar

    Purists vs Everybody Else

    You can call it a roguelike, but if it isn't a turn based, grid based, procedurally generated dungeon crawler, some sort of item and inventory system, and some sort of hunger clock, you're not playing a roguelike. Purists to the original items in a group aren't useful, but purists to the...
  21. Desirsar

    NPD - This time an actual Surfybear.

    I imagine I'll spend the next 24 hours figuring out how to make it more subtle, and see how well it works with every other pedal and combination I already have...
  22. Desirsar

    Surfs Up!

    My 5232T surfs just fine with a Spring King, especially with its Tahiti Red finish, but a certain Bear will be paying me a visit on Monday, and it's going to surf and drip in here.
  23. Desirsar

    Lowest latency audio transmitter?

    Yes, I want to break physics. Yes, I'm still willing to be reasonable, but that only goes so far. I see wireless headphones touting "low" latency at the limit of Bluetooth, 32ms, and it's a bit insulting. If 32 is where I think "high" starts, 5-32 is "medium", where can I find something that...
  24. Desirsar

    String gauge

    I use 10s in Cobalts with a wound third. Goes from a 17 plain to 22 wound to get a wound Cobalt, but it doesn't cause any problems for me. Slightly higher output across the whole range than nickel, and most Gretsch pickups don't mind the extra help from the strings.