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  1. Andrew Griffin

    Fretless Gretch Bass?

    Here's a local Craigslist post with an unusual entry- a fretless Gretsch hollow body bass that looks like it comes from the "Historic" period. Thoughts?
  2. Andrew Griffin

    Do you play in a band, or alone?

    I would love to play with other people but my challenge has been A. time- I work too much. I'm a farmer and it seems the work never stops, so it's hard to make plans. B. competence- I need to find someone who's playing at my "post-beginner" level. I started playing at 55 and while I'm...
  3. Andrew Griffin

    Hit a deer

    That's a drag. We're loaded with deer out here, and hitting one is always a danger, but we also have wild pigs and hitting one of them is like plowing into a boulder. Deer present themselves so suddenly- it's really hard to avoid them.
  4. Andrew Griffin

    Your Favorite Gretsch Guitar

    Toughie....My favorite electric Gretsch as far a "look" goes would be the 6120, and it sounds great in the hands of a Pete Townsend or a Poison Ivy. My favorite acoustic Gretsch would be the G400 Cat's Eye arch top, And I've got both the 6120 and the G400, but in the end I keep reaching for my...
  5. Andrew Griffin

    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    Bob Weir was playing a 6120 last year at a concert in Berkeley's Greek Theater with his group The Wolf Brothers.
  6. Andrew Griffin

    What's with the fake F-holes?

    cool trivia point! thx
  7. Andrew Griffin

    Thoughts On Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

    Nice performance. I'm going to try this arrangement. Thx
  8. Andrew Griffin

    Thoughts On Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

    Hi have the Rancho jumbo, the 12 string and the weirdo with the Bigsby, so you can tell I like them. Truth told, the 5034ft rancher dreadnought isn't much of an acoustic, being entirely too quiet, but it is a great electric and I love the tone. The Rancher Jumbo is my go to guitar most days, and...
  9. Andrew Griffin

    Unusual Open G tuning?

    I tune the low string to G too, and I can do the alternating bass that my thumb is used to doing but have a driving G pattern. it works well for me.
  10. Andrew Griffin


    I had a chance to work on a John Denver show many years ago. I'd seen plenty of shows I'd never have paid to see by working with this little crew unloading trucks and setting up stages. John Denver was just another show that I wouldn't have paid to see. Then I saw the show. I'm still impressed...
  11. Andrew Griffin

    Fingerpicking drills/tips?

    I've found that playing on open D tuning really has helped me with my fingerpicking. In a DADF#AD tuning it's easy to do an alternating bass with the thumb and then pick out a single note line above the bass that sounds halfway reasonable, so practice is fun. Once you're dialed into the simplest...
  12. Andrew Griffin

    Baldwin Gretsch Guitars.. let's see them!

    Cool thread idea; I'm looking forward to seeing what pops up. Thx
  13. Andrew Griffin

    Gretschbucker Haters...

    He could play a rubber band on a shoebox and sound good! "But does it sound 'Gretschy,'?" someone will ask. I like it.
  14. Andrew Griffin

    This new Gretsch is just not my cup of tea

    I can see why people might object, but it's so over the top that I like it.
  15. Andrew Griffin

    Revisiting Olde Guitar-Shaped Friends

    Yes, and it's probably my 6120 that gets played the least. When I play it I'm always so satisfied, but it's such a nice guitar and I'm worried about banging it up, so I play my banged up ones more. And, honestly, I enjoy playing my New Yorker just as much. And my Streamliner 2420. They have such...
  16. Andrew Griffin

    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    I just discovered Ashley Monroe; she's a hoot!
  17. Andrew Griffin

    About electromatics, pickups and forum talking…

    I've got the 5125 model- same guitar, different color- and yeah, I like it better than my 5420 and as I play it as often as I play my 6120. It's a toss up which of those two I love the most. Great guitars.
  18. Andrew Griffin

    Anyone tried the new 5260 baritones?

    I enjoy my baritones- I have both; got the black sparkly one when it was the only option, and got a hard tail when I had the opportunity, because I don't find myself ever using the Bigsby. One thing I'd like to find are flat wound strings for it though- no luck yet. I find the longer scale...
  19. Andrew Griffin

    PSA - G5427TG Daily Pick

    Lol- I'm reading the comments and this crowd is such a bunch of enablers. I'd get it in a heartbeat if I could. The blue is so beautiful!
  20. Andrew Griffin

    Jack White playing a Rancher with Ricky Scaggs & Ashley Monrow

    Here's a fun Gretsch sighting I mencountered while running loose in the interweb:
  21. Andrew Griffin

    There's three pup Corvette for sale on Craig's list. Thoughts?

    Thx. I couldn't reach the Gretsch Pages either.
  22. Andrew Griffin

    There's three pup Corvette for sale on Craig's list. Thoughts?

    This isn't my guitar, but maybe it could be. the seller is kind of in my neighborhood. I have no experience with this guitar but it looks cool. It can't be too recent, as I see Gretsch doesn't even offer Corvettes anymore. Does anyone own this guitar? thoughts...
  23. Andrew Griffin

    Jim Dandy and Gin Rickey - the bomb!

    Very fun. I'm curious about the replacement tuners. Did you find some easy drop ins or was there drilling?
  24. Andrew Griffin

    Used tim armstrong.

    Sounds kind of costy to me, but then again I'm surprised by how much even used guitars are going for these days. I bought a used Tim Armstrong that doesn't sound too much different from your's except that it had a drip in the finish. Bottom line, it's a nice guitar that I enjoy playing. I...

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