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  1. MGllm

    The one that got away

    65 or 66 bassman. I’m not sure if I sold it in the early 70’s or if I kind of let a band mate keep it. I’d like to have it now but wouldn’t want to lug the 2x12 cabinet to gigs
  2. MGllm

    Money Apps

    I've used both Venmo and Zelle with no issues.
  3. MGllm

    Ever Had a Bad Day Onstage?

    Well, at the gig last weekend I started "Spooky" in Em, but the rest of the band was in F. The chart said E but I guess I didn't get the memo that the singer wanted F. As a church organist for over 40 years I had my fair share of off days. Nothing like screwing up a favorite hymn while a...
  4. MGllm

    Marshall has been sold

    Wasn’t Marshall owned by Kong?
  5. MGllm

    Handle With Care - Traveling Wilburys cover video posted

    Fantastic. Been enjoying your covers for years
  6. MGllm

    Power outages

    Power outages happened to us several time a year in North Virginia. The usual cause was from trees falling over power lines due to snow or winds.
  7. MGllm

    Your First Amp

    Lafayette around 1965. Perhaps made by Univox? 12" speaker, tremolo. Wish I still had it.
  8. MGllm

    Your First Pedal

    In the mid-60's I purchased a treble booster of some sort. It wasn't a pedal but it plugged into the guitar (Framus) and had a slide switch for On/Off. I was living in Germany at the time and have no idea of the maker. I later traded it for an album of some sort. My first actual pedal was an...
  9. MGllm

    New member here - beatbyrd

    Good to see you again. I always enjoy your covers.
  10. MGllm

    Favorite Flatwounds?

    TI Jazz Swings for sure.
  11. MGllm

    Has anyone heard from Wabash Slim ?

    Yikes,I remember cielski from the olden days! Glad you're still around.
  12. MGllm

    Has anyone recovered an amp?

    Powdog will know.
  13. MGllm

    1960's Harmony H305c: A Great Budget Vintage Amp

    I had a Lafayette (probably Univox) in the 60's that I wish I still had. 12", 2 x 6L6 (I think) Tremolo.
  14. MGllm

    Oh gee, I had a tumble

    What a drag. Hope the recovery goes well. Follow the physical therapy!
  15. MGllm

    1960's Harmony H305c: A Great Budget Vintage Amp

    Well done! The demos are very helpful.
  16. MGllm

    Mesa Boogie 50 Caliber EL84

    I've got a Studio Caliber DC2. Great but HEAVY! And loud. I used it for a gig this past weekend and it was barely on and still almost too loud.
  17. MGllm

    My son died unexpectedly yesterday

    Tragic. Hold each other up as best you can.
  18. MGllm

    Love Songs for Valentine's Day

    Dont Bother Me
  19. MGllm

    Red Guitars

  20. MGllm

    A beginner walks up to you and asks... what 5 songs should I learn?

    Gloria Hey Joe. Interesting chord progression. Move it to different keys to learn more chords. Folsom Prison Blues - Cool intro, easy solo When I Come Around - Power chords! Some Oasis tune I can't recall the name.
  21. MGllm

    Grim gig situation

    Regarding Praise Bands: most of the ones I’m aware of are voluntary and unpaid. Much like traditional volunteer church choirs. Occasionally there may be paid section leaders but the bulk are volunteers. The worship leader or music director is paid. I’m a trained traditional church organist...
  22. MGllm

    Black Guitars

    Gibson Flying V. I bought this from a friend about 5 years ago. I'm at least the third owner. More fun to play than I thought it would be.
  23. MGllm

    David Crosby

    Very sad. David was an inspiration to many. If you can find an original stereo version of Bells of Rhymney, David's rhythm part (maybe played on his 6119) is hard panned to one channel. He is tuned to dropped D. It is a great counter balance to the 12 string. One of a kind.
  24. MGllm

    Guitar of the day

    I keep a guitar close by in my work/music space. Today is it a beat up Tele purchased in pawn shop about 16 years ago. I put Fralin Blues pickup in with a 4-way switch.
  25. MGllm

    Pictures from Connecticut

    Was just in Hartford yesterday on business.