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  1. DasherF

    Tweed Radios

    Last I heard AM was for the True Oldies Channel, 740 WDGY...TOC left and WeeGee still plays oldies...they do have low power FM stations, too, but not close enough to do any "damage"... 92.6, thunder? FM uses odd numbers for the .#...where is that station located?
  2. DasherF

    NGD: G5422G-12 Joins the family!

    Man...I feel dumb...I mowed the yard today...
  3. DasherF

    New to me 6128 with my old 6122, 3 day emotional roller coaster.

    And never loan it out again...loaned my old Flying V to a guy to try out at a gig (granted, a kegger)...didn't get it back for 2 solid hours after the rest of his band came up...luckily we're the ones paid...
  4. DasherF


    You don't need, but you do want, desire one understands but us...if you can swing it and she can see your side, have at it...positive thoughts to you!
  5. DasherF

    So glad Gretsch does not take advantage of their history and namesake!

    "...nor I", said the Cat... I built a kit and pur the neck pup upside down and flipped the magnet...doesn't look like Greeny,!
  6. DasherF

    Marking AC adapters and pedals?

    Funny...I just started that project with my toys! Brilliant minds, eh?
  7. DasherF

    Certificate of Authenticity

    Having worked at DHL in the domestic (US) days, 2002-09, they went to strictly International sometime later...I'm not sure where Gretsch/Fender was located, but there may be an International factor involved and DHL is who they work with for overseas business...
  8. DasherF

    Is two better than one?

    To me, second hand guitars need a good home, too...if they're in decent shape, what you can deal with, inexpensive (enough), make it yours...
  9. DasherF

    Your First Pedal

    Ho I hope this counts as a WAS an effect. I thought it was called BoSS Tone back then... It plugged into my '60s Jazzmaster and Vox Mark VI...which, by the way, had its OWN on-board fuzz box...>SIGH<...garage days... As far as first bona fide pedal, that was my Thomas Organ/Vox...
  10. DasherF

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    The best I can guess is someone made "more" out of an old happens enough, especially when someone doesn't know the value of the original piece...or knows the value he could get with a converted piece...there WILL be discrepancies...
  11. DasherF


    Yeah, like somebody else buying it...! My advice is to buy now, ask questions later, especially if it's a decent'll sell if you don't like it...
  12. DasherF

    If you could only have one....

    ...a very cheap Falcon OR Penguin...
  13. DasherF

    Incredible Walnut Flame 6120

    ...and...loogit the price....!
  14. DasherF

    (RGD) Just got my 6120 back from the doc!

    I'm sorry for your loss, have a great looking guitar and it was good of you to cherish his memory buy having the 6120 repaired...enjoy his memory...!
  15. DasherF

    Thank you Jeff

    Truly a shock to hear of his much talent, so much ...soul...
  16. DasherF

    The pedal I can't live without

  17. DasherF

    Newbie Need Some Case Advice

    So true...I was a camera bug, as well (brilliantminds?) Vivitar XC3 and I got along just was a lot cheaper than some of those other big guns... I think it all comes down to the one handling the axe...
  18. DasherF

    Newbie Need Some Case Advice

    Yeah, Rich...if it says Ibanez, my Dad used to say "point's cheap"...:cool:
  19. DasherF

    Should I buy this 1960 duo jet?

    Offer $1000 or less based on those flaws and details...and deal from there...hurry or it'll be snapped up...
  20. DasherF

    Electromotive made in China?

    ...I usually get the word "electromagnet"...
  21. DasherF

    Electromotive made in China?

    Slim, I thought this thread was about a new-year model... I apologize, sf, it was probably spellchecker having its way with your input...
  22. DasherF

    Guitar Player: Vintage, Rare and Cool. This Gorgeous Cast of 1950s Gretsch White Falcons is a Collector’s Dream

    Fill me in...what do the 4 switches on the upper shoulder do? Ooo! And a switch on the cutaway?
  23. DasherF

    Guitar Player: Vintage, Rare and Cool. This Gorgeous Cast of 1950s Gretsch White Falcons is a Collector’s Dream

    I didn't reaise GP had gone that route...sounds like RigTalk...just came over from there...ugh! If ya' can't say it nice...don't...!
  24. DasherF

    Stunning '62 Duo Jet

    Hey, it WAS 2AM there...
  25. DasherF

    Great Deal on Vox AC10

    ...OH, do know you wanna...! One for each side of the stage...;)